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Hey guys today i would like to look at the dreaded issue where you press the power button on your PC and the computer wont turn on. This can be a baffling issue and a headache, especially when you know it was working the last time you powered it up. Trust me I know the feeling all too well.These issues can also happen at the worst possible time. This particular issue is just like this one we showed you how to fix, but this time its a bit different.

Description of the Issue:

Like all issues I like to describe it as best as possible so you know if it matches your situation. You go to your PC and press the power button and the PC does not light up as it normally does. You do not hear the Fans,Hard drive or usual sounds that come from it. If you happen to open the sides you notice none of the fans including the one on the CPU cooler are not spinning. There are also no beeps heard or light on the Motherboard.

You may have also heard a loud pop earlier when you pressed the power button in some cases or the PC was on and then simply shut down and your computer will not turn on.

Video Demonstration of the Fix

Possible causes and Fixes

So based on my years of experience with fixing and trouble shooting computers here is what may be the cause:

1. Your Power cable May be bad: Look at the power cable to your PC power supply. I suggest you buy a new one or borrow one from another PC and remove the current one. It should easily removed from the power supply. In most cases the PC simply powers up after this cable is replaced.

2. You heard a loud POP from the PC: If you heard a loud pop just before it refused to power on or even if you did not hear anything this could still be the issue. Your power supply may have dead. This has happened to me a few times. I usually take a smell of the area around the Power supply and always notice a faint but distinct smell of burnt rubber like smell.

In such a case you will need a new power supply. Take look at the current one which in most cases is about 500 watts and replace it. In some cases such as Gaming rigs it might be something more powerful with more connections and greater wattage. Once it replaced the PC should power up as normal.

3. Check Cable Connections: I suggest that you also check your Power supply cables and make sure they are secured properly. Sometimes especially if you move your PC around you will realize that cables can become loose and this may have prevented your PC from booting up.

4. Faulty Power Button: If you have an old case with buttons that have seen their fair share of being pressed then they might be dead or defective. A solution to this I found was to always switch the jumpers for the power and reset switch. The reset switch gets pressed less and usually is still a good button. When you now press the button after the jumper switch it should start up.

5. Rule Nothing Out: Although its unlikely in these cases you may have RAM issues that’s causing the issue. I have leaned to rule nothing out so check your RAM modules or switch them out with other sticks to test. Also try resetting the mother board by removing the CMOS battery or using the jumpers.

Although it’s a different issue they are both similar, so if you find that none of these work for you see this article here. Follow the tips as the issue is the same with a slight variation that the components are spinning but nothing on-screen but a message.

I do hope the above tips helped and your issue is now fixed and your computer is now turning on. Please take the time to share this article and do leave a comment below. Also consider subscribing to the blog.

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