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Fixing computers is an art and after fixing a few thousand you come to notice patterns in the issues that develop and how to fix them. There are exceptional cases though but those are far and in between, using the acquired knowledge from so many repairs I have come up with this tutorial on How to fix a dead computer. So follow these steps as shown below to learn how to repair a dead computer or one that wont boot.

The Issue:

When your computer is dead refers to when you press the power button on your PC and it simply refuses to boot up at all. Depending on the situation you are faced with the computer may remain completely dead where you see no lights, don’t hear the fans as they are not spinning or hear any sounds. In some other cases the PC may actually light up and the fans spin and you hear sound but nothing shows on the display or the monitor shows no signal.

How to Fix a dead computer?

Follow the steps below to fix just about any dead computer or computer that wont start up. These tips should save you a trip to the repair shop and some money.You can also watch the video below to see exactly what I mean.

1.Quick Key checks:

  • Unplug the PC and from the wall and hold down the power button for 1 minute, after this plug it back in and try powering up again. Try this method at least twice (2 X) before moving on.
  • Change the cable that comes from the power supply with a matching one. The current one may have a short.
  • Make sure that everything plugged in correctly and fully, monitor cable is in the correct port,the switch on the computer is set to on. Don’t skip these steps as the simple things are usually the culprit.
  • If you are using a Wireless keyboard and mouse disconnect them and try booting without it or switch to a wired one for the time being.

2.Main Checks:

  • Go ahead and remove the RAM and clean them and the port. Place them back in one at a time and try booting up the PC. If the PC boots the RAM was either dirty or one stick is bad. If you have only one stick then get a new stick of RAM.
  • Next check your power supply especially if your computer is completely dead. You will need to use a spear power supply and disconnect the current one. If the Power supply is at fault then get a new Power supply unit. If you don’t have a extra Power supply then try this easy test to determine if your Power Supply is OK.
  • If you have a GPU or graphics card in it may be dead so change it and use on board video or get a simple Video card and try powering up.
  • Clear the CMOS by using the jumpers or remove the CMOS battery and leave it out for a minute then replace it.
  • Remove all extra device from your PC and leave the main hardware. So if you have a Memory card reader, PCI Ethernet cards, extra DVD drive, Fancy Fan controllers. These extra hardware might be malfunctioning and cause issues.

3.Final Checks:

These are unlikely to be the cause but if all the above options were exhausted then it must be them so rule nothing out.

  • The Motherboard may be dead or faulty so replace it. You can get a new Motherboard here.
  • The CPU may be dead or improperly seated, I suggest you try to reseat it especially if your PC is a new build.If its a new CPU you can get one here.

Very Important

  • If all the above did not help you are either overlooking something very simple as you think there is no way it could be that simple. I find that in order to fix any PC you only need take things step by step and check everything thoroughly. If you still can’t figure it out leave a comment below and describe your situation and let me have a crack at it.

So guys I do hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you did please leave a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you. Please also share this tutorial as I know it can help many PC owners repair their PC themselves and save them lots of money. If this was helpful you can also make a donation with the donation button in the side bar on the right.


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  • David Salter

    My computer froze. When I tried to reboot it, it wouldn’t boot up and I kept getting the boot menu. I am not sure which part of it died but the computer no longer works.