Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition PS4 Review

Role playing Game fans can rejoice at long last as Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition PS4 is the Game they have been waiting for. Many Players of the Original Final Fantasy 15 will tell you the game felt sort of incomplete. Well all that has been fixed with the Royal Edition which bundles together all the DLC and Extra content to create a robust Game that exceeds the original. So if you are getting this Game for the first time then definitely go for the Royal Edition right away.

What is the Royal Edition?

The Final Fantasy 15 Royal edition includes New Dungeon leading straight to the Games Climactic ending,First Person View Mode,Extra Trophies,New Gear such as weapons e.g. Mage Mashers,Blazefire Saber,Gae Bolg and Masamune,New Bosses and much more.

There are also cool additions to the clothing you can wear that give stats boost such as Royal Raiment and other cool features. If you want to learn how to unlock these cool Royal Edition content simply Read the guide here that shows you how to do it.

Whats included with the Game?

You can watch the video unboxing below to see exactly what you will get.

So as you can see from the unboxing you do get the Physical Disc and all the add-on content is offered as a Download. The codes for the downloads is included within the Game on a Card that’s included. Once you enter the code the PS4 will download the extra content. Make sure you update the Game fully before playing the first time. All downloads and updates will be quite large and will take some time based on your internet connection.

Game Play and Graphics

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition PS4

The game can be adjusted for Graphics or smooth and fluid game play which can be adjusted in settings. There are lots to be seen and when set to the more visual setting the work in FF15 truly comes alive before your eyes. The game is truly a visual and stunning beauty and new combat system makes each encounter an organic and evolving experience vs a turn based montage as it all past Final Fantasy Games. It can really feel weird at first but does grow on you over time.

Is the Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition worth it?

The Final Fantasy Royal edition is definitely worth the purchase especially if you are getting the Game for the first time. If you play the original the extra content makes it worth a second play through.I love the extra chapters that stars each supporting character which allows you to learn more about them. The additional suits and weapons also makes things even more fun and unique. There are also welcomed additions that should have been in the game in the first place.

So overall the Royal edition is what the original Game should have been stuffed full of great content that you can sink your teeth into and get lost in. The story is compelling and the new combat system add a new dimension to the Well loved Final Fantasy formula that keeps things fresh for veteran players and more. So definitely get this Game as it is one of those things that is best experienced than having someone tell you about it.

Where to Buy Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition?

You can purchase the Game below


If RPG games are your thing and you are seeking a cool adventure then definitely go ahead and pick up this wonderful game.  You can share your thoughts in the comments and do remember to share the love of Final Fantasy with Friends.

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