DZ09 Smartwatch not turning on or charging Fix 3

Today I have a cool fix for those who may have a DZ09 Smartwatch not turning on or charging or any other similar Smartwatch with a matching issue. These are really fun and affordable device that are great accessories for your Smartphone but whats not fun is when they simply refuse to turn on or power up for no apparent reason. I had this happen recently to a friend of mine and I was able to fix it. It’s now as good as new and working as it should.

The Issue

What we noticed is that the DZ09 Smartwatch would not power up no matter what we tried, the Same would happen when we attached a charger. At best it would show the battery Icon sometimes for a second and then nothing,it would not charge and would not power on.

DZ09 Smartwatch not turning on or charging

What you will need for this Fix?

1.Your DZ09 Smartwatch that’s not working.

2.Your Friends DZ09 or someone else device that’s working.

It should be easy to find a DZ09 Smartwatch as they are pretty popular.

How to Fix DZ09 Smartwatch not turning on or charging?

So this is how I fixed my Friends DZ09 Smartwatch that would not charge or power up.

1.First open the back cover of the Nun-working DZ09 smartwatch and remove the battery.

2.Now get the working DZ09 and do the same and switch both batteries around. After this try to power on the DZ09 which was not working before. Chances are it will start-up and be working fine. AS for the working unit from before go ahead and charge its battery for 2-5 minutes tops. Then try power the device up.

3. The battery from the Non-working device should be able to power the current DZ09, if so go ahead and switch the batteries back around to their original devices. Now power up the device that was not working before and connect the charge and you will find it will charge as normal now.

Try this if the Method above Did not work or You can’t Find an Extra device

In some casees the above will not work as the issue is caused by another popular issue with this and other similar Smartwatches. If you want to try this method then click here: Fix GT08, DZ09, or U8 Smartwatch not Turning On.

Finally as a last resort if all else fails then you may need a new battery for your DZ09 smartwatch.

Why Di this Work?

If the main method above worked for you the reason seems to be in some cases where the device is allowed to drain completely or drain and remain in that stated for a long time it may cause the battery to be unable to charge in the device. So the method above seems to give the battery the jump it needs to start working again. Also your device may simply be acting up and the issue as described here simply happened at random for you.

Your Input

I need your input so if you have anything to add here to improve this article please share in the comments. Also do send this article to friends with this device and check out even more of our detailed articles on this and other device that you might own.


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3 thoughts on “DZ09 Smartwatch not turning on or charging Fix

  • Debbie Smith

    I just bought the DZ09 and it is not charging. I opened the back and put a piece of card board and closed it back and it is still not charging. the battery green line continues. However after 2 to 3 hours of charging and I power it on it states the battery is low and it powers down