How to Access Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition Extra Content

If you have a PS4 or PS4 Pro and decided to get Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition then congrats as the Royal Edition of the Game is a more complete edition with lots more content and extras. However when you purchase the Game you only get the base Game and the Extra Content that make the Royal Edition Special comes in the form of Downloadable Content (DLC).

So if you have bought or are thinking of buying the FF15 Royal Edition you will want to bear in mind that you will need a decent Internet connection to download the DLC content and Extra stuff on the base Game. There will also be standard updates too which add up those Gigabytes real fast.

Whats Included in the Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition?

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition comes with lots of Add-on content and new features. These new features include:

1.New Dungeon leading straight to the Games Climactic ending.

2.First Person View Mode.

3.Extra Trophies.

4.New Gear.

5.New Bosses.

6.Current Season Pass content which includes:Episode Gladiolus,Episode Prompto,Episode Ignis and Multiplayer Expansion Comrades.

How to Access Extra or Downloadable Content?

Inside your Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition you will find the Physical Disc and a Card with a 12 digit code that can only be used once which will give you access to the downloadable content which is the core of the Royal edition.

How to Access Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition Extra Content

1.You will need Internet Access and Create a Free Sony Entertainment Network account if you have not already  to access content in the Sony PlayStation Store.

2.Go to the PlayStation Store on the Home screen.

3.Select Redeem Codes in the left Panel all the way at the bottom.

4.Enter the 12 digit code without the dashes.

5.You will see all the Content of the Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition of which there are a few. Go ahead and download them all. When finsished which will take a while depending on your Internet speed the updates will be applied to the Game and congrats you now have the Full Royal Edition.

Video Demonstration:

Here is how to do everything as written here in this video tutorial.

Where to Buy the Game?

If you don’t already have it you can purchase a copy of the Game below.


I suggest that in order to get the Most out of your Game that you download all the Royal edition content as Shown above as that’s the whole point of buying it. Next be sure to also update the Game fully before you start playing as there are a bunch of bug fixes and more included in the regular updates of this Game. From the base Game for me I had to download an additional 28 GB of data in updates to the Game. The Final Fantasy XV Royal Pack is 4.811 GB, the Episode Gladiolus is 2.846 GB and much more.

I recommend that you leave your device to run for a while and download everything and then when Finished start the Game for the best experience. If you have a Question ask it below and remember to share this with a friend.


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