Images not Previewing on Facebook Android Fix 2

Today’s issue is a relatively common one that can happen at anytime involving the Images not Previewing on Facebook Android. When this happens you will get a reload icon on white background and you wont see the image or picture as you normally would. Also trying to hit the refresh icon may or may not load the images and the issue will persist.

The Issue:

Images will not load in your feed and show a reload symbol. You may see likes and text but the image will now load as it should.

Images not Previewing on Facebook Android

Images not Previewing on Facebook Android Fix

1.Check your Internet connection. You may be having issues with your current connection and I advise you switch to another connection or disconnect and reconnect to the internet this time making sure its browsing as it should.

2.If your Internet connection is at fault then contact your Internet service provide or ISP to make sure it’s not something from their end and if it’s a issue from your end consider resetting your network settings.

To reset your network settings simply go to settings, general management, reset and finally select Reset network settings. Also don’t worry as this will not delete your data, at best all you will have to do is re-enter your WiFi password and so on.

3.Go to settings, Apps and look for Facebook. Next go to storage and clear cache and clear data. After this force close the app and restart the phone. Once you boot back up go ahead and log back into Facebook which should fix the problem for you.

4.If all else fail try booting into recovery and clear the cache partition. You can also try as a last resort resetting your device if nothing else works for you.

Final Thoughts

I think that’s it for Images not Previewing on Facebook Android. Please take the time to comment,share and check out the blog as it would be greatly appreciated my friend and feel free to ask any question you like below.

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    You are one of the best Techs I have had the pleasure to know! You have saved me a lot of time and headaches working on windows 10 and other computer related problems! Thank you Ricardo for being there when people need your advice!