How to check Build Date and Version of your DZ09 Smartwatch

The DZ09 Smartwatch is awesome as its affordable, fun to use and is one of the most popular smartwatches out there right now.  With all that being said when buying a new DZ09 smartwatch you may want to know whether the device you are getting is a newer or older version.

It goes without saying that a device that’s newly manufactured would have all the latest updates and be a newer version Firmware and all. Well on the DZ09 its possible to check the Version of your device and when it was built along with some other important information.

How to check Build Date and Version of your DZ09 Smartwatch?

To check your DZ09 build date or version simply watch the video below or read the instructions that follow.

1.Wake up your DZ09 Smartwatch and go to the dial pad.

2.Type the following Secret code *#8375#

3.The screen should now appear with all the information about your device which should include: Version,Branch,Serial #,Build Time or Build date,MRE Version and so on.

Final Thoughts

So that it you can now tell when your device was made and have a better idea as to whether you have one of the newer models or an older one.With that being said if you have anything to share do so in the comments below and do check out the blog page and share with a friend.

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