The Best UPS for the Xbox One X

So a popular question many Xbox users ask themselves is : Can you plug the Xbox One X into a UPS? or doe the Xbox work with a UPS? This may be the case as you are experiencing frequent power cuts that’s interfering with your Gaming plus it can even damage your console.

With that being said A ups should be able to solve all these issues or more but very few people know if this will work or Which brand of UPS they should buy and what wattage they will need.

This article goes into detail and offers several choices as some very good UPS that you can get to power your Xbox One X or any older Xbox that you may have. And yes a UPS works fine on the Xbox One X and other Xbox consoles.

Why Purchase a UPS for your Xbox One X?

In my experience gaming its not uncommon for you to be at a critical point in a game and to have a short power outage mess up your progress, corrupt save files or worst of all damage your console.

Furthermore some power outages can be more severe than a short outage and power can be cut off for hours or days. The loss in power abruptly cuts power to your Gaming console. If you had a UPS or Uninterrupted Power supply you could gracefully and safely power down your computer in a outage.

Short outages are not a issue with a UPS as you wont miss a beat as the UPS will prevent the console shutting down in a sudden short outage.

What version of the Xbox does this guide apply to?

This guide was written with the Xbox One X in mind. Additionally all the UPS recommendations below should also work with older Xbox One S, Xbox 360 and even the original Xbox. Older models too should technically be less demanding.

The Best UPS for the Xbox One X
The Best UPS for the Xbox One X

Best UPS for Xbox One X

The Xbox One X uses about 175 Watts or so at peak. So you will need to leave some wiggle room so never buy UPS that exactly matches the wattage as you will need some time in a power outage to power down safely. Additionally you will most likely add your TV power requirements into the mix as well. The TV shout need another 100 Watts or so.

With all that in mind I have made some recommendations below.

1.Best Recommendation

The best recommendation that’s guaranteed to work with your Xbox One X is CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS System which is a 1500VA power house or 900 Watts of backup power. With this you can easily power your Gaming console and TV. Get this if you want the best option available hands down.

I love this UPS as it has a cool display so you can track the power draw and battery remaining on the device.

2.Mid Tier Option

My Mid tier option if you need something more affordable is the CyberPower CP1000AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS System which is 1000VA or 600 watts. This UPS also has a display which is always good. It has built in surge protection and voltage regulation so you know your Gaming console will be fine. Make sure before you check out its actually the 1000 VA version you have selected as there are several options.

3.Entry Level

The entry level and lowest unit you should possibly get and would still be functional would be the 850 VA or 450 Watts APC UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector with USB Charger. I personally own this one and it handles everything like a champ and its affordable too.

The only drawback is that you will not have long in a total outage to keep your Xbox powered. You will have to save and power down immediately. It works and does so well but if you want more power you would have to go with one of the above units.

Do Note the following:

1.A UPS will not last forever in a outage. Its meant for short outages which will make sure your Game is not interrupted and for full outages it gives you time to save.

2.The UPS will need time to charge when you first receive it.

3.Make sure your Xbox is plugged in the battery backup section of the UPS.

4.Always make sure you get the UPS with the highest VA rating if you need longer periods of power in a outage and for comfortably shutting down if needs be.

Final Thoughts

The UPS you choose is depending on your needs and budget. In my opinion any of the above will work great for you but they all have their Pros and cons but at the end of the day you cant go wrong with any of the three choices.

Do ask your questions below and remember to share this article with a friend that has a Xbox. Until our next article.

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