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To unlock your Galaxy S10 you most likely have the Lock screen PIN or Password setup. If you would like to remove the PIN or password so a simple swipe is all you will need to unlock then follow these instructions.

Also be aware that by doing this you will be essentially remove the security protection of a password from your device. You can however replace it later on or change the security type as well to something else.

How to Remove Lock Screen PIN/Password Galaxy S10?

Remove Password or PIN

To remove the Lock screen PIN or Password simply:

1.Go to settings.

2.Next go to Lock screen.

3.Select Screen Lock Type and enter your password.

4.Now select Swipe No password (or another option such as pattern) remove data for the swipe option.

5.When you go back to the lock screen it will be simply swipe to unlock or the other method you have changed to.


Remember that the most secure option for your phone is the Fingerprint sensor and a backup of a PIN or Password. Swipe to unlock which has no security at all along with Pattern is not very safe.

So you may want to implement your password or PIN later on again.

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One thought on “How to Remove Lock Screen PIN or Password Galaxy S10

  • Dave

    I did exactly what you said … Several times … I entered my pin but instead of the screen staying stable where I could choose the selection Box saying next the window immediately changes and goes back to the original setting screen no way whatsoever to choose swip, cancel password nothing, Just an endless loop.
    By the way your Gray type on a white background is very hard to read no contrast