Windows 10 Audio suddenly stopped or went Mute Fix 1

So I was using My Windows 10 Laptop just recently and then all of a sudden the Audio cut out. It would show that Audio was playing but no sound.

The computer was not on mute and the volume was up, but nothing could be heard from the computer.

It took a while but I finally figured what was wrong. If you are in that situation too this tutorial should be able to help in fixing the issue for you.

What devices will this apply to?

This guide will be for any Windows Laptop or Desktop PC. This is especially for those on Windows 10.

Video Guide

Watch the video guide below and see what to do step by step as shown below.

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How to Fix the Audio suddenly stooped issue?

Windows 10 Audio suddenly stopped

1.first thing you should do in these case when something like this happens is to reboot your computer. In my case this did not work but in yours it might just help.

2.Make sure volume is turned up, speakers are connected, Audio is not on mute and basic stuff like that.

3.Go ahead and find the speaker icon in the lower right of the screen that you use to turn up the volume. Right click the icon and go to sounds.

Go over to the Playback tab,now if you have two audio devices chances are it was switched to the other one. Go ahead and select speakers and set as default and then apply and OK.

In my case the third option fixed my issue and audio was back and working just fine.

Why did this Work?

In my case I had my Laptop connected to a monitor that has its own audio. The thing is that the monitor has no speakers but you can attach them.

Now for some strange reason the Audio output switched while I was using the PC automatically. Now that resulted in the audio stopping or going mute. Switching back to the correct Audio output device fixed the problem.

Did this Fix your issue?

Did this tutorial resolve your issue of Windows 10 Audio suddenly stopped problem? if it did then go ahead and share this article, comment below and see more of our content here on the website.

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One thought on “Windows 10 Audio suddenly stopped or went Mute Fix

  • Screamer

    My problem is that after I open up a closed but not turned off laptop, often but not always, the speakers are muted. This wreaks havoc with scheduled sound recording, because there is no sound to record. Nowhere on the web does anyone address a clearly fouled up Windows 10 software, and not drivers or hardware.