Choose What happens to your Facebook account after death

Have you ever wondered what will happen to a persons Facebook Account after death? well we never want to think about our own mortality but its a good idea to at least have some say what happens to your data after you die.

The Facebook Memorialization settings allows for this and more as you can choose exactly what happens to your account in the unfortunate situation of your death.

What is Facebook Memorialization?

Facebook Memorialization settings allows you to decide What happens to your Facebook Account after you pass away. You can choose a friend to manage your account with tribute posts, change profile picture and so.

Alternatively you can even choose to have your account deleted on your death.

Video Tutorial:

Watch my video guide and see how you can do this and more step by step .

What to do?

1.From your Smartphone go ahead and launch the Facebook App.

2.From your Home feed click on the three lines atop each other in the upper right of the screen.

3.Scroll down and select : Settings & Privacy. Next select settings.

4.Now select Personal Information.

5.Finally choose: Memorialization Settings. From here you have two options either choose a Legacy Contact to post to your account and have some control in case of your passing or Choose to delete your account in case of your death.

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