How to enable Swipe to Type iPhone 11- New Feature

If you don’t know the Swipe to type feature as been finally made available to iPhone users. Now if you are on the iPhone 11 or iOS 13 you can use the feature and all you have to do is enable the feature or start using it.

This guide will walk you through the process of enabling this feature and how to use it,so lets get started.

What is Swipe to Type?

Swipe to type is a new feature to iPhone that allows you to more effectively type with swipes instead of clicking characters one at a time.

The gestures to many are way more effective and efficient than traditional tying.

How to enable Swipe to Type iPhone 11

Video Guide:

This is the video guide that shows you how its done step by step.

Click Play to watch

Enable Swipe to Type:

1.Go to settings.

2.Go to general.

3.Next select keyboard.

4.Scroll through and make sure slide to type is turned on for the feature to work.

Now go to some were that text input will appear with the Keyboard and swipe over the letters to form a word and let go when the word is finished. That’s it you now have swipe to type.

One more thing

That’s how to use the swipe to type features on your iPhone. Please share this, comment below and check out more content here on the website.

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