Fix Right or Left Ear of Galaxy Buds not working or connecting

This fix will involve your Galaxy Buds and the issue where the right or left Bud is not working. I know these things are expensive and the last thing you need is for one to not be working on you all of a sudden.

This guide will walk you through what you can do in case one bud or earpiece is not working or connecting. By the end of the article the problem should be fixed for you.

More Info on the issue:

Usually other than verifying that its not working yourself you will find that if you open Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable you should be able to see specific details on each ear piece.

How to Fix this Issue?

Fix Right or Left Ear of Galaxy Buds not working

1.Make sure each Ear Bud is fully charged. Place both back in the case and allow them to fully charge. Sometimes one may be drained and causing the issue.

Also make sure your placement is correct as if its not making proper contact it will not charge. Clean the contact points on the case and on the ear buds. Also make sure the case if fully charged by plugging in as well.

2.Launch Galaxy Wearable and disconnect from the Galaxy Buds and then connect again once more.

3.Unpair and then re-pair your Ear Bids. Go to Bluetooth setting and then find and select the Gear icon beside the Galaxy buds and unpair them. You can re-pair them and see if everything works again.

4.Uninstall Galaxy Wearable and install the app again afresh. Reboot your phone and setup your device afresh and test the buds.

5.Drain the Air buds completely and charge again fully and see if that works in having them detected.

6.Uninstall any recent apps you may have installed before the issue started. Reboot and test the buds once more.

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