Attention the Connected device can’t Access data on your phone Fix 1

This guide will look at the error : Attention the Connected device can’t Access data on your phone.

At the end of this guide I hope to explain this error and look at how you can fix it 100% and potentially avoid it in the future on your Samsung Galaxy.

So sit back and relax and enjoy the article right now.

The Error:

The error reads:


The connected device can’t access data on your phone. Reconnect the USB cable and try again.

Android File Transfer or Samsung Smart Switch must be installed on macOS devices.To download Android file transfer, or to download Samsung Smart Switch,go to

What does the Error Mean?

As the error suggests the problem is that you will be unable to transfer files with the error being displayed. It will also affect you accessing files on your phone such as accessing and moving media files including pictures and videos.

It also goes in the opposite way as you will be unable to move files over to the phone as well.

Video Tutorial:

See my video tutorial right now that shows how to deal with this error on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone or other Android device.

Click Play to watch

How to Fix this Error?

1.Go ahead and disconnect the Smartphone from the computer and connect again. This in most cases should be enough.

2.If not go ahead and reboot the phone and the computer and try once more.

3.Make sure you are not transferring anything to your phone or from it. IF you are allow it to complete and try again.

4.The USB cable may be at fault change it.

5.Make sure Smart Switch is installed both on your computer and on your smartphone.

The above should solved and get rid of the error. i suggest that you for the future allow your device to complete all file transfers before doing anything else.

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