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This issue of Exclamation Mark on Photos Samsung is a weird situation where when you go into your Gallery you will be able to preview your pictures OK but when you click on one it does not develop to show the full picture.

It will show a Exclamation Mark within a circle in white with grey background. In my experience it can happen to several pictures at random.

If this is your situation as described then you have found the tutorial with the solution. If this proves useful to you do us a solid and share this guide.

What is this Problem?

It seems that with this issue this is a error and when it happens your pictures don’t render when clicked. Instead you see the white Exclamation mark.

The error itself is scary and can make you feel uneasy as its usually some precious pictures that has the error. Don’t worry I will show you how to fix the issue. Your Pictures will be fine.

Exclamation Mark on Photos Samsung

Video Tutorial:

This video guide will show you the entire process as what to do from start until the problem is solved 100%. I have also included a video guide you can watch as well.

Click Play

1.Go ahead if you are having this issue and long press the power button and reboot your smartphone. You could also power it off completely.

Chances are on reboot it should be fully functional again and the problem should be gone. Don’t stop here.

2.Now to make sure this does not happen again make sure to reboot your phone at least once a week. Now I also advise that you clean up your phone.

To clean up your smartphone I advise that you go to settings, device care and optimize now. This will clean up your device and free up some resources on Samsung Smartphones.

3.Download a cleaner from Google Play and clean junk files from your device to free up space.

4.Delete any unnecessary video and pictures from your phone so you can have more space. This will make your phone run better and less likely to have these errors. Remember to empty the Trash in Gallery.

Before you Go

As I asked earlier if this was useful at all please share the guide. Also please take some time and share your experience or ask a question below.

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