iMessage is signed out Error

This one is a Fix for the iMessage is signed out Error or Facetime and iMessage Your Carrier May Charge Fix. This issue is very important to fix because while you have the error you will be unable to send or receive iMessages or Facetime calls.

Follow along as I show you what to do in order to fix this particular problem. Once fixed you will be able to send messages as normal once more.

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The Error:

The error reads on Screen:FaceTime and iMessage Your network provider may charge for SMS messages used to activate FaceTime and iMessages. You will notice a red exclamation on messages.

Additionally there will be a message when you open up any message that: iMessage is signed out An error occurred and your account (???) is signedout of iMessage. You may miss messages as a result. Please go to settings to address this issue.

iMessage is signed out Error
The Error

What Caused the Issue?

If your iMessages and face time was activated before before removing your SIM card or have any No SIM card error where your SIM card sifts may require based on your network to reactivate.

There are other stuff that can cause this as well.

Video Guide:

Watch this video guide and see what to do. The written version is just below that also shows what to do.

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How to Fix this error?

In my experience in order to fix this error go ahead and

1.Go to Messages and open a message from anyone and a error message will appear on screen that iMessage is signed out. Notice that there is a option to go to settings go ahead and click it.

(OR) Go to Settings, Messages and you should see the same screen.

2.Notice that iMessages is on in most cases but there is no Address to send or receive.

3.Tap on send and receive, there should be two options of your number and a Email address (Yours might be different). Select your Number to use for activation.

4.You should get a message that your network might charge, go ahead and confirm and proceed. Go back to the main screen. You should see waiting for activation.

It will activate and you should see your number under send and receive.

The errors should be gone including the red exclamation on messages and within messages. If its still there reboot or simply click on a message from anyone and exit again and it will refresh. That’s it the issue is fixed.

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