iOS 14 Widgets Not Working

This guide will walk you through what you can do in cases where your IOS 14 or higher Gadgets are not working on your iPhone. This guide will also by extension work on other device from Apple as well such as your iPad to bear that in mind.

With this problem Widgets tend to not function as they should. Cases have been reported of Widgets not loading, blacking out showing white in the place or black, not showing up at all or showing incorrect or missing information among a bunch of other problems.

What devices does this Apply to?

As mentioned this applies to any iPhone on IOS 14 or higher. This can also include other Apple devices such as the iPad and so on.

How to Fix the Problem?

In order to fix the problem try the following options or you can watch the video as well:

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1.Reboot your device: All you need in some cases is to reboot your phone. Doing so can refresh the system and solve issues with Widgets and other issues you may be having. This is especially true if you don’t reboot your device from time to time.

2.Update IOS: Go to settings, general and go to software update and make sure you are on the latest update that’s available.

3.Location services: Go to settings, Privacy and then location services. Make sure the feature on on. Now look out for Anything related to your Widgets, for example the weather Widget needs this feature to be able to get your weather forecast and cant do so without this feature. So make sure weather has all the relevant permissions.

4.Correct language/Region: Go to settings, general and then Language and region. Make sure the correct Language and region is select as this can affect your device. US English or UK English are good options in most cases along with selecting your correct region.

5.App Refresh: Make sure App refresh is on, go to settings, General and the background App refresh. Now turn the feature on for all key apps or those that may be related to the Widget that’s not working.

6.Configure the Widget: Some Widgets needs configuring when added. Long press the widget Edit Widget and configure it. You can also try removing a Widget and adding it again as it may help with issues.

Before you Go

The above should fix most of the common issues with your Widgets not working. If you have any direct questions please ask them below. I would love if you could also check out some more of our content here on the website.

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