S10 Display has Green Tint Fix

So I have what I consider the problem of all problems with my Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in which after owning my device for over 1 year going on two years I suddenly got a Display with Green Tint out of the blue.

There are also horizontal lines that vary in intensity from being barely able to see the screen to all out green with intensity changing. Some times the screen is unusable and you cant make out anything.

What devices will this Apply to?

As said this is happening with a Galaxy S10 Plus and can happen with any Galaxy S10 and even with other devices from Samsung. I find though that it seems to be really prominent it seems among the Galaxy S10 devices.

S10 Display has Green Tint Fix

Observations About this Problem:

Based on what I have seen this can be a Hardware flaw with the display or Software. The thing though is that the screen does work but when powered off and on (Sleep wake) it can awaken with or without the lines and Green screen color.

At first I found that I had to repeatedly force reboot the phone until the problem corrected or as I noticed later on simply pressing the power button and putting the phone to sleep and waking it up until the display corrected worked randomly.

After it corrected it was a matter of keeping it on and try not allowing it to go to sleep while I did stuff. But there was no reliable solution until I noticed something which I outline in the solution below.

Video Guide:

Reading the solution works but seeing the problem explained and demonstrated with solution is even better. Check out the video tutorial below

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How to Solve this Problem?

So I noticed that I could reliably wake the display in normal condition if the Always on Display came on after a while by itself. So this is what I did:

1.I went to settings.

2.Then selected Display.

3.Scrolled all the way down and selected: Always on Display. (You can use search to look for the option if your device is different) .

4.Now I changed the always on display settings from:Tap to show for 10 seconds to: Show always. I am on Android 11 update One UI 3.0 by the way.

5.Now all I have to do is lock and unlock my device as normal and never simply press power to make it sleep or wake or the Green Tint will return. So I allow my device to naturally lock by timing out and then the Always on display comes on and if I need the phone I unlock.

So because the display never turns off it stays in a perpetual state of staying correct and does not fritz out.

My Thoughts on this Problem?

I see where this problem could be software its possible trust me. But on the other hand there is a chance its hardware too. I am only glad I can as far as I can see that my phone is now more functional as before the randomness of the display going out made it unusable.

Maybe this way you can keep using your phone or give you enough time to comfortably buy a new one. Please if you have anything to share please share in the comments below I would love to know if this solution also works for you the same.

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