Camcorder Not Power Up Fix

If something can go wrong with a Gadget chances are at some time or another it will go wrong and you can count on that. Today’s fix is for a Camcorder and the tips here I am sure will help someone out who is facing a problem where your Camcorder is not Power up at all.

I am sure you are anxious and want to get to recording but its very important that you bear these troubleshooting tips in mind as you operate your camera should a problem like this happen again you can track the issue down and fix it.

The issue I will be showing you today happened to a Sony Handycam I use on the regular. Bear in mind that this can happen to any Camcorder and the tips given applies to fixing the HD Sony Handycam as well as any Camcorder you may have.

The Issue:

The Sony Handycam in this case refused to power on and remained dead and would not power on despite attempts to power it up. The display would remain blank and no power led or anything on the display.

In the past it would power on just fine with video feed on its side display preview screen.

How the Problem was Fixed?

This is how the problem was fixed along with additional problems I have experienced where the Sony Handycam would not power up.These can be applied to any Camcorder.

Camcorder Not Power Up Fix

Method 1

1.Unplug any Video cables you may have attached to output video signal to any other device,if any.

2.Close the preview windows at the side and unplug the Camcorder.

3.Plug the Camcorder back in, wait for the power Led to light up indicating it getting power and then wait a few seconds and then open the preview window at the side which should power on the Camcorder (Yours might be a bit different and you may have to press the power button at the side).

Method 2

Sometimes the issue can be a bit different as I have found sometimes when the Camcorder wont come on.

1.Close the preview window of the camcorder.

2.Check your power cable by unplugging it and plugging it back into the outlet securely.

3.Disconnect the USB portion and plug it back in securely (If you have a USB extender or some extension,unplug and replug it carefully).

4.Make sure there is power in the strip or plug and try power up by opening the preview window on the camcorder again.

Additional things to try:

You can also try the following:

1.Check Camcorders battery it may be dead or need replacing.

2.The battery may not be installed properly remove the battery and reseat it.

3.You may need to keep the Camcorder plugged in while in use as the battery is old and cant last long enough to power the Camcorder and it not powering up. In this case keep it running by keeping it plugged in and on AC power versus the battery.

4.You may have a defective charge cable or USB extension cable if you use one. Replace and see if this fixes the issue.

One more thing

How did these tips work out? If you found them useful at all please take some time and share or comment sharing your experience as it may help out some other people as well.

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