Cool Funko Pop Figures

I really love Funko pop figures there are so many different kids and they cover just about anything that you can think of, just name a TV show, Anime, Video Game or some other cool pop culture personality and I bet you hands down that we can actually find a Funko pop to match. With […]

funko pop figures

wowwee light strike

Wowwee Light Strike

With the holidays and other important events coming up such as your child’s birthday it’s always hard to figure out what to get them. One thing that you can depend on is getting them a Wowwee light strike which is a cool toy to own as its allows the kids or the kid at heart […]

transformers toys

Awesome Transformers Toys for Kids

As a male child growing up all we wanted were Transformers toys, trust me when I say there was nothing cooler and more awesome than these action figures, come on which other toy in the world can be a robot one minute and then change into a car or dinosaur or even a spaceship. Trust […]