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For every one that as ever typed into Google search: “how to make money online” there is one big questions that looms in the back of their minds and that is: can you really make a living online and that within itself is a great question and one that I will seek to answer here today. If you ask many people they will give a different answer to this question in general and that’s because no two situations are alike as the amount I need to live on is different for your situations and needs. For me personally am making a living online, thank God and that was after much hard work and dedication.

I still keep my 9 to 5 Job but the income from my websites is able to maintain my lifestyle all on its own. You don’t know how Good that feel to say in fact if I wanted to I could quit my Job right now. But for now I intend on growing my income even more and its never smart to make a drastic life change without first thing things through fully and planing things out. So as part of this article I will outline what it takes for an individual to be making a Living online:


Making a Living online what it takes:

As I said earlier it depends on a number of factors to end up making a living online and no two situations are ever the same so use this to figure where you are and how to get to the next level:

making a living online

1. Income Streams

The first thing you will need to start making a living online is an income stream. Most people who have figured out how to make money online either do micro jobs for extra cash on the side or like me run a website in their spear time and earn anywhere from extra spending money to a sizable income that they can support themselves from. For many people this income stream is just starting out or it’s too small right now but keep hope alive as when I started I barely had one source of income. The tick is to over time diversify or find multiple sources of income which will build up over time and become significant. As of now have about four (4) Sources of income for my website which a year ago I never would have seen and with this my income as grown faster than if I had only one.

So the tick is to size up whatever you are doing so that you can either earn more for a job or scale up your projects so that they can earn more. Never leave money on the table there is always ways you can be earning more from your efforts online.Also having multiple income streams protects you in case something were to go wrong and a source of your income were to be wiped out you will still have others to rely on.

making a living online

2. Your location

The internet has brought the world together in ways we never thought possible and so too in terms of earning potential. If you live in the USA the income you would need to be making a living online is totally different from some who lives in Australia for example or even Canada. So making a living can either take longer or shorter for you based on your location. But it does not matter where you are once you are willing to do the work earning potential is unlimited online as we are all place on a level playing field so to speak. But remember ultimately to earn anything you must provide value and its those individuals that provide value that will earn and those that do not no matter where they are will not earn a penny.

3. How much time you have?

Time is always the important factor and while you all may be strapped for time, if we put out the effort we can make time in any situation. I personally design websites because its something I love, but it also affords me the luxury of doing work once and having it help many people even when I am otherwise doing something else which is very nice for optimizing my time and effort, so it’s as if I am in multiple places at once which is a great fit for most but it does take time to build up momentum.

On the other hand some people do micro jobs which provides faster result in terms of payout, but you do have to be actively engaged and each new client requires something unique meaning you will have to generate a service or some tangle goods over and over. So for those with more time on their hands and looking to make a living online this might be more suitable for them.Services such as upwork (Formely ODesk) or Fiverr.

4. Motivation

Motivation is key in earning online and your drive will determine whether or not you are a success as if you quit easily you will never realize your full earning potential. Even after you start earning a full-time living you still have to keep motivated as if you begin to slack off it could wipe out your income so it’s always important to keep motivated and working on self improving and building your skills.

5. Goals and schedules

Other than motivation I find that Goals are important to keep you going, its important to always set goals that challenge you and try to achieve theses in a certain time frame by creating a schedule ,it might sound silly but over the last few month by setting schedules I was able to boost my earnings like never before by disciplining myself and setting goals that I set out to keep on a daily which keep me on the straight and narrow.

At the end of the day anyone can end up Making a Living Online its a simple matter of being highly motivated, having a Game plan, being smart and exploring all your options and not placing all your eggs in one basket. When you do all this and commit to the task there is literally no limit to what you can achieve online.

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4 thoughts on “Making a Living Online, is it possible?

  • Wayne Umrah

    Yes it is possible to make money online because I have done that on multiple occasions but in small amounts though. Right now I’m looking at the bigger picture to earn money online by building and improving my website We are making money online and so can others. Good post bro and thanks for the motivation.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Thank you Wayne its always great to have your input, I decided to do this article because where I am compared to where I first started is so much better I was like you once and earned small amounts that has grown considerably now and there is still room for growth.