Why can’t I make a single $1 online? 9

There is no need to adjust your monitor the image below was deliberately made extra large. Why you may ask? well it’s large because it represents your dreams and ambitions of earning money online. For most these ambitions are lavish and over inflated with hot air.

Let’s face the hard cold truth that many individuals relish the idea of earning an income online, but the fact that they may want to make money pales in comparison to the sobering fact that while there are opportunities out there to make cash online some people basically will never make a single dollar.

Drop your pitch fork a minute and note that I am not trying to rain on your blissfully sunny day but it’s obvious that many readers have a warped vision of what it requires to make your first dollar online and continue to earn long after that initial dollar is made. It literally requires blood sweat and tears...scratch that I think I am becoming a bit overly dramatic here but it does require very hard work,determination and effort..

For a second Lets look at some of Reason you are not making any money online as to actually find the underlining cause and seek to root out the problems and cure your viral disease. And believe it or not your condition is caused by a disease many people have been spreading for the short number of  years the internet has been around.


why i cannot make money online

why i cannot make money online?

The Symptoms:


“It’s too hard!!!”


                                                                “I will start tomorrow…definitely 



“I cant take this carp, I quit!!!”

If any of the above attitudes sound like you I can guaranteed you you should quit right now and save yourself the disappointment. Diagnosing your issue is quite easy and the reason you are not making the income you want is because you think making any money online is a walk in the park and it’s easy.

The concept of an online income is a simple concept,but by no means is this easy. It requires thinking, polishing that turd of an article until it shines like the gem that you imagine it to be in your mind. Posting it and having the first reader tear it down and point out the flaws that you missed and then you quit of course…No you learn from the experience and assimilate the lesson and keep trying.


The Disease Carriers

The concept of easy money online like all great cons is the allure of doing little to nothing and gaining everything. A great example of this is the move: The Wolf of wall street. Which you should totally watch as it’s based on a real life story. The movie will actually give you an idea as to what some online website are doing to bamboozle you out of your cash by promising magical results. Making money online can be started for free and you can earn quite a bit without spending anything but nothing is truly free as it will require your time and effort which is priceless.

Stop listening to those who claim they make : $100 everyday or my favorite I made $10,000 this month. In most case they have never made crap and are simply dangling a carrot in front of you and hoping you are gullible enough to bite and make them some money.

if someone claims they have made money online which is usually in the minority. They should at least be able to show credible proof. What you need to cure yourself is a mindset change. Making money online like anything in real life requires work and anyone who is claiming one good trick or something that’s so easy a baby could do it… you get the idea, is fattening you up for a payday and that payday is their own.

Those who earn in the six figures range online got to where they were by working hard and thinking outside the box. You need to get it through your brain that the work comes first and the payday comes after.Heck I cannot forget my first online payday, the experience is etched into my memory forever, even more so than my first pay cheque from my my first Job. i documented My  first online payday here in case you need a little encouragement and pointers to keep you going:

Lessons from my first Amazon Cheque &

The Lessons from my first Google Adsense Cheque.


The Vaccine

The cure for solving the problem of not making any money online is not as simple as the vaccine for the common cold. It require a change in perspective and a health dose of setting yourself attainable goals that are not only achievable but also realistic. My first goal for myself was to earn my first major pay day online in six (6) months. If yours is in a year then aim for that or better yet if it’s four (4) years keep setting yourself attainable goals.

It does not mean if someone gets there faster than you that they will be able to do better than you. Simply put if you have the drive never to give up and you put in the work it will eventually pay off big time, trust me:

A winner will never quit and a quitter will never win.

Have you ever thought about the fact that you could be siting on the next big idea or hit website concept? The ugly truth is that many people are sitting on million dollar ideas and they will never lift a single finger to put the wheels in motion, they simply quit before starting.

If there is one thing I have learnt from repairing more computers and gadgets than I care to remember is that each situation is a new opportunity for me to solve a problem and have the satisfaction of starting that computer straight in the monitor and seeing it light up as the issue is solved and it starts to work again. There is no drug that can replicate that feeling and like any good high it keeps driving you back for more each time  and each high is better than the last.

So earn your first dollar ($1) and then aim for five ($5) and keep growing it until you reach that unlimited potential and sit back and smile.


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