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How to get Free cable TV online

If you are like the Millions or even billions of internet surfers out there at one point or another you will think to yourself: if its possible to do so many things online why not also watch Free cable TV, then you hear that its impossible without paying and you give up on the idea. […]

Free cable tv online

The Best Android tablets 2014

We are living in a new era of portable and compact device that are more powerful than ever. Currently there are smartphones and high-end tablets that have more processing power than a traditional laptop or desktop and it can fit in your back pocket. As a little exercise I decide to compile a list of […]

best android tablets 2014

Adsense invalid clicks:Holy Crap I clicked My Ads!!

Please note that under no circumstances should you intentionally click your own Adsense ads but occasionally accidents do happen and generate Adsense invalid clicks. I am usually very careful and protective of my Adsense Account and try my very best to abide by Google’s policies and guidelines. I had just finished publishing an article and […]

adsense invalid clicks

Best selling Products Ever

I was really curious as to what were the:best selling products that were out there and I decided to do some research, My search eventually led me to the doors of the great and seeing they were the king of E-commerce I started to break down what were the best selling Amazon products based […]

best selling products

Mortal Kombat 10

Mortal Kombat 10- Who’s Next?

Mortal Kombat 10 is scheduled for release on December 31,2015 for all major consoles including PC, XBox one, PS4,XBox 360 and the PlayStation 3 respectively. Dubbed Mortal Kombat X, the latest Game in the installment features a brutal Kombat system, improve Graphics, New Characters and more Blood and Gore than ever before. Mortal Kombat Fans […]

Google Glass app

Google Glass App lets you shoot around Corners!

TrackingPoint Labs who is known for developing Advanced Firearms Technology has developed a system that allows a precision Guided Firearms to be paired with a Google Glass app and get this: Give users the ability to  make accurate shots from around corners.This includes positions that it would not traditionally be possible to actually make accurate […]