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It seems that a recent leak from a little birdy revealed that for this year the GTA 5 PS4 Bundle will be on Sale for this Black Friday and what a great Black Friday deal in deed, this is only comparable to the recent XBox One price cut for the holiday season in case you missed that one. This is really exciting news as those hoping to snatch a new gaming console for the holiday shopping period can get the PS4 Bundle at a reduced price which translates to big savings and happy gamers.

PS4 Black Friday Deal

While only merely a rumour right now there a strong chances that this bundle will make an appearance within the US so we can actually put our heads out on a limb here and call this one as good as a legit Black Friday deal:

ps4 black friday

Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4 Bundle

The GTA 5 PS4 bundle was recently announced to be released in Europe officially and as a consequence we are also expecting its released in the US this holiday season as well. The bundle is expected the week of thanksgiving and in time for Black Friday 2014 which is the time during the holiday season that’s most known for deals and bargains on all manner of items.

The GTA 5 will re-release on all major consoles including the PS4, XBox One and PC November 18,2014. Things to expect from the re-release is an all new first person mode among other exciting new features and additions to make the new bundle worth every penny you will be spending on it.

The European PS4 GTA 5 Bundle

The US PS4 GTA 5 Bundle


ps4 black friday

Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4 Bundle

The European or UK bundle for Grand theft Auto V PS4 bundle is already official and live on the website but weather or not the North American or US deal for the PS4 GTA 5 bundle is true is yet to be seen, but if the history of these release stay true you can bank on this one. So what do you think about these Black Friday PS4 deals? it’s would be a great time to grab a PS4 and GTA 5 if you have been holding out and waiting for a deal like this to appear, as usual let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Update: US PS4 GTA5 Bundle Now Available

So as predicted the American version of the GTA5 Bundle has been made official (We told you so- lol ) you can read the full details here in our article or Check out the Actual Bundle below to your right or click here to see the listing.



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