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When it come towards buying tablets in the under $100 category things can get a little shady as tablets in this price range tend to be for the most part garbage until I found the Dragon touch tablet line and my opinion totally changed as they produce cheap Android tablets that are of a very high quality and are down right affordable to boot.Who knew that it was actually possible.

Why buy a Dragon touch tablet?

Well if you are in the market for something that’s cheap and will get the job done then I suggest you look no further than these entry-level tablets that can come in as cheap as $50 bucks and they usually have great ratings from those who have bough them which is a testament of the build quailty. Most tablets in this price range have a very high failure rates and what I like is that I hardly see this issue with the dragon touch tablets, as they have held their product to a very high standards and I would not run the risk with another brand in this category.

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The Dragon touch tablets are entry level devices that would be best suited for:

1. A starter tablet.

2. Kids first tablet.

3. A secondary tablet.

4. An affordable option for those on a budget.

5. Multimedia device for basic video, game and music.

6. A person who want a high quality tablet but don’t want to pay the price tag on those big brand names.

Once you understand what you will be getting for the price you will easily see what a deal these tablets are, these tablets for the most part will not rewrite the books on speed and performance but they get the job done and do so quite well and considering the price point you don’t have to think twice. The premium models are even better as they cost a bit more but deliver on the performance of devices that cost up to three times as much.

The best Dragon Touch Tablets on the Market

Here are all the best Dragon touch tablets that you should consider for your next major purchase, at these prices these tablets are a steal:

1.Dragon Touch Y88X 7” Quad Core Tablet

The Dragon touchY88X 7 inch tablet has a Quad core processor and a matching GPU behind its smooth performance and a dual camera for still shots as well as selfies. You can also extend the available storage option by using a MicroSd card as there is an easy access port for putting one in. The Tablet charges fast and will last you the entire day with mid to moderate use and the display is nice and sharp for enjoying regular consumption of digital entertainment.

2. Dragon Touch A93 9” Quad Core Tablet

This tablet will support up to a whopping 32 GB MicroSD card and a more than capable processor for performing regular task, however where this tablet shines best is in the field of reliability, this Dragon touch tablet is surprisingly well made. The screen is very responsive and sensitive which works well with apps and games.

3. Dragon Touch E71 7” Quad Core Phablet

The camera on this tablet has autoflash which is great for exposing your shots in less than ideal lighting conditions, compared to the similar Dragon Touch E70 model this unit is cheaper with the E70 having 1 GB of RAM and double the memory thus the higher price for that model. Being a Pablet this device is both a phone and a tablet meaning you can use your mobile SIM card in it and as such make calls and use data service meant for your phone on this tablet. You will get the best of both worlds with this marvelous tablet and phone combo.

4. Dragon Touch 7″ Quad Core Android Kids Tablet

Your kids first tablet should have great performance and all the Apps and features they will love without compromise due to price, what sets this apart from a regular tablet is that its built with little children in mind for example it’s light weight and comes with a case that protects it from drops and shocks that your little one will definitely throw at it. Also not because it’s a kids tablet it’s really fast and its has cool Apps to provide kids with entertaining and educational games to help in their development.

5. Dragon Touch A1X Plus 10.1″ Quad Core Tablet

This is a new model and one of the latest devices in the Dragon touch line that offers a more premium experience to its users while maintaining a well-rounded price point, you will definitely get what you pay for with this dragon touch tablet. This can hold a whopping 64 GB SD card and with an on board 16 Gb of storage you will have more space than you need, the screen is large which is ideal for watching movies or streaming TV series. Before you spend on a fancy brand name tablet you should definitely try these tablets out first.

6. Dragon Touch® M8 8” Quad Core Google Android Tablet

Another Quad core (4 x Cores) tablet and the screen is great for the given price tag, you can’t beat the great HD quality at this screen size and this tablet is no slouch either in the performance bracket, you can check out the listing for more details.

7. Dragon Touch 10.1″ Quad Core

To finish things off we have another great new model from Dragon touch that’s has all the latest standards and it will give all those other tablets that will cost you up to two times as much a run for their money. I love the large screen and it comes preloaded with the main entertainment Apps that you will love right out of the box. Who would have ever thought Dragon touch could have improved their tablet offerings by so much.

What SD card does a Dragon Touch tablet Use?

Its recommended that you also pick up a SD card to go along with your device, the newer models tablets in our list such as the A1x plus 10.1 tablet uses a 64GB Micro SD card and for the others you can check out this option.


Mobile devices are now the devices of choice when we are out and about on our daily lives and I hope you have also seen the Amazing brand of tablets that is Dragon touch, they make some of the best tablets I have seen and given the time they will be the brand that other companies will aspire to with their affordable and reliable device. I hope you were able to find your dream tablet and much more with the help of our article today.

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8 thoughts on “Dragon touch tablet best offerings

  • Cindy Winnett

    This was a great review. I just received my E71 and it works just fine…except the camera takes poor quality photos…do you think that I should call the company or that’s just the way it is for this device?? Also, do you know of a way to make the phone app look more like my old Samsung as far as usability and function and buttons? The icons are tiny and there is no “messaging” button like on the phones. Cindy

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Sure Cindy I know what you mean by the icons, what I normally do is go to the playStore and download a launcher such as: Go Launcher or any of the others which makes the Icons look way better and much larger as you can adjust size in the settings of the launcher. As for the Camera quality in the ideal lighting condition its not bad at all in most cases but these tablets are affordable and one of the ways the manufacturers save is in the camera area so the picture quality is never anything really exceptional but descent at best but you cant beat the overall value that you are getting for the price.

  • Cindy Winnett

    You can add to your why-buy list the reason: Anyone who would like to be able to SEE the screens when browsing and also be able to use this as a phone for a small fraction of the big name phones with big screens prices! The phone ability and screen size and such a great price is a no-brainer!

  • Justyna

    I have been using the A1X Plus for 5 months, and it has been great, until last week. It won’t charge. The charging port got loose. Would you know if I can replace the it? I know it is not high quality tablet, but 5 months is not enough.

  • darlene luna

    Hi Ricardo, i bought a dragon touch dt a7 dual core 1.2ghz several years ago having read that dragon touch was good, never used it much because it was so very slow. what can i do with it now to speed it up? thanks

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      They are Good for entry level devices and the price you pay, however they are not super fast but are quite capable. To keep yours ruining smoothly I suggest that you download: Clean Master and run it regularly, also be sure to store whatever you can on a SD card and not totally fill the Tablets built in memory. Also backing up and resetting your device every now and again is a optional route after having it for a long while.