Any iPhone Passcode bypass or hard reset

Today is a really cool article and what I would like to do is to show you how to perform a iPhone Passcode bypass in case you forgot your devices passcode. It can be very annoying experience when you either forget your iPhone Passcode or when it’s not being accepted for some reason and it was correct before and you need access to your smartphone to use it once again. We will show you step by step the procedures to follow to regain full access and bypass the lock screen in such a situation.

What iPhone models will this work on?

This procedure to bypass iPhone Passcode will work on any iPhone including the iPhone 3Gs,iPhone 4,iPhone 4s,iPhone 5,iPhone 5s and even as a iPhone 6 passcode bypass. Also seeing they are so similar it will also work on the iPad or iPod.

iphone passcode bypass

In what situations can I use this?

This will work in situations on the iPhone 6 or other iPhone models when you see the screen that says enter passcode and you have forgotten your passcode or password for some reason, it also works if you are getting the message that iPhone has been disabled. This procedure will also work if you are seeking to perform a iPhone hard reset in which case you will lose all your data on the phone.

Please note this will only work for users that own their devices and have locked themselves out or forgotten their passwords and no one else.

What will you need?

For this procedure you will need:

1. Your Phones Data cable.

2. The iTunes software.

Also make sure the phones charged to 50% or more.

iPhone Passcode bypass or Hard Reset

1. While the device is on hold down the power button and the Home button for about 10 seconds.

2. The iPhone will power off and then as soon as you see the Apple logo remove your finger from off the power button (while Still hold Home) and then click the power button again.

3. You will see a screen that prompts you to connect your device to iTunes, you are now in recovery mode. Do as the message says and read from step 4 below.

or if you cannot get into the mode described,try the alternative method below:

Alternative method

Make sure iTunes is installed on your computer.

1. Power off your phone.

2. Hold down the Home button.

3. Connect data cable to your smartphone and the iTunes screen will pop up on the display with the cable.

4. There should be a notification on-screen that the software on your iPhone needs to be restored to factory settings or updated.

iphone passcode bypass

5. Select Restore and then Restore and update option. Be warned that this will delete everything from your phone.

6. When finished the phone will reset itself and you can run through setup once again as when the device was new. This method will not work if you are using the  iCloud activation lock so bear that in mind.

I hope you were successful in gaining full access to your iPhone once more and if you would please take the time to leave a comment below we love hearing from our readers so use the comment section as you like. Finally if you have another phone brand you can check out this similar procedure here.

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