G Skill Ripjaws X Review

You just got to love great PC memory it makes things run faster and allows you to do more, just like the G Skill Ripjaws X desktop memory modules that are a must have for your next Gaming PC build. The first reason that you may choose these is for the obvious they look downright cool with the red heat sink and the cool name how could you go wrong. I have included this memory as part of my latest gaming PC build that I will be featuring soon and if you are interested in seeing the parts that I have used then go ahead and see the list here.

Features and Specifications

The exact memory modules that we will be using here are the G.Skill RipjawsX F3-14900CL9D-8GBXL 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1866MHz, in case you miss most of that the set comes with 2 memory modules that are each 4 GB for a total of 8 Gigabytes total. These run at a very nice 1866 MHZ but you may not be able to achieve this out of the box as this speed might only be achievable when overclocked or using a very high-end CPU’s that’s clocked very high, by default in my build it was running at 1600 MHZ but that plenty fast in my experience, but with some tweaking it should run at its rated speed no issue.

g skill ripjaws x

Other cool Features:

G.Skill DDR3 SDRAM: Developed to support new high-performance platforms.
Effective Heat Spreader: The high-performance heat spreader effectively dissipates heat from memory module to ensure system stability.
Dual-Channel DDR3 1600:Reaching the optimal balance between the sheer speed of DDR3 and low latency,
G.Skill system memory is 100% tested to ensure top-level P67/Z68/P55 and AMD 790 Series/890 Series platforms.
This G.SKILL Ripjaws Series DDR3 memory kit is rated at 1866MHz 9-10-9-28 to provide ample computing capability to the Intel

I can attest that these modules really do live up to the claims as the heat sink does a marvelous job with heat and my Gaming rig runs smooth as a result of this and most of all its stable, I have mine installed in a Z97 chipset motherboard and running in dual channel mode and they are wonderful paired with the great cooling of my case and the latest GPU from Nvidia. To get the most out of these RAM make sure you read the population rule for your motherboards memory to get them runing in dual channel mode.

g skill ripjaws x

Design of these PC Memory Modules

The G Skill Ripjaws X has a red metal heat sink that really eye-catching with a jagged pattern on top and the memory is not too tall which is great as it will not interfere with the clearing of other components in the case. The G Skill and Ripjaws X logo are clearly visible on the memory for all to see and they come highly rated.

Performance of the G Skill Ripjaws X

g skill ripjaws x

These PC memory modules are as close to perfect that one can get and they get almost a perfect five-star for being really robust and well-built and most of all they are fast and cost a fraction of what the other PC memory cost. If you are looking for a RAM that wont die on you and simply works right outside the box then I suggest that you look no further than the G Skill Ripjaws X.


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