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It’s another year and its time to start getting gifts for everyone in the family and that includes friends as well as family, but chances are there is a writer somewhere in the midst of all these people and sorry to say that your choices of gifts probably suck and you know as your gifts for these writers and creative types is doomed to be kept in some obscure drawer somewhere in an attempt not to hurt your feeling. I understand getting a gift for a writer can be a tricky venture much like all gift giving in general. But wouldn’t it be great to get a gift for a writer that so thoughtful that it will help your recipient in getting that creative mojo going and put a smile on that face that always looking for inspiration for their next big chain of thought?

For today we intend to correct a great wrong which is no fault of your own and present you with 22 awesome gift ideas that any writer would go ga-ga over and would die to receive as a present. So what do you actually get a writer? Well seeing that I myself am a writer this gives me unparalleled access into the though processes of such individuals and with a few friends help I have come up with the ultimate gifts for any writer be it a blogger, novelist, freelance writer,hobbyist writer or whatever we will have them all covered.

gifts for writers

1. Magic Transforming Mug

I thought I wold start things off with a bang, how about getting your favorite writer a Magical Transforming Mug? I kid you not this creative gift may seem simple on the surface but just you wait until they actually decide to get a cup of early morning pick me up before sitting down to write. The cup will actually change color depending on weather the contents of the cup is hot or cold, it will be black at room temperature and turn white when it contains a hot beverage.

gifts for writers

Simply tell the recipient of this gift that its magical and let them figure out the rest for themselves in amazement. This cup is as fluid as a writer should be and will give its receiver something to think and talk about literally.

2. Pencil Grinders Salt and Pepper Mill Set

gifts for writers

What better way to have a creative writer such as a blogger show the world that he is a devote creative thinker? Than getting a very unique set of Salt and Pepper grinders that would make any other writer jealous. These things send a strong message and you can’t help but giggle if you were to receive a set of these as a writer, the design is both creative and unique.

3. A Witty Printed T-Shirt

gifts for writers

Every one male or female loves a great T-shirt that sets them apart from the rest of the crowd the best one are the one that send a personal statement as to who you are and what you are about even without speaking. I am sure you can identify with this, so to do writers and that’s why these T-Shirts such as “My Weekend Is All Booked“, “I Lift Books” and much more make for excellent gift ideas.

gifts for writers

Be sure that you know the size of the person that you are getting this for as they are sure to love and appreciate this gift idea.

 4. Vintage Typewriter

gifts for writers

Sometimes taking it old school and sparking your creativity like they did in the old days is enough to destroy writers block and get that creative chemistry working again in your favor. This Royal Epoch Portable Manual Typewriter is one of the best selection in our Gifts for writers that you can choose to get as a gift for any occasion, even this Christmas or other time of the year. My aunt had one of these things when I was in high school and whenever she was not there I would steal a usage of it, I hope she dosent read this. Working on one of these is different from a computer on which you can use the backspace to delete away mistakes, you have to think carefully before taking even a single key stroke on a Typewriter and believe it or not there is something more fulfilling about using this than a keyboard and mouse that has to be felt to be understood.

5. Leather Hand Painted Celtic Tree of Life Journal with Handmade Paper

There is nothing like a Hand made journal with a unique style for a gift for someone who has a unique personality and has a yearning for the nostalgia of times long past were yoir journal or diary was a place of solitude and retreat for your mind. This will help someone rediscover that side of themselves.

6. Table Desk Drink Coffee Cup Holder Clip

gifts for writers

If you know someone who works at their computer all the time like us bloggers and is a little bit of a klutz then you may save them valuable time and effort if you got them a Table Desk Drink Coffee Cup Holder Clip that can hold their coffee, drinks or other small accessories and help them in avoiding potential spills that may ruin a productive work session such as spilling drink onto your keyboard, it can happen even to the best of us.

7. Book Pillow

gifts for writers

After a long day you want to lay down to rest with a classic book close to mind so that you can rest easy, see what I did there?  There are so many book pillows to choose from such as this Olde Book Pillow Classics that looks like Treasure Island or this awesome I Like Big Books and I cannot lie pillow.

8. Massaging Bed Rest

gifts for writers

Any one who receives this great gift is going to love it, as sometimes as writers we can’t be bothered to get out of bed in the morning or at night we can put in some work just before bed or do some leisure reading or writing. The Massaging Bed Rest is wonderful as it has a place holder for your mug. Reading lights, book holder and drum roll please a massager to have whoever that gets this gift to have a great message while they work in bed. When you are finished with it its also easy to fold up and store conveniently.

9. Magic Pencil Earphones

gifts for writers

Whats that sticking out of your ear? This Magic Pencil Earphones has to be another of my favorite top pics from my best gifts for writers. We all love music especially when we want to get rid of outside distraction or get motivated these Earphones are not only cute they are also very cool and functional for the writer/music buff.

10.Bookopoly Board Game

gifts for writers

I am sure while everyone has played Monopoly they have never played or received the unique gift of the Bookopoly Board Game. If you love reading then you are going to love this as it’s a classic spin on Monopoly with books being the main focus. With some of the classic elements of the original game such as Hotels being switch for Bookstores and other fun changes that all writers can identify with.

11. Typewriter Styled Keyboard

gifts for writers

If you want to get a gift that has a modern feel with a touch of classic styling then I suggest that you choose and give the gift of The Baron of Cyprus Keyboard, this thing looks and feels great by giving an old school feel in a modern device that too classic to put into words.

12. I like big books and I cannot lie Tote Bag

gifts for writers

This I like big books and I cannot lie Tote Bag is great for the Ladies and is quite funny to carry along when you go out or to store important items like some of those big books that writers like so much.

13. Aqua Love Notes Waterproof Notepad

gifts for writers

Ever been in the shower and had a great idea and never had a pen or notepad in arms reach,the shower is where inspirations strikes for most writers, so why not get your favorite writer the gift of a Waterproof Notepad that he can use in the bathroom or anywhere there is water easily to jot down great ideas as they come to him or her.

14. The Book Phone case

gifts for writers

I really love cool Technology and this is another of my favorite gift ideas that will make any iPhone such as the iPhone 6 or newer models look like an authentic book but in reality is a cool leather case. For Samsung Galaxy Users who are writers you don’t have to worry as there are options for Android users as well in this book styled case.

15. Born to Write – Writer Necklace

gifts for writers

This Writer Necklace will be a great reminder and a symbol to all that see it that the person wearing this necklace is a writer, something every good or aspiring writer will like and it doubles as an even greater gift.

16. I Write Whats Your Superpower Mouse Pad

We all like a great mouse Pad, you see it everyday as you work at your desk and it is one of the first and last things you look at when you are at the computer. This gift is engraved with: I write whats your super power a reminder of the power that’s in the written word.

17. Infinity book scarf

gifts for writers

I really like this scarf and the ladies will like it as well, the Infinity book scarf has quotes from Alice in Wonderland written all over it and is a guaranteed unique item that you will not see all that often, ideal as a gift for writers that you can pack into a stocking this holiday season or rap and present to your favorite writer on a special occasion.

18. Vintage Book Style Leather Case for Macbook

gifts for writers

Make your Macbook look like a book by transforming it completely with this cool leather case .

19. You Are a Writer

gifts for writers

If you know a write that needs a little pick me up or motivation to reaffirm them on their path that they have chosen in being a writer then with the Book You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) you can do this and more.

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20. Writer’s Toolbox

The handy guide the Writer’s Toolbox: contains everything that you will need to Write Letters, Fairy Tales, Scary Stories, Journals, Poems, and Reports. All skills every good writers need to grow and own their talents a thoughtful and timeless gift that they can always refer to.

21. Digital Classic Books USB Flash Drive

gifts for writers

This is a great USB Flash drive thats shaped like a book something that a writer or a blogger can really get to know and love, this is ideal for backing up your work or your creative writing pieces. It looks nice and is something that you can cherish.

22. Elegant Hand Crafted Wooden Scholar’s Antique Book Tissue Box Dispenser

gifts for writers

To wrap things up and complete our list we have this great tissue dispenser that’s shaped like a stack of books. Great for storing tissue as you may never know when you may need them, the box itself is made from wood and hand crafted for a refined a great look that anyone would appreciate due to the craftsmanship.

I hope you enjoyed our extensive list of gifts for writers it was really fun putting it together and I am sure you will agree we have selected some unique and great gifts for just about any type of writer would enjoy receiving whether it be throughout the year or this Christmas season these are all great gift you can depend on to please and actually count on that they will be cherished and actually used.

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