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So I was recently using My Samsung Galaxy S5 and realized that even when I would input my password for private mode it would not open even after placing the correct password several times the mode would not activate so that I could view my private folder and its contents in my pictures. This was really annoying as I really needed to get to the comets of my private folder. No doubt you are here to find a solution to this potentially annoying and perplexing issues, so continue to read to learn how to fix the Samsung Galaxy S5 private mode not activating issue.

Please note that this could also affect those who use other devices in the Samsung Galaxy line of phones and not just the Samsung Galaxy S5 which includes the Samsung Galaxy S6, the latest versions of the Note and other smartphones from Samsung.

How to normally enable Private mode on a Samsung Galaxy?

samsung galaxy s5 private mode

1. From your home screen swipe down from the top and next to the gear icon for settings hit the button for the quick settings toggle screen.

2. From here look for: Private mode which should be in the second line from the bottom.

3. Toggle Private mode on and a screen will appear asking for your password.

4. Enter your password and hit done. From here go to your pictures and there should be a private folder that you can open and view your hidden files which includes pictures, videos and so on.

How to fix Private Mode when it refuses to open?

Now if the above technique is how you normally get to your private mode you will realize that there is an issue for most users when you put in the password private mode will not be enabled, even if you do so multiple times and maybe if you are lucky it will after several attempts, this can be highly unreliable and frustrating so follow the instructions below to fix the issue and have the mode activate every time you want it to, if you do not follow the procedure below the issue will persist.

1. When you want to get to private mode which has a 100% success rate go to settings.

2. Look for the personal section and look for private mode and select it.

3. In the upper right you will notice a toggle that to the left side slide it to the right and when asked for the password enter it.

samsung galaxy s5 private mode

4. Now if it does not go to private mode indicated by the icon in the notification bar beside the battery slide the toggle again and enter the password once more usually it takes between 2-3 tries with it activating on the third slide easily. I do not know why but this is the only way I have found to open safe mode consistently when it giving issues and not opening.

samsung galaxy s5 private mode

I do hope that you have tested the above procedure and found it to work in solving your issue as it did mine, if so please share your experience in the comments and while you are at it consider subscribing to the website or sharing this tip with a frend on social media it would be greatly appreciated.


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17 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S5 Private Mode not opening Fix

  • Alan

    I have forgotten my google password, and I have a two step verification and have lost, its, password which was written in a separate piece of paper which I lost! HOW do I reset a new google password and I REFUSE TO CHANGE MY GMAIL ADDRESS! (Galaxy S4). My cell will not let me keep my address, to make a new password and I’m sick of the run-around, deciphering scribbled letters and numbers, while getting nowhere! How do I delete the forgotten 2-step, as if I never had one? Or, what do you recommend I do? I REALLY wish that I didn’t go through with the 2-step.
    Not having a password, for six mo.’s is really screwing things up!!! I have no computer training, and am learning on the fly, since Oct ’14.
    I bought a new laptop, but first I have to enter my gmail address, which HAS TO match my cell and the same password too. So I can’t use my laptop before my cell password dilemma is resolved!
    I need both in sync with each other!
    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!
    PS – I also have lollypop, but No rooting.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      I suggest you try opening the modes in different ways using various ways of getting to the option and entering your password, also try rebooting, cleaning the cache files on your device.

  • Howard

    There’s no such thing as “personification”, not on this galaxy 5s, or any android. You’re like Trump, you make stuff up that’s false and try pass it off as ligitament info. To what end in your case?

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      My friend it was a simple typing error, easily corrected most other users figured it out. The correct setting was “Personal”. Any way thank you for bring it to my attention and its now corrected. Also for other readers in the future you can find any setting you are looking for as a short cut by searching for the setting using search in settings.

  • Laura

    I have had my s5 for 3 years now and I have never used the private mode but yet my partner has just gone on to it and it’s asking for a code??? Is there a set code or something cause as I said iv not used that setting before