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Due to the overwhelming request for BLU Firmware, ROM or Flash files I have been receiving I have decided to put this article together in an attempt to help those who are attempting to flash their BLU Phone that may be stuck on boot or the Blu screen along with other issues. The previous article I did has received many requests for these firmware files so much so that its impossible to answer them all, so in an attempt to help those who need the flash files I have decided to put this article together in hopes that you all will read it and take the time to check all the sources that I have suggested and you should be able to get your ROM and fix your device or at least get help from a larger community.

Please note that If you follow these instructions and still can’t find your file there is nothing I can do as this is the same procedure I have to do each time a person makes a request and I have more than 1000 requests and its impossible for me to do them all while doing other projects to help my readers so do understand.

How to find Any BLU Firmware, ROM or Flash Files

Here are my top sources when I need a Firmware for a BLU device that I am flashing,note that the internet and communities are your friends so leverage their power and the number of helpful users who will be glad to send you a file or point you to your BLU ROM, I have listed in the order from most helpful places to the least so lets get started:

BLU Firmware

1. BLU Products Development Team

The BLU Products Development Team is one of my favorite place to search for BLU ROM’s as it has a lot of ROMs listed and you can search through the entire community or kindly leave a comment since it’s a Google plus community and someone will get back to you with a link in most cases. If you can’t find your ROM here it may not exist. I have found most of the files I have been looking for listed in this community, as a tip use the search feature to search for your phone by exact model before requesting help as someone else might have listed your ROM.

2. Use Google to Find Your BLU ROM

Google is your friend and all you have to do is type into search:

-Your BLU phones Model and the word:ROM at the end e.g.: BLU DASH 5.0 MODEL D410a ROM or BLU DASH 5.0 MODEL D410a ROM download.You will need to go through the results and read through a few forums and blogs but you should be able to find your file if not then substitute the word ROM for: Flash file or Firmware. It may take some time but a reference or link to your file should eventually appear and you can download it.

3. Check out our List of Most common Flash Files and how to Flash

In case you missed it you can check out my tutorial on how to flash your BLU which includes detailed video instructions and towards the end of the article there are a number of flash files or ROMs listed for you to download, if you got here from that article then go on to the next suggestion below.

4. Large Archive of ROMs

If you check Over here you can find a very large archive of ROMs that list a whole bunch of them in one convenient place and best of all they are organized in folders according to the model number of your devices which is pretty neat.In addition to that source you can also check here as well or this website but you may need to signup to download for that last one I think.

I hope the above was able to help you and if you want to make things easier for the person that comes after you leave a comment and share your findings, do understand that its impossible for me to help everyone find their BLU firmware. So use the tips above especially the link in step 1 to the Google+ Blue community which should be particularly helpful in finding your BLU flash file.

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35 thoughts on “How to find Any BLU Firmware, ROM or Flash Files?

  • tafari fraser

    good work ricardo for a week or more i have been look for a rom file for a blu dash 4.0 part no. d261a but no luck i am asking u for your help please

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      I don’t know if this will work for you but you can try it, also remember that you are doing this at your own risk and I will not take responsibility for any mistakes you make. The Method is a little bit different as this file is meant to update your phone but it may do the trick:
      1. Download the ROM (Update File) for the BLU Dash 4.0
      2.Place the update zip folder to your sd card using your computer.
      3.Turn off your phone.
      4. hold down power button and the volume down button until you get to the recovery screen.
      5. Find and select apply update from SD card and when everything is finished installing turn off your device once again and hold the power and volume button and select factory reset.

      Its necessary to do a factory reset to after you install the update to make the Google playstore other stuff to work.

      Please note this method can also be used by other owners of the blu dash 4.0 to update to the latest version of android for there devices, as for fixing problems with your device it may also work in fixing issues with booting up as well. Let me know how things turn out.

      • Homer Ken Ebron Acupan

        How do i fix my BLU studio x plus D770u because my phone has a bootloop due to wireless update failed. Is it affected because i root my phone ?? How do i fix it ricardo ? Do i need to flash a stock rom or just update it from sdcard.thnks for reply.

          • Homer Ken Ebron Acupan

            What method of flashing should i use in sp flash tool? Is it download only , firmware upgrade or format + download? I was confused ricardo. I try already to do a hard reset. Wipe cache partition and factory reset in recovery but still stuck on logo. Pls phone wireless update on july 20 was failed and then stuck on logo

          • Ricardo Gardener Post author

            My friend I have a separate article that’s connected or related to this one that tells you everything including which mode to use. I will not be repeating the directions so find the article its not that hard I have made it painfully easy to find and follow.

      • Bena Di Senior

        Hi, good day my friend, I tried to download the file from ?? for the BLU Dash 4.0 D261a but the website is asking me to log in. i currently don’t have a login for this website and its also asking for payment. I would like to ask you kindly to take 10 minutes to provide me with this file via my email address as I’d like for you to assist me with helping my little sis by fixing her phone with this file. I tried download atleast 10 ROM already and none works and this is the last one I can find. Thanks in advance my friend.

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          Please note I do not create or store these files. They are usually free of cost. If one site is asking you for some sort of payment please find the file at another source. I have never paid for one of these files and only at best had to sign up for free in order to get a download link.

  • Brianna

    Hi Ricardo thank you for the informative post. I was wondering if it is possible to flash the blu studio 6.0 hd (D651u) and will i be successful in doing so.

  • Homer Ken Ebron Acupan

    What method of flashing should i use in sp flash tool? Is it download only , firmware upgrade or format + download?. I try already to do a hard reset but still stuck on logo .it is only cause by wireless update failed blu studio x plus d770u (rooted)

  • raul

    hey ive been reading this blog awhile and have been struggling to find a rom for my studio 7.0, mines is the lte version and this is the part that has me stuck. you really know your stuff as the rest is spot on so i’m hoping you can help me out here

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      I do not source RAM files any more but I did write a guide on finding them and they tend to be easy to find. Some are more difficult than others. In your case I suggest you read the guide and search on your own I did after all take the time to write the guide. If you cant find your file maybe it doesn’t exist, or as I found in most cases users say they cant find it and I do a search and bam there it is or at least I find a workaround or a similar ROM that works. So again use the guide and search.

      • Dimi Pana

        I am sorry but no matter where I have looked (and after following your article’s advice) I have not been able to find a stock (or modified) ROM for my BLU Studio Mini LTE. Looks like BLU is guarding their ROMs pretty well. Unfortunately this phone is useless as it is now and I need a new ROM to resurrect it. So if anyone knows where to find a reliable modified ROM or at least the stock one, I’d be obliged. Thanks!

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      The article shows you how to find the file, go ahead read and search I did this as these files are out there and easy to find. I cant possibly search for every file I get dozens of requests per day so please understand if I find everyones files manually I will have to do this all day every day. So do your part and search.

  • Jhanaye Carter

    hey Ricardo i have a blu studio 5.0 II
    its stuck at the digicel screen and idk what to do any help please am desperate

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      All locked files passwords can be found on the download page in the comments section from the link you got them-I did not lock any of these files as they are hosted by independent third parties. All instructions as what to do with a file is given in the post and linked articles.

  • md526Roger Holder

    I have a Blu Advance 5.2 and the touch screen suddenly stopped working and its only 2 weeks old. Was advised to try updating the firmware but can’t find a Rom that has scattered files. Any hlp??