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If you have a tablet especially one of those Chinese Tablets that seem to be everywhere and for some reason it becomes stuck on the Android screen then you will need to Flash the firmware of your tablet as shown in our previous article, but the task is easier said than done. I am here to make the process much easier by guiding you through the entire ordeal so that you can get your Android tablet back to functionality so that you can begin using it again, so lets cut the chit-chat and get to finding your Chinese Tablet firmware, if you are looking for a your Firmware download only skip to the end of the article.

How to identify your Tablets Processor and Board ID?

The process of identifying your tablets firmware begins with knowing your Tablets Processor and board ID, believe it or not most of these entry-level Chinese tablets are usually sporting similar boards and processors for the most part, the names of the devices might change e.g. Alldaymall, Irulu, GPad or so on but beneath they are sporting similar hardware and all you have to do is find a firmware that matches the board ID and the processor or ones thats close and you can flash your tablet and have it functioning as new. The two main type of processors that you will find on your tablet are usually the A13 and A10 processors respectively.

Chinese Tablet firmware

To find out both you will need to open your Tablet, do not panic it’s not as bad as it sounds trust me, here are the steps:

1. Tablets do not have screws that seal them in most cases so you will have to find the seems that hold both halves together.

2. Once you have found the seems, use a tool set such as the ones used in opening phones or a blunt object and force it into the seems,its best to start around the charge port in most cases, the parts will separate with little trouble as long as you are firm-do not break the clips that hold both halves together but separate the halves until the entire thing comes apart.You can refer to the video for details instructions.

Chinese Tablet firmware

3. Once both halves separate, carefully move them apart and watch out for wires such as the one that runs from the speakers.

4. Look on the main part of the board and you should see a processor look out for A13 or A10 marked on them clearly:

Chinese Tablet firmware


5. Last look on the board for a number its usually at the top section and it’s clearly written, this will be your Board ID, record it:

Chinese Tablet firmware Chinese Tablet firmware

That’s it you have just found your Motherboard ID and Processor, in this case the board in the tablets ID was: CB-M RU 94V-0

The processor was: A13

So now I need to search in Google for “A13 CB-M RU 94V-0 Firmware” or you can check below I have included a detailed list of the most sorted after firmwares including the one for the tablet used in this tutorial.

Watch the Video to see how its done:


Let me Help You Find your Tablet Firmware

In order for me to help you please comment and tell me the following and I will Add your Firmware to this article and also give you a direct link to downloading it so you can flash your Tablet, I will need the:

Tablet Processor: __________________

Board ID: _______________

Brand Name: _____________

Do that and I will Find your Firmware for you.

Update: Read this article before posting any requests below !!!

What do I do next?

Next you can return or go to the article that shows you how to flash your device here after downloading your Firmware File.


Android Tablet Firmware Downloads:

So here are the Chinese Tablet firmware files of the most sought after devices, also note that the files are usually compressed with WinRAR or are direct .img files:

Download all 1000+ A13 and A10 Firmware list to find your Firmware (Microsoft Word File) : The Entire A10 and A13 Firmware list simply search for your Firmware
1. A13_Q8_2127-V4_0309_0912_20120918 Download

2. A13 Q88 software 0309-20121108-Q8-V0709 Download

3. A13_4.2.2_HX_Q8_V5+2cam_nuclear_ococci-eng 4.2.2 JDQ39 20130709 test-keys Download

4. A13+Q88+software+0309-gsl1680..20121108-Q8-V0709  Download

5. A13_Q88_4.0_ZY_A13Q8-V1.7_ktf2127_ard10_2cam Download

6. A13_Q88_2CAMARA_GSL1680_DRA06_0308_RTL8150 Download

7. A13_Q88_AVM-AG075V2+7660+SSD2532QN6+1CAM Download

8. A13_86VM_M702VM_20130302 Download

9.A13_2g_bt_F8GT-m1190-20130225.1.1.9-f761-dou03084G Download

10. a13_2g_7inch_phone_tablet Download

11. A13_Q88DB_V1_1_ZET6221_GC0308_RTL8150_EPHONE_F3A Download

12. A13_gsl1680_gc605_rtl8188_4_1_1 Download

13. A13_CM10.1_MID13_v1 Download

14. a13_4.1.1_by_sliwa Download

15. A13_86VE_M707EC.20130403-60 Download

16. A13-sim-86VE – download at 4shared. A13-sim-86VE Download

17. A13_Q83_ktf2127_gc0329_dra010_rlt8188eu Download

18. a13_q8_v6.6_ococci Download

19. a13_small_0201_2013 Download

20. A13 ktf2227p Download

21. A13 ok tested camera not Download

22. 8 A13 Android 4.0.3. Download

23. a13-evb-Q8-mxc622x-2012101 Download


I hope you were able to find the firmware for your tablet, remember if not please leave a comment with the required information and I will try my best to find it for you, also please note that on the download page which is not hosted on this website: the download button is a small button in white not blue, also take the time to read the comments on the download page the person who have used each firmware have left useful comment, including passwords if any file is locked thanks. Also as a final note If your Firmware is not in the 23 listed above, be sure to download the Microsoft word file above and search the list of over 1000 plus Android firmware files that are included in the document and as always you can ask for help below.


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1,017 thoughts on “How to find your Chinese Tablet firmware or Flash file using board ID?

      • Ricardo Gardener Post author

        ok I found two that might work but remember its not a sure thing as there are so many variations on these tablets even if they have the same Board ID, you wont know until you try them:
        Firmware 1
        Firmware 2
        If the flashing method is causing issues the use this new Flashing method that’s much easier here.
        Let me know the results.

        • Sujayy Mandal

          Tablet Processor: rk3066

          Board ID: D902_V5_0711

          Brand Name: Forstar FT970

          Please Help me I want Firmware…..

        • gutsymehr

          Hello Mr. Ricardo

          I appreciate your work. Will you please send me a link for VMAX V70, 7″ tablet (A13 FX-M Ru94v-00). I googled it but didn’t find the firmware for my tablet. Tablet is stuck on android text logo.

        • Kama Queta

          Tablet Processor: _____INFOTMIC_____________

          Board ID: _________UY716B-VER1.1______

          Brand Name: __MACBETH USA__________

          please help me sir i download all the firmware here but still doesnt work for me..

          • Ricardo Gardener Post author

            Sorry no luck my friend I cannot seem to find your firmware, the number given might not be the Board Id try looking under the display ribbon cable, the wide one with sticker “02”, or the other side of the main board as some manufacturers place the number there.

        • Cristian

          Hola tengo una tablet que se me colgo en el logo de android y necesito la firmware

          Procesador comprimido: ______A13____________

          Junta Identificación: _____Q88DB-V1.2__________

          Marca: _____________

        • maggy

          Tablet Processor: _____A20_____________

          Board ID: ____________INET-K100-REV04 Zeng-Gc__2013-08-02_

          Brand Name: ______all winner chinese brand

          thank you for your help

  • Jermy

    i am having hell to finding my firmware for my nextbook tablet,
    firmware: Aml 8726-m3
    please help

      • Ricardo Gardener Post author

        Sure would Gladly Help, Seems your Tablet is a Bit different from the A13 and A10 Chinese tablets, however I think I have found the firmware files and Flashing info you need, let me know if this is what you are looking for.
        Click here

          • Ricardo Gardener Post author

            No -just double checked the first one is a .IMG file and the second is a zipped or RaR file, please make sure that when you are on the download website you are not clicking on the wrong download links, they are a third party website and there is plenty of stuff on the page look carefully please. There is a green arrow pointing down then its the second link, not the first one with free at the send, common mistake if you are not careful.
            Also if those files don’t work Download the Microsoft Word file above that has 1000+ firmware files listed and try to find one that either exactly matches your tablet or close.

  • Mark

    Hi Ricardo: I am looking for the ATM 7021A CB-M RU 94V-0 Firmware. The Tablet appears to be a IAIWAI AW910 7″.

    Please note, I downloaded the Pheonix Card 3.09 software and it loaded a pile of ‘stuff’ onto my computer which required hours to purge. You may want to warn people.


    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      OK mark Please give me a little time to find your Firmware but you can make things easier by downloading the word file above, it has 1000+ firmwares and I am sure you can find one that will work for your tablet.

      As for the Phoenix Card download link I have downloaded it many times and no issues with a pile of stuff being downloaded, I usually run it in a folder and that prevents the files that are unpacked from being all over, or do you mean the stuff on the download page? The third party websites have banners in most cases so you have to read carefully to find the download link. If I find your exact firmware I will post in a while but do some digging on your own its a busy day friend.

  • Niko

    Tablet Processor: AML8726-M3

    Board ID: EM_M32_V3

    Brand Name: XPLORE 717

    I guess it is hard to find this brand name

  • Kashif

    Very good post! I am however having issues locating the firmware for my device. Same stuck at Android loading screen issue. Can you help me to locate this firmware as ive google searched til im tired and keep getting a partial archive rar file from 4shared.

    Tablet Processor: _____A13_____________

    Board ID: _______XW711 V1.3 ________

    Brand Name: ___(this seems to have been rubbed off over time____


      • Kashif

        Hi Ricardo, i downloaded this yesterday before posting the comment and when i tried to extract it, it gave me an error that the archive isnt complete. It basically saying this is part3 of the rar file so it doesnt extract anything. Do you have the other parts or is there another link with the full file?

        Thanks again or your help and time Ricardo.

  • Mizuki Kuzunagi

    can you find something for me?

    Tablet Processor: A13

    Board ID: q8-v12

    Brand Name: andriod share
    Tablet Processor: A13

    Board ID: q88d v1.6

    Brand Name: -none- Forfun <- written on board
    thnx in advance.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Sorry no luck, please attempt to use random firmware files above until you find one that works, its a shot in the dark but often many tablets use similar firmwares files despite been two different models.

  • Kevin

    i can not find my info on my tablet anywhere, its a vidao 7″ model # V7TAB8S i even have pics of the inside and you can see for urself there is no numbers on my board

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      I think your Tablet might be a little bit different and it does not help if you don’t have a firmware file that I can find. This is a long shot but try this: Turn off your tablet and look if there is a reset button anywhere on it, press it and hold for a few second and do it a few times to be sure. Test the tablet to see if it boots. Also you can try to hard reset your tablet, let me know if it works.

  • minhas

    I have vpad it has processor name a10 and there are two number on board
    Can you send me the link of firmware download…
    Thanks in advance…

  • Denny


    Thanks for the article – it was great.
    I am trying to find the firmware for a generic 10.1 inch android tablet:

    Tablet Processor: A33 (AllWinner)

    Board ID: V4-YONE STOPTECH-BA1078-20141101

    Brand Name: generic Chinese

    Thanks again,

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      You will have to try the various firmware files above until you find one that’s compatible those generic tablets are even harder to find a matching firmware -best of luck.

  • Thomas Tougaard

    Hi, I’ve searched the loong list you have reffered to. With no luck what so ever 🙁
    Can you please help and see if you can find the firmware I need for my tablet?
    Its an Allwinner A13, Q88DB-V1.2 forfun board.

    Very nice page and helpfull 🙂

  • Donna

    I believe I understand the process but my processor is not and A13 0r A10. I have an irulu – mother board ID is Q8H-V1.0
    The only thing that I could find that I thought was the processor was KHL12A. Can you help me find firmware?

  • Ryan

    Tablet Processor: _____iMAPX15_____________

    Board ID: _________RU E214887 B 94V-0______

    Brand Name: __Noria by CHROMO inc.___________

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      I had a similar request somewhere in the comments above, your firmware is difficult to track down I found some files but I am unsure if they will work so you will have to bite the bullet and try them yourself. Remember i cannot grantee whats in these files as I do not host them so try them at your own risk: download

  • ligtho

    mr. ricardo im currenlty trying to fix my tab… but i cant find the firmware …

    A-13 FOR-FUN-Q15-V1.3


    “allwinner” A-13 written from the processor.

    kindly help me search for the firmware….

  • randy

    hi. can you please help me find the firmware for A13 CB-M RU 94V-0 .i tried but i can’t find it.please help android pc tablet. thank you.

  • Mike

    Hi. Great article, thanks.

    I need the same firmware as the device in your tutorial – A13 CB-M RU 94V-0 – but I can’t find it anywhere in the list or the word doc. Am I missing something?

  • Eliezer Villar

    Tablet Processor: ___A23_______________

    Board ID: _____Q88 – V4.0_20140815__________

    Brand Name: ______IRULU_______

  • Fran

    I have the board that is in your video, but cannot find the download in the list. Irulu A13 CB-M RU 94V-0

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      You will not find an exact match, so try Random firmware files, even if the Tablets look alike that does not guarantee they will use the same firmware, I used the one in the previous tutorial for that board. Your best bet is to try Random Firmware files.

      • Fran

        used the file from the last video and have gotten past rhe android screen, but have no touch screen and the language is russian or arabic. what now. Took tablet apart again and wrote down every number I could see on it without removing parts. AllWinner Tech A13 D4033CA 1641 ( these are on the processor. On the board FS 1331 CB-M RU 94V-0. Two chips on motherboard with PE 929 15E F1308. also on board A0708-SDC . Inside coverQ8-02-D. Thank you for getting back to me.

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          Thanks for being as detailed as possible, I have tried every number and I cannot find a exact match experiment and try any of the firmwares files above seems you were very close with the one that you tried but it was not totally compatible. Sorry I was not more of a help.

  • Destinee

    mine is Rockchip RK2926 on the mother bored I have YKQ8-RK3026-V2.0 its a chromo android tablet 7″ 4gb. mine gets stuck on the android screen and I have tried holding down the power and volume buttons and nothing is working please help.. thank you

  • Bilal

    Tablet Processor: _____A13_____________
    Board ID: ________ AL-A13Q8_______

    Brand Name: __IPO___________

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      You guys need to really download the Text file and search, there are several refrences in there on your board ID you will have to try them here you go:
      Firmware 1
      Firmware 2
      Firmware 3
      Please save me the time of having to search for you when the files are in the text file please. If its not there then by all means ask for help.

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          My friend Finding an exact firmware is like Rocket Science as most of these manufacturers don’t provide them. and there are many variations so please understand that either you will have to work with that handy cap or keep trying the firmwares that are provided until you find a 100% working match if one exists. You are lucky than most, so keep at it friend.

  • ruport avila

    I would appreciate your help with the following tablet firmware… there is no brand on this device

    Tablet Processor: a13
    Board ID: 775 rev: v0.3

    Brand Name:none

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Your device is a Generic Tablet you will have to try firmwares until one works that’s your best bet otherwise its about impossible to find a exact match without experimenting.

  • Esteban

    Hello i need you
    Firmware for tablet pc NOGANET
    Processor ALLWINNER A10
    MOTHERBOARD: T03A v03-ctp

  • feftyfefty

    Please I had Tab ALcatel one touch 7 dual core and it’s back cover couldn’t be removed so i can’t find it’s fimware

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      First you will have to realize that most of these tablets are Rebranded from most manufacturers such as Wintouch and given different names, other who are having issues finding their Firmware can try this too.
      1. Go to the Wintouch Website.
      2. Now you can check out their line of products to see if your Tablet looks about the same and simply download various Q75s (or Q75) Firmwares until you find a match that works.
      Best of Luck.

  • Paul Elliott

    struggling to find firmware for Mid 756 tablet – board number ET F900 V1.5 Allwinner A23 cpu ( 9 inch dual camera running 4.4.2) any help would be gratefully recieved generic google tablet unbranded

  • Esteban Ariel Parron

    Necesito el FIRMWARE for tablet NOGANET

  • Kami

    Hi, I Need The Firmware For This Tablet:

    Tablet Processor: A13

    Board ID: CB-M RU 94v-0

    Brand Name: Allwinner

    Your Help Would Be Much Appreciated 🙂

  • oliverosm

    Hi I’m trying to find the firmware for:

    CPU: Rockchip RK2926
    pcb ID: LMQ826 REV V 2.2 2013-0909
    Tablet: irulu AK352

    I like your post really informative and helpful thankyou for taking the time to help

  • Adil Hussain

    i have android tablet _______A13_________
    Board ID__________P860-v8____________
    mytab made by ID taiwan technolongy
    PLZZZ SEND ME the suitable software .. tnx in advance

  • jay

    I have a A23.
    I think the id number is T900 mainboard v2.0
    thats the only thing i see that looks like the id number

  • karen

    could you help me please. ive tried looking through pages of links from several websites but none of the firmware fits this tablet
    processor a23 dualcore double camera
    board id q8h v1.1 2014 06 03
    no brand name just says tablet pc on start up

  • jhazz

    Tablet Processor: ATM7021A

    Board ID: 1348

    Brand Name: GENX GX PAD 300D

    Thanks ..

  • Sue

    I am technology illiterate so not sure if all the numbers I have are the right ones so I will write the ones I found and hopefully you can still help me.

  • zakaria

    Tablet Processor: _____amlogic AML 8726-MXL_____________

    Board ID: _________EM_M62_v4.0______

    Brand Name: __Storex Tab 7D10-S___________

  • taha

    Tablet Processor: _____

    Board ID: _M874 MB V2.0______________

    Brand Name: _ACCENT EAGLE7 3G____________

  • mahendra

    My tablet is aakash tablet which is designed and developed by datawind I need firmware for this because it stuck please

  • Clifford

    Hi Ricardo

    In the list of firmwares i’m unable to locate the one mentioned above as example i.e A13 CB-M RU 94V-0.

    Please assist.
    Thank you

  • adrian

    Tablet Processor: _____rk2926_____________

    Board ID: ____midcf07pr001.112___________

    Brand Name: ____polaroid_________

      • Sylvester Yaiuglig

        Hi Ricardo,

        I am new to this site and I find it really interesting especially when it really spells out the exact steps on how to go about updating or reseting stuck android device. I would like to ask a question about finding the right firmware for the android tablet I had. It has the same problem as per customers asking, “stuck on android logo”. I went through the steps provided on your blog and I did open on the device and found A13 on the processor but nothing on the circuit board of for board ID. I scan the whole board and nothing is there except some numbers representing each of the components on the circuitry but not the board ID.

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          Most cases its on the front of the board as I have shown, but in a few cases its on the flip side of the board or on the ribbon cable that connects the display so please look there my friend.

      • michele

        Hi Ricardo, please can you tell me what firmware I need for my tablet, this is the only info I could get from the mother board:
        A13 CP-X6V2.1-COB-3680-PCB 20121010 its a 9″ MID Dual cam tablet. Hope this is everything you need.

      • Josue

        Hi, its for a Rock Chip RK3066. Thats all that the board gave me. I have found a lot of tools but not the img file. Please help me out. If you need more info please let me know, Thank you.

  • Omar Alviarez

    Tablet Processor: _____RK2926_____________

    Board ID: _________YKQ8-RK3026 V2.0______

    Brand Name: __Chromo inc___________


    Tablet Processor: _____IMAPX15_____________

    Board ID: ____QBA512-4G___________

    Brand Name: _______INFOTMIC ______

    on the outside of case it reads neutab model N7 assembled in China

  • Christopher Bosch

    Tablet Processor: __RK3026__

    Board ID: ___EM3026 – 7033PCB = 1.0MM___

    Brand Name: ___RCA___

    I know this is a cheap Tablet but I want to give it a try before I toss in the garbage.

  • roger

    Tablet Processor: _a20_________________

    Board ID: ______gt90x-v6_________

    Brand Name: ____irulu ax922_________

  • Niyoh Edwyn Villanueva

    Tablet Processor: _____A13_____________

    Board ID: _________TZX-Q8-713B______

    Brand Name: __Galaxy Tablet___________

  • Niyoh Villanueva

    Tablet Processor: _____A13_____________

    Board ID: _________TZX-Q8-713B______

    Brand Name: _GALAXY TABLET___________

  • gary

    Hi mate would really appreciate some help.

    Tablet Processor: _____ATM7029B_____________

    Board ID: _________TEAN E120339 94V-0ML1______

    Brand Name: __Q-Pad ___________


  • Tuhin Kumar Das

    Was unable to find the Board ID where shown, but found the following details below the board:
    can you help find a suitable firmware

  • Alan Kirk

    Hi Ricardo
    Have you firmware for Allwinner A10
    Zeng-gc 2012-10-26
    Brand Name Unknown

    Thank you

  • Jarrod

    Tablet Processor: ATM7029B (Quad Core) (On the board it says ATM7029B_P900_v1.2_20140722)

    Board ID: TEAN E120339 94V-OML

    Brand Name: Actions / Sancool

    • Jarrod

      I found ATM USB drivers and installed those. Connected my tablet and after a few on/offs it booted properly. But the Android firmware is far from good. I need to update it, but I will first have to make a full image of my existing tablet. Tablet turns out to be ATM9L with Android 4.4.2. Build number is PG-ATM9L-20140912.20140901.114057 release-keys-HJF. I can’t find any of this using Google.

      • Ricardo Gardener Post author

        Unable to locate those files with the info given friend seems you will need to go at it and do a manual Firmware search, sorry I was not much more of a help.

  • Bailey


  • Youness

    Tablet Processor: ____Rackchip

    Board ID: ___________YK102_RK3188_V1.2 FCF-4 94V-0

    Brand Name: ________Empire Electronix M1008

  • steven

    my deerbrook q8h a23 AV 4.4.2 wont even boot past the companies boot screen, and wont go into recovery mode either, help please :)?
    Tablet Processor: A23
    Board ID:Q8H-V1.3 2014 0930

    Brand Name: DeerBrook

  • joey

    Tablet Processor: _____a31s quad core_____________

    Board ID: _________e781 v4.0.0 ______

    Brand Name: __audio sonic quad core tablet___________

  • Vladimir Ryazancev

    Tablet Processor: _____Rockchip RK3026 sgak39897 1422_____________

    Board ID: _________YKQ8-RK3026-V2.0______

    Brand Name: BRAVIS NP71

  • Dipak

    Tablet Processor: _______A20___________

    Board ID: _NW1017-moin-v2.0______________

    Brand Name: ______Y101-2_______

  • Florin Armand

    Tablet Processor A10 ARM Cortex A8 1.2GHz
    Board Id: INET-86VW-REV05 Zeng-gc-2013-01-23
    the tablet is a: Serioux S718 Tab

  • Michael J

    I am in need of finding the firmware for tablet, its a (A23 Q8H-V7 2014 02 20) and known name. Would the firmware of this work on mine (A23 Q8H-V5) ?

  • mjj477

    Tablet Processor: _____A23_____________

    Board ID: ___Q8H-V7____________

    Brand Name: __Not sure___________

    I am in need of getting he firmware for this and was wondering if the firmware from A23 Q8H V5 would work?

    Thanks for the info you have here

  • ulisses silva

    hi very nice post. can you help me becausemy is not a13 or a10
    Tablet Processor: Quad core córtex A9 1.2 GHz
    Board ID: KSD7010MB_V02
    Brand Name: yarvik

      • Jannette

        Thank you so much!!! I know you work very hard to help us all getting our tablets restored, I really aprecciate it, but unfortunately the software you kindly gave me didn’t work with my tablet, the touchscreen doesn’t works at all, I have been struggling to fix this tablet for a looong time now, and I don’t know what else to do… Thank you anyways!

  • Tahir

    Tablet Processor: a13 d2080ca 3371

    Board ID: ks 1314 ks-103 94v-0 ru

    Brand Name: Spire bliss 7

  • Cesar Diaz

    Tablet Processor: rk3168

    Board ID: BX_M971_RK3168_Main_Rev4.0

    please help me find the firmware. look for all party and not put find it. thank you very much

  • yanfots

    please i need firmeware to flash my tablet G TOUCH or some think else who can flash it
    allwinner A23 cortex A9 dual core t786 mainboard V2.0

  • Kaylah

    Tablet Processor: A13

    Board ID: it wasn’t it the right place but there was D11S0C, Ar070D08N-FPC-V35j, A0708-1-WIFI

    Brand Name: Arising

  • Don Richylebenit

    hi R. Gardener, help me please. tablet processor____A13___
    board id ____ F761S mainboard v2.0.0____
    Brand name _______ CCIT A708G_____

  • Shawn

    Thanks for the post. Please help. I need firmware for my irulu tablet. It is the same motherboard number as the one in your video.
    A13 CB-M RU 94V-0

  • dinnes

    Sir can u help me with my tablet i need firmware
    Tablet Processor: ___A10_______________

    Board ID: _____MID7402_V03_12032300

    Brand Name: _____ELEKTA Etab 121________

  • Syk Esh

    hi could u please get me the firmware for this
    Tablet Processor: A13
    Board Id: 1346 CB-M RU 94v-0 RoHS
    Brand Name: ??
    tnx in adv

  • abarr87dhia

    Tablet Processor: _____A13_____________

    Board ID: _________A3______

    Brand Name: __nothing___________

  • Paul

    Tablet Processor: rk2928-g
    Board ID: tve910v-m-v1.1.2 4g mp-2013-06-051
    brand name: tekniser tek 409
    Please help

  • Ali

    Tablet Processor: _____ AllWinner A31s _____________

    Board ID: ____ INET-Q130-Rev01 ___________

    Brand Name: ___Smarttouch ___

  • Admir

    Tablet Processor: ______ATM7021A_______

    Board ID: ____HM_RU 94V0_1412_E237212____

    P706 tablet 10.1 inch dual core 1024×600

    Original fw was full_gs702c-userdebug 4.2.2 and it had problems, kept freezing all the time.
    Only fw I could find for atm7021 on your blog doesn’t work on my tablet, won’t even start fw upgrade.
    I installed MaPan 4.2.2 touchscreen offset is bad, tablet can hardly turn on 1 out of 20 times.

    Please help

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Sorry for the lengthy delay But I hardly think I could have done better than you as you have done extensive testing and all I can do is advise you to keep trying as I cannot find a better file than those you have tried friend. These Tablets are so diverse that there are thousands of files and hardware differences.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Sorry to hear that but I do read and eventually get to all comments but the request for files is endless, so either take the time and search with the detailed guide I put together or wait until I eventually get to your comment in any case due to the backlog that may be a while that’s why I ask to only request help when absolutely needed.

  • Jeet

    Hi Ricardo,
    Can you please help in finding the firmware for the following:

    Car Camcorder, Android 4.1, , Model: CVABO-C367.

    A10, All Winner
    Mother board has follow markings: 1348, TF 161_V04 2013-11-11

  • Dodang

    Tablet Processor : A23
    Board ID: T736-mainboard-V2.3
    Brand Name: samsung galaxy 8 (I know it’s not true but It’s made in Taiwan)

  • John R Turley

    I need firmware for a Nobis DB09 tablet with an AML8276-MXS processor and a mainboard EM_M69 V 1.2. Any help would be appreciated.

  • jack

    pls help..
    Tablet Processor: A13

    Board ID: A13_Q8_PCB_V1.0

    Brand Name: ntc technologies

  • tommy shelton

    tablet processor: aml 8726-mx
    board id: em_m61_v7.3
    brand name: trio stealth-10 mst10-21
    have been looking for nearly a month for this firmware and cant find it anywhere

      • Donna

        I clicked on the link you suggested but right away my virus protection pops up stating dangerous site. I can’t get my tablet to work and really don’t want to cause a virus in my laptop. Is this normal for these sites? I have put off trying to fix my tablet for approximately 3 weeks in fear of ruining my laptop. Your suggestion is greatly appreciated.

  • hashem

    Tablet Processor: _________atm7021a_________

    Board ID: ____kj21-q8 v1.1___________

    Brand Name: ______enet_______

  • Josue Florian

    Hi Ricardo Maybe You can help me. I have been looking all over the internet and have come up short, I have a Rock Chip RK3066 Ver.2.1 Now I have found some type of firmware updater but the Tablet needs to be connected to the computer and I don”t have the USB cable for the tablet any more, Please let me know if you can help me out with the small problem. BTW I was able to fix perfectly, the other tablet with the A13 chip your instructions worked Perfectly… I hope you are going to be able to help me with this one.

      • Ricardo Gardener Post author

        I read my blog everyday and update regularly but forgive me as the requests for firmware files is allot, there are more versions of these firmware files than the stars in the sky so forgive me as it takes time to get through the backlog of comments. It really helps when readers exhaust all options before asking for help again please forgive me, I am working to clear them at top speed along with managing personal stuff.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Glad you were able to fix the other Tablet my friend, as for the current tablet my friend the cables are fairly easy to find and you can easily substitute your cables such as using one from another tablet, even the Samsung phones use a similar cable as do most of these tablets. Also did you use this flash method, it only requires a SD card to work with the firmware.

  • Jason Peters

    Tablet Processor: ___A23_______________

    Board ID: _____Q88 – V4.0_20140815__________

    Brand Name: ______lillyPadJunior_______

  • king toot

    Hi I’m trying to find the firmware for:

    Tablet Processor: __atm7021a________________

    Board ID: __m2103h_v1.1_____________

    Brand Name: _haier hr-798ac____________

    I like your post really informative and helpful thankyou very much

  • Andrei

    Tablet Processor: A31S
    Board ID: ??? dont really know … the id it’s like ? not really as you shown…, i got like MODEL: M2(A31S) ?? that one ? near FS

    Brand Name: Go Clever Orion 70

  • Tim Hinterscher

    Need your help. I have a Dragon Touch Sentry 8GB Model MDI0708B. Inside on the chip it is A10 and on the board is : F-M-E351308 RU-94-0. Just below this number, is the following: A721-mainboard-V3.0.0 2012.02.15

  • mo cupu

    Tablet Processor: _____A10 arm cortex -a8 1.2 G.h_____________

    Board ID: _________unknown ______

    Brand Name: __xtouch p 91___________

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Sorry I am strapped for time please do the firmware search as I have shown you to do, if you follow the directions you will find your file or at least find it if it becomes available.

  • amjad

    Tablet Processor: _____A23_____________

    Board ID: _________et-q8-v1.6______

    Brand Name: __waypower___________ model wp08

    kitkat 4.4.2

  • Pancevski Vanja

    Please Ricardo,
    I strongly need FW for mother board ATM 7021a TW- j0910 v43 20140314. This is 9 inches 1gb and 16gb internal memory 2 camera tablet
    Thanks in advance

  • ‫محمد جبر‬‎

    Tablet Processor: Rockchip RK2928-G

    Board ID: HTC – C037H-V3

    Brand Name: Q Wave 70

  • Hyeok Joo Hwang

    Hello Ricardo. I find your blogs to be extremely helpful, and I thank you for that. I have opened my tablet to see the processor and board id. I was able to find the name of the processor, but I was not able to identify board id. My tablet is Q88++ 4GB Allwinner A13 DDR3 512MB 7inch Capacitive Screen Android 4.0 Dual Camera Tablet PC – Black. Do you know the firmware for this model? Thank you

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Could you check the other side of the board sometimes it written there, or on the ribbon cable for the display. The info given is not enough to narrow it down.

      • Ronak

        Hi Ricardo, Thanks for the response. Below is the detail i can gather : ALLWINNER TECH A13 C7045AA 28A1 ; RAM- AXP209 (C70388BB) ; On the mother board it is written – F727CD-MAINBOARD-V1.0.0 (2012-09-03). I can share Photo taken of motherboard but i don’t see option here to Upload it. I really need Correct firmware for my tab..Plz Plz help.

  • Pancevski Vanja

    Hi Ricardo,
    I ask you on 24 march for FW. Maybe you do not notice my request!
    I need FW for CPU atm 7021a mother board: TW- J0910-v43=20140314
    Product P706 Producer LENX PAD Build ID: JDQ39 Display 800×480 9 inches 1GB internal memeory 16GB
    Please I need strongly FW

      • Pancevski Vanja

        Hi Ricardo,
        Thnks very much for your efforts. I now have problem to flash this img files to tablet using PHOENIX SUIT tool. The tool can’t recognize my tablet and the tablet is shown on device manager of PC. I follow the instructions but nothing. I also use end LIVE SUIT which is similar tool but same result. Can you help?
        Yhanks in advance

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          Normally if its not showing up this is a drivers issue, I would suggest that you uninstalled the tablet current drivers and install fresh, if the tablet has a management suit from the manufacturer install that and try again.

      • mo cupu

        hi Ricardo
        I ask you on 22 march for FW. Maybe you do not notice my request!
        i knew u r so busy so , this the info again

        Tablet Processor: _____A10 arm cortex -a8 1.2 G.h_____________

        Board ID: _________unknown ______

        Brand Name: __xtouch p 91___________

        1 g ram 9.7 inch
        thanks ,,,

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          Do understand that I get hundreds of Firmware request each week and I do try to provide everything users need to help themselves but requests so not slow down even then so do understand that I do have regular duties plus I still have to create fresh content to help others.
          Here is a website that provides all Xtouch firmware files including your file: here or this one.

      • Delro Watson

        cant fine the firmware for my MID A13 with baord ID of SX-08-FPC can u please find for me..TIA

      • shamsheer

        Pls help me bro…

        Tablet Processor: ___A23 Dual Core______________

        Board ID: _____FX-M RU 94V-0_______

        Brand Name: ____MRC – F8___

      • Shamsheer

        Dear bro pls help me, I need tablet firmware

        Tablet Processor: A23 Dual Core

        Board ID: FX-M RU 94 V.0

        Brand Name: MRC Model-F8

          • Tavo Mendez

            que ROM uso para mi tablet si en la BOARD dice EM_M61_V3-7 la tablet es una Trio Stealht G-2 modelo MTS10–21 gracias de antemano

          • sunny2015

            Hi please can you try to find my firmware

            Build Id- RS-A13Q8-v2.1

            Processor- A13

            Touch Id- SX-Q8-FPC

            Camera Id- KYT-001-v1.0


            Thanks alot



            Can you help?

            Tablet Processor: _________A13_________

            Board ID: ______CB-M 94V-0 1336 TW_A0910_V22_1126____

            Brand Name: ____No idea____

            Thank you in advance.


          • Vasilescu

            please help i not find firmware
            Tablet Processor: _________A20_________

            Board ID: ____RU 94V-0ML1___________

            Brand Name: ______nurvo_______

          • Anita

            please i need FW for Allwinner tablet :

            Processor no: AR23 DUAL CORE

            Board id : AL-A23-751G-V2.0

          • owais

            Dear Ricardo, what a wonderful job u have done. much appreciated… could you pleaser help me find the below firmware or any alternate version if possible.

            A13 JL-JH701 lotus smart tab

          • Odain

            My tablet firmware is A23 TW_A0721_V41 but I cant’ find it but i found A23 TW_A0721_V31. Can i use it instead?

          • mladen

            Please Ricardo,
            I strongly need FW for mother board ATM 7021a TW- j0910 v43 20140314. This is 9 inches 500 and 16gb internal memory 2 camera tablet
            Thanks in advance

          • mladen

            Please Ricardo help me,
            I need FW for mother board ATM 7021a TW- j0910 v43 20140314.
            This is 9 inches 500Mb 2 camera tablet
            Model number
            Android version
            Kernel version
            Wed dec 11 15:44:12 CST 2013
            Build number
            full_gs702c-userdebug 4.2.2
            Thanks in advance

      • mladen

        Hi Ricardo,
        Maybe You can help me. I have been looking all over the internet and have come up short.
        You post to Pancevski Vanja some firmwere but I cant download it and dont knowe does it work

        atm 7021a
        mother board: TW- J0910-v43=20140314
        Product P706 9 inches
        RAM 512
        hardver gs 702c
        fingerprint andriid full gs 702c/gs702c 4.2.2/JDQ39/eng.root 20140303.193102userdebug/release-keys

  • mohit badoni

    tablet processor A23
    brand name VOX
    model – V102
    unable to find board id
    help me plz

  • bentchek1984

    Tablet Processor: rockchip 2926 ( SCAE57264 1347 )

    Board ID: 86V V2.1 20121228

    Brand Name: VD TECH MID0714

  • Joseph Rosello

    I need the blu 6.0 HD stock ROM for flashing my phone!!! I did a update and is stock in recovery sister!!! Do I have to flash my phone??? Can u help me!!! Please sent me a tutorial!!!!

  • Stefano

    Hello Ricardo Can you help me find my android firmware

    Tablet Processor: ________A13__________

    Board ID: ______INET-86VS-REVO5_________

    Brand Name: _____DENVER______

    Nice advice and thank you for using your time to find my firmware

  • richard

    hi can you help thanks

    Tablet Processor: _______a33___________

    Board ID: _______ga10h_v1.1________

    Brand Name dont know

  • Stefano

    Canyou help me Ricardo i typed my whole tablet information but i found nothing can you help me find my firmware or any compatible firmware for my device here it is my processor is A13 and my board I.D is INET-86VS-REVO5

  • Lyn

    Hello Ricardo, i’m from Malaysia, i have a Ipro tablet and i’m not really sure about the board ID, i already open my tablet and i found the wide cable and there is a number like id Netron -Dy-94v-01.. is that the id board? i really need ur help, coz my tablet stuck in the android logo.

    Tablet Processor: A13
    Brand Name : Ipro

  • John Roland Magpayo

    Tablet Processor: ______rockchip RK3066 ____________

    Board ID: _______TR101G_MAIN_PCB_V11 ________

    Brand Name: ____iMEDIA_________

  • Nikos

    I opened my tablet and the only i could see was axp209 and a13 proccessor.The brand name of the tablet is Vivaco V-tab 747 and it looks like the black tablet you have in the oter post but I tried with the roms you said…Moreover I Have it opened With this rom 22. 8 A13 Android 4.0.3., which is in your list but the touch isnt responding and the wifi and the camera arent responding too..pls I want helpp..

  • Rocel

    Hello Sir… Can you help me find the firmware of my tablet?
    Brand: Polariod
    Processor: (Rockchip) RK3026
    Board ID: TZX-726V

    Hope you can help me… Thanks…

  • nick


    Tablet Processor: ___________a13_______

    Board ID: ______q8_v2.2 09/21/12_________

    Brand Name: __q8-512-4g___________

  • Donald

    Tablet Processor: _____A10_____________

    Board ID: _________a90-v2 2012.05.08______

    Brand Name: mi traveler by michley Tivax

  • Hubert

    Tablet Processor: ATM7023

    Board ID: GS702A

    Brand Name: Overmax its look like denver


  • sarcis

    Tablet Processor: _____rk2926_____________

    Board ID: _______________LMA926_v1.1 2013-1112

    Brand Name: __polaroid midc901

  • Cookie

    You did great. Even a lummy dummy like me could understand, But having a dickins of a time finding the
    Tablet Processor: __________________

    Board ID: _______________

    Brand Name: _____________
    I have no idea what I’m looking for.

  • Joel

    Hello Ricardo im trying get a tablet working that isn’t branded much but here are the details. CPU: mlogic – AML 8726-MX , Board ID i’m assuming is this but on the board its has its hard to see , board is a Zenithink C94-Z283-H (4,6 or 8 i cant see its smudged) – A101C_V1.1 , then it gives me a date of 07/03/12

    like i say tablet isnt branded on outside but i’m going with the mobo on this and calling it a zenithink.

    I know what i have given you is vague but its the best i can do with this thing. i have searched zenithink and come up with this ) but as there is no barcode on the tablet i’m hesitant to follow this link.

    Many Thanks

  • Lovell Parker

    Tablet Processor: _A13_________________

    Board ID: ___CB M RU 94V-0____________

    Brand Name: __IRULU___________

  • manuel fuentes

    Tablet Processor: ___A13_______

    Board ID: ______A13_OCI_Q8_PCB_V5_________

    Brand Name: _____________

  • doctor-mad

    i search a firmware for my tablet please

    Tablet Processor: _Rockchip RK2926

    Board ID: LMA926_v1.1 2013-1112

    Brand Name: _polaroid MIDC901PR016.112

  • Jeremy

    Hi, I am pulling my hair out trying to fit my android tablet which is stuck on the android logo, hope you can help me in locating the firmware for my tablet.

    Tablet Processor: A10

    Board ID: ESW-971 8g/766

    Brand Name: Just Systems. (Model is Smile Semi)

    Thanks for helping!!!



  • Babis Kyriakidis

    Tablet Processor: ___A10 ALLWINNER_______________

    Board ID: ___8F – REV03____________

    Brand Name: __DORADO___________

    • Babis Kyriakidis

      Hi Ricardo,
      I ask you on April 10 for FW. Maybe you do not notice my request!
      I need FW for tablet Processor: ___A10 ALLWINNER_______________

      Board ID: ___8F – REV03____________

      Brand Name: __DORADO___________
      Please I need strongly FW

  • Jesus

    Hi Ricardo, hope you can help:

    Tablet Processor: _____A23_____________

    Board ID: _________q8h-v6______

    Brand Name: __I think its ‘POLARIS’ (that shows up when I connect to my PC) but there is no name on box___________

  • Johan Pernia


    Tablet Processor: RK3026

    Board ID: M755_v1.4 1_1

    Brand Name: No Brand

  • Rutagengwa

    Dear I need a firmware for my chinese tab brand name (sim aren s7) motherboard number K20-MB-V1.0 please I need your help.

  • Ziad Hanna

    Ziad hanna
    I have polaroid s8 tablet, i cannot find its firmware , cos it stopped suddenly , if u can help me , pls
    tablet prcessor: A20
    Board ID: V8_A20_V3.2

  • Victor

    Tablet Процессор: A23

    Совет ID: Q8H-V1.4 2015 0107

    Фирменное наименование: Q8H

    Please Help ME !

  • Leow Chee Meng

    Tablet Processor: ALLWINNER TECH A13

    Board ID: (not printed on board)

    Brand Name: OEM or Lenovo?

    Hi, first thank you for your guides.
    I have openned my tablet but can’t find the information needed.. However, previously I used app to indentify my tablet and found that it is same spec as the lenovo T730 listed at the website …

    Would you help me to find the right firmware? If needed, I can send you a snapshot of the tablet. thank a lot.

    Leow, CM from Malaysia

  • Matrix

    You will be soon off this planet massive work man. Am looking for a firmware for Audio VOX T752. Am in it looking at the motherboard but not seeing any figures close to the description.

  • renaud

    Hi ricardo my tab chinese samsung stuck on samsung logo and i ha e entered in recovery mode and did wipe factory reset still it wont work so i need its firmware if possible.. and the problem is that i dont know what type of cpu it has an the board id on its back r711 v1.1 there is nothing written on it apart this r711 v1.1 and no a21 or a… can u pls help me


    Tablet Processor: ____Allwinner A31S Quad Core______________
    MODEL: ______MT-0784_________
    Brand Name: _____MTV Tablet________
    please help me sir i download all the firmware here but still doesnt work

  • Enoch

    Tablet Processor: _____a13_____________

    Board ID: ________q88db-v1-2_______

    Brand Name: ____irulu_________

    thanks for all the help Ricardo

  • fabian


    Tablet Processor: _____Amlogic 8726_____________

    Board ID: _________CB-M RU 94V-0______

    Brand Name: __APRIX TAB9C-B1___________

  • charles


    Tablet processor…………… A13
    Board …………………………….TW_A0910_V22_1126

    Great article would truly appreciate you finding me the firmware for the above.

  • adrian

    hi mr.gardener. can u help me find this firmware…tnx so much in advance…xD

    Tablet Processor: A13

    Board ID: Q88E – v1.1

    Brand Name: _SPYCE 2.0 for fun….MADE CHINA _

  • Kashif

    Hi Sir,

    I am looking for firmware for :

    Amlogic AMC8725- M A-E4B268 AGCN027 HS-M E315835 94V-0

    It is an android media player (TV Box) and It’s screen is also stuck on logo.

    Please help me out with it.


  • Aung Kyaw

    TableTablet Processor: _____ARM Cortex A9, Dual Core, 1.0GHz_____________

    Board ID: _______________H194V-0 CTI:3……….

    Brand Name: _GPLUS P7002………….

    • Aung Kyaw

      Please Ricardo
      Tablet processor………..ARM Cortex A9.dual core.1.0GHz
      Board ID…………………….H194V-0
      Brand Name……………….GPLUS P7002

  • Wayne

    Hi Ricardo, having a nightmare with this tab, i’ve looked high and low for the firmware for this.

    Processor – A23

    Board – TW_A0922_V40

    Brand – Tagital 9″

  • Aung Kyaw

    Tablet processer………………mtk6577
    Board ID…………………………….H194V-0
    Brand name…………………….GPLUS P7002
    I need firmware please.

  • Santi Madryn

    Hi bro! I’m looking for the firmware/flash file for such a tablet:

    Tablet Processor: ALLWINENER TECH A31S QUAD-CORE

    Board ID: 8#FS-V1.0

    Brand Name: X-VIEX Proton Diamond 10.1

    Znks in advanced!

  • Chip Montenegro

    Tablet Processor: _____A13_____________

    Board ID: _________PSF-Q8 REV:V0______

    Brand Name: __DATE 20121115___________

  • Santi Madryn

    Hi Ricardo, thank u very much for your kind help.
    I’m looking for the firmware file for a tablet as follows:

    Tablet Processor: Allwinner Tech A31S Quad-core

    Board ID: 8#FS – V1.0

    Brand Name: X-VIEW Proton Diamond 10.1

    Thanks in advanced!

  • Dene Iliff

    Hi Ricardo,
    I have a cheap tablet that I should through away, but I just want the challenge of getting it running and have failed to do so. It is a 7inch Zeepad with board ID A13 Q8-V12 2013-09-17. I have found firmware that is Q8-V12, and it doesn’t work. If I knew wich touch screen driver to use, I could probably get it working. Can you please point me in the right direction.

    Thanks a million !!


  • noor

    Tablet Processor: _____A13_____________

    Board ID: _________ET_Q8_V1.2 A13Q8 130802

    Brand Name: __concord c-706___________

    • noor

      i need a Firmware File for
      Tablet Processor: _____A13_____________

      Board ID: _________ET_Q8_V1.2 A13Q8 130802

      Brand Name: __concord c-706___________

  • butch casil

    Board Id: INET-86VE-REV02
    brand name: samsung galaxy tab (china)
    thats all i got :/ please help

  • Rajat

    my tablet has a13 processor
    i am unable to find board id…
    and brand is lotus smart tab 7
    specs : 8 gb rom
    512 mb ram
    dual camera
    a13 1.2ghz processor

  • Martin

    Hi Ricardo, thank you for your perfect work. Can you please help me to find firmware?

  • Kostas

    Tablet Processor: A13__________________

    Board ID: _A13 SAQ8-A13-V1.2______________

    Brand Name: __KOSTAS___________

  • Margie Davis

    please help I have a zeki TBDG773B Amlogic AML8726-MXS A-PPS859.00 DMVYN056 What do I flash it with

  • antonio

    espero me puedas ayudar con este firmware la board dice 8470c v2.0 cpu amlogic 8726mxs
    Sistema operativo: Android 4.2.2
    Chipset: Amlogic AML 8726MXS
    CPU: 1.5 GHz ARM Cortex A9, Dual core
    Memoria del sistema: 1GB RAM DDR3
    Memoria de usuario: 4GB NAND Flash
    Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
    Reproducción de sonido y vídeo: Chip de audio integrado, 1080P HD playback
    Interfaz externa: Micro USB, Micro SD
    Batería: 3000mAh
    Cámara: Frontal 0.3 Mpixeles
    Pantalla:7 pulgadas
    Tipo de Pantalla:Pantalla TFT, 1024 x 600

  • mahfuz

    dear brother,

    help me to find this following firmware

    Tablet Processor: _____A13_____________

    Board ID: _________FX-M 94V-0 E302652_____

    Brand Name: __Ampe a75___________

  • Babis Kyriakidis

    Hi Ricardo,
    I ask you on April 10 for FW. Maybe you do not notice my request!
    I need FW for tablet Processor: ___A10 ALLWINNER_______________

    Board ID: ___8F – REV03____________

    Brand Name: __DORADO___________
    Please I need strongly FW

  • Iwan

    Tablet Processor: A13

    Board ID: NW7712D-V1.3

    Brand Name: Blu Touch book 7.0 lite

    Please Help. I’m looking for the Firmware of above mentioned tablet.

  • Dr P Singh

    Hi, Greetings
    I am looking for a Firmware for a allwinner A33 10.1″ tablet.
    Here are details.
    Model: V11
    FW Version: v2.0
    Build number: astar_y3_eng 4.4.2 KVT49L 20141211 test-keys
    Kernel version: 3.4.39

  • Prodo Laz

    Tablet Processor: ______AllWinner A20____________

    Board ID: ___________INET-K100-REV04 (Zeng-gc 2013-08-02)____

    Brand Name: _________MMTC BENELUX____

    Thank you

  • ling

    Hi, nice reading your article. just a fovour. can help to find this firmware: atm7021a_q8s_v0.5_20131109 from ipro. thank you.


    Hi from Spain, i’ll apreciate if you have this firmware:

    Tablet Processor: rk3026

    Board ID: 7500-A8526C-06R

    Brand Name: e-star Zoom Dual Core

    9” Display
    4.2 Jelly Bean
    512MB RAM
    4GB Memory
    Camera front 0,3Mpixel

    Thank you very much in advance.

  • antonio bond

    pls help..
    Tablet Processor: aml 8726mxs

    Board ID: 8470c v2.0

    Brand Name: alcatel one touch tab 7 dual core ,tcl tecnologys.
    firmware original o generic please!! help me!!

  • Dave

    I am looking for firmware for an AllWinner A23 with Board ID: TJ – A23 – Q88 – V4.0_20140815

  • lieza

    Tablet processor: A23
    Board Id : ET_Q8_A23_V1.5
    Brand Name : Tab 3 7.0 with Android OS made in Korea

  • Khaled Ahmad

    it is great job , can you find my tablet firmware?

    Tablet Processor: A23

    Board ID: dc200aa 61d7

    Brand Name: wintouch

  • Xainu

    Hi Brother.. Kindly arrange firmware for my son’s tablet which is stuck on viewsonic’s logo..

    Tablet Processor: AMlogic “aml8726 mxs

    Board ID: 86C-V3

    Brand Name: ViewSonic N70 Pro.

    I am sure that need to update or reset the firmware as that happened since I left memory card which had another firmware and now I can only see 3 birds “View Sonic’s logo”.

    PS: This seems like a Chinese tablet which ViewSonic is selling with there brand name.

  • rudo gobvu

    i would like to fix my tablet which is stuck on the Android text logo,help me find the correct firmware

    tablet processor- rk3026
    board id – w741_key_v4
    brand name OEM

  • chris

    Tablet Processor: Mediatek MT 6572A__________________

    Board ID: _D101__MB v.3.0____________

    Brand Name: _D101____________

  • choe

    Tablet Processor: ____ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l)______

    Board ID: ________NS-15AT10_______

    Brand Name: ____Insignia_________

  • Gary

    Tablet Processor: rockchip 3026

    Board ID: c88/131116/v10

    Brand Name: irola dx752

    Thank You

  • chris007

    PLease help to find:
    tablet: unknown (chinese)
    board: D101 v. 3.0
    processor: Mediatek MT-6572 A

  • Susil

    Pl. assist me to repair my TAB which is now stuck with android logo. The details I found are as follows:

    Board ID:A106G-Mainboard Ver1.3.0
    Processor: A10
    Brand: Not given (may be Chinese one)

    other details I found (when press power button + vol down) are in Chinese characters. only I the information I can read is “ROM A106_V1.1.1_20121116_r579+16_5f011ec”

    I’m waiting for your reply.

  • Ganesh

    Tablet Processor: _____A13_____________

    Board ID: _________nuclear-f761S______

    Brand Name: __I-Touch china___________


  • chris

    Hi Ricardo,
    ok, this is my second attempt. I’ve dismantled the board and found a sticker with the following information:

    BLDA10 1450315

    on another place: D101_MB_v3.0 2014-09-30

    the processor: mediatek mt6572A

    Could you please try to find something? I had no luck at all 🙁

  • Hafiz Waseemhayyat

    Tablet Processor:allwinner A13

    Board ID: A13 86v-v2.0

    Brand Name:INNOHIT pleaze sir plz where is your reply commints shourt cut link


    Tablet processor_______A13_____
    Board ID_______________ET-86V2G-V1.6____
    Brand Name____samsung tab 3 made in Korea

  • Cambridge2015 (@cambs_cambridge)

    Tablet processor: A13
    Build id: RS-A13Q8-v2.1

    brand: A13MID


  • Jack

    Tablet Processor: A20

    Board ID: GT90x_HD_V3 2013-07-23

    Brand Name: Nothing on the outside – Inside the case it’s marked MID900

  • Stan Smith

    Brand – Mach Speed Trio Stealth mst9-21 tablet

    Mainboard – EM_M61-V7.3

    Processor – Amlogic AM8726-MXS

  • jason

    1m Ru 94v-0

    I can’t find a flash file for that tablet.

    Can you help me please.

  • Oscar Wilson Serrato

    Debo darle las gracias,logrè dar con una ROM que se habia convertido en un calvario. Gracias a que vi esta pàgina di con mayor rapidez con ese Firware…

  • Fanny

    Tablet Processor: Can’t find it
    Brand: Proscan : PL166G
    Board ID: Sorry, I don’t know which one is , just write the whole thing down
    MD1095-K-MAIN VER1,3
    MS-M1 E198407

  • maria

    My tablet says , looks nothing like on the tutirial. I cant find any of the information needed.

  • Pattyzinha Yellow

    Ricardo help me i deleted tablet stuck in logo please.i tried more firmwares custom roms.i discovery my processor is Arm Cortex A7 don’t know is Allwinner or Rockchip.I know is Digiland DL700D(B Android 4.4 help me my tablet are boot loop.I too tried wipe data factory reset.Wipe cache partition 🙁 not solve please help me.Sorry my Terrible English.Thanks for Atention

  • Zsolt23

    Tablet processor: RK 2926
    Board ID: 7500-MD7530-01R V.1.0
    Brand name: Lazer 7″ md7530

  • Christopher

    BRAND: IRULU Processor id: A10____D1063CA__62V1 MOTHERBOARD ID:YONESTOPECH-BC1003___2013/09/04

  • zerokuler

    The wifi and bluetooth doesn’t worked.

    Tablet Processzor: A23
    Board ID: Q8H 2014 08 02
    Márkanév: Unknow
    originals build numbers: polaris_p1-eng 4.4.2 KVT 49L 20140911.HR.test-keys

    Updated stock room ROM
    Now, the wifi and bluetooth and camera doesn’t work.

    please help me!

    Sorry my English is not very good!

  • Branko

    Hi Mr. Gardener. I can’t describe how thankful I am. Your tutorials helped me to fix 2 tablets. I fixed first one with only 1 download, but for second i downloaded about 15 FW until I get touch to work fine. Maybe you can explain to other people what number mean in FW name. I find out that my touch chip is GSL1680 and (beside A13) that was main lead that helped me. Thank you again. Best regards

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Thank you for your kind words it makes this article worth while when users take the time to say thanks as you have done. And yes the naming system that is used for the Firmware Files (FW) usually follows the principle of including the processor name as A13 etc and as you noted its good to note the touch chip which will help in tracking down a firmware that matches your tablets hardware so everything including touch will work. I might do a follow up on that in an additional article to address stuff like touch not working or how to track down your FW better.

      • Leo

        Tablet Processor: _a33_________________

        Board ID: ______v5 stoptech-ba1078-20141210_________

        Brand Name: ____NeuTab N10_________

        • Leo

          Tablet Processor: _a33_________________

          Board ID: ______v5 yonestoptech ba1078 20141210_________

          Brand Name: ____NeuTab N10_________

      • Dosso

        Hi Ricardo I’m DOSSO and I need your help to fix my CCIt tablet. All informations you need are here

        Tablet processor : A13
        Board : E79_V11
        Brand name : CCIT

        Please on counting on you for that

      • Cliff

        Tablet Processor: ATM7021A
        Board ID: TW-J0910-V42-20140111
        Brand Name: Android
        Hello Mr. Gardener. I need Firmware for my Android Tablet that won’t start. It stays on Android screen. Thank you for your help.

      • arielHernandez

        Tablet Processor: AllWinner A23
        Board ID: TW_A0721_V31 2014_02_25

        Brand Name: Irulu Ax761

      • Jul

        Hello I have been looking for my tablet firmware for months now.I can across your article.It never occured to me to open the tablet up.But doing this just confused me further.

        My tablet is a trio stealth g4 10.1 v2 (made in china) 16GB, 1GB DDR3, Quad Core Cortex A7 1.5GHz,Android 4.4

        I don’t know where the processor is since there was no big chip like in your picture, All I saw where five small ones.

        The board id is FOR-FUN T10-V1.4
        ZET6273WDA they was another line underneath but I cannot read it.
        MEDIATEK ARM MT8127a
        MEDIATEK MT6323LGA
        4HA78 D9QJX PL022 S8 (is this the processor?)
        And the last chip is the sandisk I figured that was not important.

        Any help would be appreciated.
        I cannot even get the tablet connected to the pc since I cannot find a appropriate driver. Since I bricked the tablet my computer
        no longer recognize it.

      • DOSSO

        Hi Ricardo I have trouble finding my A13 E79_V11 firmware please help me to get my tablet back.

    • Plamen Kolarov

      I need help finding firmware for this tablet

      Tablet Processor: ATM7021a
      Board ID: TW_J0711S_V51_20140516
      Brand Name: P706

      If you need more info, let me know.

  • Christian Bushay

    Hey I need help finding firmware for


    Amlogic procceser
    Android 4.1.1./ trio tablet 10.1 inch screen

  • Jack

    Hi Ricardo,

    I have…

    Tablet Processor: A20

    Board ID: GT90x_HD_V3 2013-07-23

    Brand Name: Nothing on the outside – Inside the case it’s marked MID900

  • JAY

    APEX Digital 7″ Tablet
    Model: EM63
    Android Version: 4.1.1

    I tried firmwares from Envizen but cant donwload it. Please help me get a firmware. THanks

    …and I cant open my tablet so I dont know the processor.

  • unais kt

    it is very happy to seeing that you are doing a very good help for people they need to find os.
    can you please help me to find firmware for the following tablet

    Tablet Processor: Rockchip RK2926

    Board ID:86V V3.11 20130318

    Brand Name:DUOCORE

  • BabisKyriakidis

    Tablet Processor: ____A 10 All winner

    Board ID: ____8F-REV03___________

    Brand Name: __DORADO

  • mladen

    Please Ricardo help me,
    I need FW for mother board ATM 7021a TW- j0910 v43 20140314.
    This is 9 inches 500Mb 2 camera tablet
    Model number
    Android version
    Kernel version
    Wed dec 11 15:44:12 CST 2013
    Build number
    full_gs702c-userdebug 4.2.2
    Thanks in advance

  • Mulligan

    Hi Ricardo,
    I have been searching for the following firmware but without success. Appreciate your assistance in obtaining one.
    Processor – A23
    Board id – ET-Q8 V1.6
    Manufacturer – annpad

  • Owais

    Dear gardner, your efforts are much appreciated, you are really doing a great job. could you please help me find the firmware for Lotus smartab 7 A13 allwinner jl_jh701 MID130911002



  • Tibor

    Dear Sir, I have a ALLWINNER A23 tablet, but on the main board only Q8H v1.2
    can be found. Would You please help me find a proper firmware for it.


  • Tibor

    Tablet Processor: _____A23________

    Board ID: ___Q8H v1,2____

    Brand Name: ___Allwinner________

  • Alvaro

    Hello .. !! My name is Alvaro and write from Uruguay , I need firmware for:

    Tablet Processor : Allwinner tECHA10

    Board ID : h997_v1.2_20120921 HANA

    Brand Name : Futura

    Thanks for help !!

    • Alvaro

      Hello .. !! My name is Alvaro and write from Uruguay , I need firmware for:

      Tablet Processor : Allwinner Tech A10

      Board ID : h997_v1.2_20120921 HANA

      Brand Name : Futura

      Thanks for help !!

      • Alvaro

        Hello .. !! My name is Alvaro and write from Uruguay , I need firmware for:

        Tablet Processor : Allwinner Tech A10

        Board ID : h997_v1.2_20120921 HANA

        Brand Name : Futura

        Here you will find technical data and detailed information –
        http : //

        Thanks for help !!

  • Orsi

    Hello Ricardo!
    Please, help me! 🙂

    Tablet Processor: A13 1,2GHz
    Board ID: INET-98VZ-REV01 Zeng-gc-2013-07-09
    Brand Name: DPS Dream 9

  • Мартин Димитров

    Can you help me? I can’t find older android version for this tablet.

    Tablet Processor: A13

    Board ID: XRD-Q8-VC 2012/10/15

    Brand Name: Generic gs701b

  • Alvaro

    Hello … need your help !!
    I’m looking for the original or any compatible firmware for my tablet.

    Tablet Processor: Allwinner Tech A10

    Board ID: h997_20120921_v1.2

    Brand Name: Futura

    Technical data:

    Memory: DDR3-1GB, Disco 32GB WiFi: high performance 802.11b / g + B / T, Google Android 4.0.4

    AllWinner A10 Cortex-A8,
    Memory: DDR3-1GB,
    32GB disk
    WiFi: high performance 802.11b / g + B / T
    Google Android 4.0.4
    Display: 9.7 “1024 * 768 resolution five Touch capacitor panel
    Lenjuaje: Chinese, English, Spanish
    Browser: Opera, UCWeb, Skyfire, Dolphin
    Office software: WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, PDF, TXT
    Video outputs: HDMI 2160P full HD output
    OTG and HOST: Digital Camera, Mobile, USB, HDMI standard mini port.
    Headphones / Video: auriculares3.5mm camera: back 200W, 130W front.
    Includes Built in 3G and Bluetooth.
    7000mAh battery
    With two round pins charger Voltage: 220V 50Hz

    Please urgent help !!!!

    Thanks …. !!!!

  • Gábor Mikó


    The wifi and bluetooth doesn’t worked my tablet.

    Tablet Processzor: A23
    Board ID: Q8H 2014 08 02
    Brand name: Unknow
    originals build numbers: polaris_p1-eng 4.4.2 KVT 49L 20140911.HR.test-keys

    Updated stock room ROM …. Q8h_v12.htm
    Now, the wifi and bluetooth and camera doesn’t work.

    Please help me!

    Sorry my English is not very good!

  • Daviljoe193

    Tablet Processor: Rockchip RK3168 AAAU338S1* 1334 (I put the asterisk there, as the number/letter was scratched off. It could either be a 2, 3, 5, or a 7.)
    Board ID: ZM729-MB-V2.0
    Brand Name: Sophix TAB-740G

  • Shaun Keating

    Tablet Processor: __________________ATM7021A

    Board ID: _______________TW_J0910_V43_20140

    Brand Name: _____________P706

    Looking for info on the above

  • Stryker

    Tablet Processor: A13

    Board ID: 1W_A0708_V61_0304 2013_03_04

    Brand Name: iRULU AK307

  • Prof. Edo

    Tablet Processor: Rockchip 66 x145 1243

    Board ID:S8_Main_v10

    Brand Name: Skyworth Skypad S8

  • George!!NEED YOUR HELP MAN!!!!

    Tablet Processor: mlogic a 6385
    Board ID: MA704A6_MB_V1_3_1305221400

    Brand Name: _____estar mid7124________

    • George!!NEED YOUR HELP MAN!!!!

      I want a firmaware for this!i tried many fw and always recovering mode abort these files :/

  • Steve

    Hi, any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Tablet Processor: rk2926

    Board ID: htc-c037-v6 20130110

    Brand Name: cocoon ta6222

  • ALi

    Hi How r U? following are my tablet’s specs:
    Board Id:———inet-q72-rev01——
    Brand NAme:—–Xod ARc7—–

  • Lark

    Tablet Processor: _____A10_____________

    Board ID: _______A291-MID REV1________

    Brand Name: _____LARK________

  • Silverdust

    Hi Ricardo,
    My tablet is not coming further than the android with the exclamation sign so I can’t restore it to factory settings.
    The processor is a: A13 – D3153CA 1311
    Mainboard: T730-B-SY V3.0
    What firmware do I need and how do I flash the board when laptop is not seeing the tablet while connected to it?
    Thx in advance!

  • gerald

    how to find the ID # of my tab the brand name is POLAROID and the rockchip Rk 3026.. please help me..

  • Roy

    Hi Ricardo..pls help me find rom of this china tablet…

    Tablet Processor: _______ATM7021A______
    Board ID: _________TW_J0910_V42_20140111______

    Brand Name: _____OPALEE________

  • ابو عمرو الحكيم

    Tablet Processor: _____A13_____________

    Board ID: ________e254667 t-m1 p4e07455a0 RU 94V-0______

    Brand Name: __YAGO LEGEND smart tech

  • Vijay

    Superb the same issue I face.
    Brand Quantum Q-wave A100MS
    Chip: Rockchip RK 3026
    Version: NW1036_v1.2

  • guy

    Tablet Processor: _____ATM7013___

    Board ID: _________xrd-q8-vc______

    Brand Name: __Tablet PC Q8 7″_______

  • Taneesha

    Hello Ricardo, awesome video’s. Found you on youtube. I am having trouble locating firmware for :

    Tablet Processor: AML8726

    Board ID: SL-M RU 94v-0

    Brand Name: Vigo 9.7″ Android 4.0 ICS
    And would much appreciate it if you could please help.

  • jay-ar

    my board ID and processor is A13 TZX-Q8-713B and I cant find a firmware to download so that i can fix my tab it is samsung galaxy please help! ASAP.

  • RJ

    Tablet processor A23
    Board Id: CB-M94V-0
    Brand Name: Alldaymall Model Number A90
    I couldn’t find the firmware anywhere for this tablet. I would appreciate your help.

  • George Nitzschke Sr

    Hi Ricardo, Here I have a – A13 Allwinner – TPD-Q88-070A13-V2.2 131016 – TESOAR, Thanks for your Blog.

  • Adnan Hammad

    I need this firmware:

    Tablet Processor:A23

    Board ID: t735-mainboard-v2.0

    Brand Name:W&H

    Model Name : ID-MC728B

    Thank you in advance.

  • kibuukaedren

    I have failed to get mine please,help me.the broad I D is URXDOUTXDO ,processor is A 13 and brand is android

  • Apostolos Apostolou

    plz I need help finding the proper firmware for this Chinese phablet:
    7″ Tablet PC WCDMA 3G Phablet 1024*600 HD Android 4.2 Dual Core Bluetooth GPS FM
    It stuck on the android logo and cannot enter the factory reset menu eitgher.
    Thank you.

  • Falco

    Hi Ricardo,
    Please I do need some help with my A13 tablet. First the tablet didn’t boot anymore. I did use the recommended Flash (Live Suite) and I installed the T730_sim a13 byeak2531 image. The tablet did boot, I get a screensaver but can’t do nothing, Touch Screen not working. I also tried another image, the FaaastJB v 2.5 from Toxicro but the result is the same: boot O.K., screensaver O.K. but Touch Screen not working.
    The board ID is: T730-B-SY v 3.0. The processor is a A13 D3153CA 1311
    Can you explain me plz how do I get this working with working TS ?
    Thank you in advance

  • isaac

    Tablet Processor: ____A23______________

    Board ID: ______Q8H-V1.3_________

    Brand Name: ____Zeepad_________

  • Quintin Martin

    allwinner a10 c8035ca 28n1 board id or number i have no idea im not seeing any :-\

  • Sandro

    Hi Ricardo I am searching for firmware i have the tools , but cant fin anything.
    CPU atm7021a
    Board ID STA-1100 94v-OML1 2014/03/26
    Modell : P706

    i try the FW on this page ,with no luck .
    the only one i got to work was this one jellybean_atm7021a_v12_demo_rgb_hd_demo_140314.fw
    after i modify the fw to insert gsl3670

    if you cold help ,i would be amazed 🙂

  • ALI

    Tablet Processor: _____AMLOGIC_____________

    Board ID: _________EM-MID9762_V3.0______

    Brand Name: __ETAB1031___________

  • Pilar

    Tablet Processor: ____A13_____
    Board ID: ______CB-M RU 94V-0
    Brand Name:_____Allwinner T900____

  • Bikram

    Tablet Processor: allwinner a10

    Board ID: iNet f9 Rev 01
    Brand Name: BSNL Penta IS801C

    I need a jellybean ROM

  • thanzeem7

    Tablet Processor: __________ATM7021A________

    Board ID: ________TW_J0711_V51_20140516_______

    Brand Name: ______G-Touch_______

    Problem: _______Tablet freez on boot logo…__________

  • Mara

    Hello…I wonder if you can help me find a firmware for my tablet

    Tablet Processor: _____A23 dual core_____________

    Board ID: _________Q8H-V3______

    Brand Name: __Kocaso M75H___________


  • Nata

    Tablet Processor: ____A13____________

    Board ID: _____H978_v1.6__________

    Brand Name: _____LenX________

  • joseph

    Tablet Processor: ___A33_______________
    Board ID:___GA10H – V1.1 2014 11 10_____________________
    Brand Name:______D2D Distributors limited_________________
    please help

  • Peter Lajos

    Tablet Processor: ____a13______________

    Board ID: ______F900H-v4.0.0_________

    Brand Name: _______MAINBOARD______

  • Peter

    Thanks for all the great info. was a pleasure and nice someone like you is helping the not so say, ala me. I’m stuck with an Android Allwinner 10 inch KitKat 4.4 that won’t connect to wifi and has really outdated drivers. I can link via a MAC and USB but have no idea how to get that to work so i can load the drivers through my PC with the USB connection. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks and love your work.

  • Leonardo Garrido

    Hello Ricardo,

    Congratulations for your great initiative!!
    I would be grateful if you could help me to find the firmware for my tablet.

    Tablet model LT1002B
    Screen 10.1″,
    CPU RK3066,
    1GB RAM, 16 GB ROM,
    WIFI chip MT5931,
    BLUETOOTH chip MT6622,
    main board data KM:320 DA11G_V11_0415

    Thank you very much!
    Best regards,

  • Assyrian Ashur

    hi i have tablet artes model 9702 and written on it rohas can you find me firmware

  • alan00th3

    hey i can’t find firmware for my galaxy tab can u help please
    Tablet Processor: A13

    Board ID: KB901 v3.5

    Brand Name: galaxy tab ce0168

  • james

    Tablet Processor: ATM7021A
    Board ID: m2101_v2.0
    Brandname ProntoTec Q8 7 inch Dual Core Tablet PC

  • Schachinger Béla

    Tablet Processor:RK3066
    Board ID:YKQ8-RK3026-V2.0
    Brand name:MyAudio Power SD 7″

  • roldan teves

    processor im not if it is A13 or A10

    Board Id: INET-86VE-REV02

    china SAMSUNG TAB

  • Hakim

    I am Trying to Find the firmware for the following Tablet
    Tablet Processor: A023

    Board ID: D87V1.01

    Brand Name: I-Life
    Thanks for your Help

  • Cajy

    Processor Id; A20 Dual Core D6113AA 67W1

    Board Id: INET-K70-REV02 ZENG-gc 2013-05-21

    Brand: Maxtouuch

    Please tell me where to download firmware for this board or if possible please email me

  • Rosa Benson

    Tablet Processor: ARMv7 Processor rev 2,

    Board ID: JRO03C, nuclear

    Brand Name: softwinners

  • Dirk

    Hi. I have been struggling to find the firmware, maybe you will have better luck.
    keep up the good work.

    Tablet Processor: _ROCK CHIP RK 3066______

    Board ID: _ZM009-MB_V2.3___

    Brand Name: _proline smart ak888-15 dual core android 7 tablet__

  • Martin

    Hi . Don’t know if this is the place to ask but I need please firmware for Disgo 9104 , the info i have is a8 rohs ru m 94v-0

    • Martin

      Hi Ricardo.
      Did you have any luck in finding the firmware for my tablet ?
      Arm a8
      rohs ru m 94v-0

  • cajy

    Please help me Iwant this firmware very urgently as this is my first tablet got by difficult means the tablet went bad within one week of buying online so there is no warranty now three months past no game for me first the tablet is to right itself from reverse display and I used to play my game that is RACING MOTO then one fine day I got angry went and did factory reset so evrything got wiped off and i was expecting settings intact but no settings now someone sugested flashing

  • Cajy

    Processor ID: A20 ALL WINNER dUAL cORE d6113aa 67w1
    bOARD id: INET-k70-REV02
    ZENG-gc 2013-05-21
    Brand: Maxtouuch

    Please help me.

      • achemuit

        Thumbs up for all the good work you are doing! I thought I sent a request yesterday but now I think I may not have posted right. This is my first time here. Anyhow, I am looking for the following firmware;

        Tablet Processor: AllWinner A13 (D3206CA 15F1)

        Board ID: TW_CA0910_V22_1126 (2012_11-26)

        Brand Name: MaPan

        I have searched many places including the manufacturer’s site ( to no avail. Please help at your earliest convenience. I understand that you have many requests. Thanks in advance!


      • shankar sarkar

        Tablet Processor: ____A 10______________

        Board ID: _____fx-m 94v-o e302652__________

        Brand Name: ______fsl_______

      • Phil Bolin

        Hi Ricardo, help me please having difficulty looking for firmware A13 KB901 V3.4. Thank you in advance

      • Adrian

        Hi Ricardo,

        Hope you can help.

        Tablet Processor: AML8726-MX
        Board ID: EM_M69 V1.2
        Brand Name: Nobis 9 Internet Tablet
        Additionally … PC was detecting it as a NB09

  • eitsirk

    Would you be able to tell me what firmware I need without me opening the tablet? It’s an NATPC MO10s 4gb

  • Adrian

    Tablet Processor: AML8726-MX

    Board ID: EM_M69 V1.2

    Brand Name: Nobis

    I hope you can help me. I can’t find the firmware for this tablet anywhere.

  • Abraham Chemuit

    Many thanks for all your hard work and the assistance you are giving many! I have been looking for my tablet’s firmware to no avail. Here is the info.

    Tablet Processor: A13 AllWinner. Has this number on it: D3206CA 15F1

    Board ID: TW_A0910_V22_1126 (2012_11_26). I assume what’s in parentheses is the date of MFG.

    Brand Name: MaPan 9 inch



  • Cajy

    Dear sir please help me I am very anxious to get my tablet working

    Processor ID: A20

    Board ID:INET-K70-REV02 ZENG-gc 2013-05-21

    Brand: Maxtouuch

  • Cajy

    Dear sir please help me I am very anxious to get my tablet working

    Processor ID: A20

    Board ID:INET-K70-REV02 ZENG-gc 2013-05-21

    Brand: Maxtouuch

    Thanking you in advance, really appreciate your great work.

  • andrew

    Tablet Processor: MT6582

    Board ID: TJ-T916-MB-V2.0

    Brand Name: No brand name. its a samsung 9″ tablet clone

    there are no number like A 13 or A… something

  • Muluku

    Hi Ricardo, first thanks for all your incredible works. I have a chinese tablet named Ritroid T1 android 2.2.2 processor arm11… You can find some informations about it. Then, i want to upgrade it to android 4, because i can’t install some applications on android 2.2.2. Is it possible ? if yes how can i done it ? thanks

  • Martin BP

    Tablet Processor: ________A33__________

    Board ID: _______TJ-A23-Q88-V4.0-20140815________

    Brand Name: _______IRULU______

    If you can help with this it would be wonderfull this is a nice blog, congratulations, i haven´t see blog so organized and fine to understand, continue making this, even if you can´t help me with this, thanks anyway

    • Martin BP

      Can you please give a look to my case? maybe with your experience you can give some help, and I have some problems when charging the blog, am I the only one?

      • Ricardo Gardener Post author

        I have provided the link Martin, the website is in another language so you may have to use google chrome to translate the page so you can find the download option, good luck I could not find another matching file anywhere and there is no grantee that one will work so keep your fingers crossed.

        • taneesha

          Thank you for the reply. i through the tablet away.. but thank you for the reply 😀

          • Ricardo Gardener Post author

            Sorry to hear- allot of users are having issues with these devices there is a mountain of requests for flash files. Sorry I was not able to get to you sooner Taneesha.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Forgive the long wait the request for these Files do not stop day after day so understand that it does take time, I have to balance old and new requests with keeping the website running with new articles and other post questions users have and that’s why I ask that you only seek help when absolutely necessary after you have exhausted all options.
      Any way this was the best matching file I found and I see no other possible file: Download

      • Martin

        Hello and thanks for the answer, i have a problem to download, one I put “download” and then “Normal download” it ask me a use ID and password, what i need to put in those? did you have any idea? it also says I need a Baidu phone to connect via sms

      • Brandon

        Tablet Processor: _rk3066__A9

        Board ID: ________me-7d_______

        Brand Name: ____visual land____

      • George

        I need your help.
        This is all the information I could get my tablet.


        M702A5-MB v1-2-1301281600


        It would greatly appreciate it.

      • Martin BP

        Hello, I have finally created an account in and download the file you linked here but it never start, i have been waiting for at least 2 and a half hour and it never start, thanks anyway, i´ll continue looking for a firmware that can help me, thanks for the previous answer and the link, and for this great blog

  • sandeeren

    model number: AYA-913
    android version 4.0.4
    baseband version 1.6
    kernel version 3.0.8

  • abdou

    thank you .pls help me my tab is kandy tablet prcessor; AMLOGIC AML8726-MXL APMY431
    board id;a1520130308

  • Essam

    I have Chinese Tablet x – tab x08 phoenix easy touch & I want its original firmware. the board name is INET-86VM-rev01 Zeng-gc 2012-11-06 the chip info is neoway M660 the processor is allwinner A13

  • Essam

    Tablet Processor: neoway M660 the processor is allwinner A13

    Board ID: INET-86VM-rev01 Zeng-gc 2012-11-06

    Brand Name: x – tab x08 phoenix easy touch

  • Turo Aaltonen

    Tablet Processor: _______A13___________

    Board ID: ____inet 86ve rev03___________

    Brand Name: _____unknown________

    • Turo Aaltonen

      Tablet Processor: _______A13___________

      Board ID: ____inet 86ve rev03___________

      Brand Name: _____unknown________

  • Savas

    Hello my friend I very got this
    Processor id:allwinner A31s
    Board id: F-M E351308 RU 94V-0
    Tablet brand:aoson m1016
    Can you help me please find a firmware?


    Hi very good service you have here. Will recommend to all
    Can I please get the firmware for the following

    Processor A13
    Mother board al-a13Q8-v7.0
    Brand PENDO

  • James

    Hello Sir,

    My tablet info –

    Tablet Processor: __F13________________

    Board ID: __EM_M31_KEY_V3 0_____________

    Brand Name: _trio STEALTHY-10 MST10-21____________

    Have a good one, and thanks.

  • Martin

    Hi Ricardo
    Could you please help . I need firmware for Chinese PC Tablet.
    A31S Allwinner

    YONESTOPTECH BS1078 20140620

    Thank you

  • Essam

    Tablet Processor: neoway M660 the processor is allwinner A13

    Board ID: INET-86VM-rev01 Zeng-gc 2012-11-06

    Brand Name: x – tab x08 phoenix easy touch

  • hannibal870808

    Procesador comprimido: A23

    Junta Identificación: INET-D70B-REVO1 ZENG-gc 2014-08-22

    Marca: tigers

  • george

    Hello ricardo .
    I would appreciate help me please .
    This is what I could get from my tablet.


    M702A5-MB v1-2-1301281600


  • abdelbaki

    hey Ricardo i have tablette mid-86v2g 1.6 stuck and i need a frimware
    Tablet Processor:a13
    Board ID:ET-86V2G-V1.6
    Brand Name:mid-86v2g
    and thank u

  • KEN

    this is an y88 dragon touch
    hy1107ba314072500445 back label at tablet none on those firmware labels match
    popped it open no big letters on the processor
    labeled on it was
    A SMALL STICKER Q8A 512+24G 03196 3 3
    BOXES 1 Q M 2 C_ 3 O CHECKED

  • Thomas Christiansen

    Please help me i have used this as a Photoframe now it doesnt seem to work. The processor is Type A 13 the Board Id says 1M RU 94V-0 The brand is Some kind of copy of a Samsung from China

  • George

    Tablet Processor: CPU ATM 7021A ZF10FAAC7C
    Board ID: ZX-A10-V1.0-131103 4813
    Brand Name: TREDI TPC1057 or DS702C not sure.

  • Owen

    Tablet Processor: _____Rockchip RK3066 ANGP929 1317____________

    Board ID: ____W-SB RU 94V-0___________

    Brand Name: _____VERSUS TAB 7________

  • bensassi

    i have a i-joy Draco

    Tablet Processor: _____A13_____________

    Board ID: _________AL-A13Q8-V8.2______

    Brand Name: __i-joy Draco ___________

    Can you help me on Firmware download Pleaze??

  • Shaleeyah

    Tablet Processor____________ AML8726-MXS

    Board ID _______ EM__M69__V1 . 2

    Brand Name_____Nobis NB09________

    Pls help me find the firmware as this belongs to my 9 yr old granddaughter and I’d really like to fix it if possible. Thx

  • Kiyas

    I need Firmware
    Tablet Processor A13
    Board ID Q86 V 1.1
    Brand Name : Strawberry
    Model – SB 708

  • Verocb

    Hi, thanks for your all your info but i have this tablet and couln’t find the firmware yet, maybe you can help please..

    Tablet Processor: RK312x
    Board ID: R70-v2.0 20150121
    Brand Name: doesn’t says anything, but it’s this one: …..

    Thanks! Vero

  • Karol Natora

    HI. I need firmware for 7 inch moonar tab
    processor allwinner A23
    board id Q8H-V1.3 2014 09 30

  • drosera

    Tablet Processor: ——- Allwinner A31S
    Board ID:—— L1 -V1.4 ——- 2014-05-08
    Brand Name: Xido 10,1″

    Please help me, I flash many firmware doesn`t work

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Nothing it hard to fully bricked these Tablets either it will fail to flash if the file is incorrect or work/even work partially if its not 100% compatible so do experiment you literally have nothing to loose.

  • Talha

    hi man how are you my Tablet processor -A10 Board id —–ESW-971 company name Just System china made

  • Khalid Shadfan

    Tablet Processor: _Dual Core-A23_

    Board ID: _______________ “it was hard to open the tablet”

    Brand Name: _Compu Tab__Model No. BY-7071__703

    Firmware version 4.4v2.0
    Android 4.4.2
    ROM Version 3.4.39

  • Javier

    hello, please help me ..¡

    Tablet Processor: A13 allwinner

    Board ID: A7006T V1.5 2012-6-19

    Brand Name: “Samsung…..”

  • Waheed

    Hi Ricardo! Thanks for your great support…

    My tab processor is A10
    but no number is printed on the board except that i found a chip like object with EMMC 16G-V100 on it!

    I also found this on one of the flat cables: QYS04-1011-02450 FPC
    The tablet name/brand is Created X10S 10.1″ from Shenzhen Created Co.

    Thanks mate!

  • Waheed

    Hey! I found this number beneath the motherboard: HT76-04-140224-1815 (MT8382VWA-Band1) (1G+16G) SG-14L

    and also somewhere around the board, still beneath, is: TYD HT7-04

  • Waheed

    Hi again!
    This is what is actually on the processor


    The Brand again is Created X10S tablet from Shenzhen Created Co. China

    There is no number on the surface of the motherboard except beneath it and it’s:

    HT76-04-140224-1815 (MT8382VWA-Band1) (1G+16G) SG-14L K
    DI/KSE 201412

    Thanks in a million for your selfless assistance!

  • doroteozetina

    cant find my firmware no have a chiney tablet freez on logo my is a20 and mainboard no s906 v2.0.0

  • Adnan

    I like your work! You manage to keep your explanations simple and to group on one page everything that we need for solving problem. Just keep up with good work!

    I have problem finding new firmware for my tablet, because it is too slow, and wifi connection breaks and freezes since I bought it so I didnt used it much (just 3-4 times since I bought it) so I decided to fix it but I need some help with it. I cant find anything on internet that could improve my tablet so if you have any firmware that could help it would be great.

    Here is spec.

    Tablet Processor:
    Processor Type – Boxchip
    Processor Clock Speed – 1.2Ghz
    Processor Model A serie

    Board ID: INET-86VG-REV01 Zeng gc 13-04-19

    Brand Name: 2look

    Model: 2LPX07S1

    More about this model:….

    Forwardly greatful.

  • Waheed

    Hi Ricardo Gardener!

    My tablet, Created X10S freezes on startup and i have been looking for the firmware but no success yet!

    SN Motherboard: HT76 xxxx 14123100681
    Brand: Created X10S
    Processor: Not specified as A10 or A13 but this –

    I will be glad if you could assist me find the firmware, the tab is just about 5 months old!

    Thanks with lots of regards!


  • Waheed


    Tablet Processor: ____Lots of numbers on it, no specifics like A13 or A10______ but this is on it: SiI9024ACNU
    Board ID: ________HT76-04-140224-1815_______________
    Brand: _____________Created X10S________

  • Lats

    Hello tried several firmware but neither was ok.

    I did not open tablet, based on these info can you please advise a possible firmware?

    Device information:
    Model number: A6
    Android version: 4.1.1
    Kernel version: 3.0.8+ SMP PREEMPT Fri May 3 16:15:13 CST 2013
    Build number: A6_RK3066_Public_V411_130503

    Network Communiction: Bluetooth,Wifi,External 3G
    Screen Size:8″
    Processor Main Frequency:Single Core
    Second Webcam Pixels: 2MP
    Operating System:Android 4.1
    Display resolution:1024×768
    Cell Capacity: 4000mAh
    Processor Model:RK3066
    Brand Name: Rockchip
    Extend Port: 3G External,DC Jack,Earphone Jack,HDMI,Mini USB,OTG,TF card,USB

    thank you!

  • The Major

    Tablet Processor: _____A13_____________

    Board ID: _________M8 V1.2 20121105______

    Brand Name: __Privileg MID 8A___________

    Please help me find firmware

  • Nassor Faki

    Tablet Processor: ______A13____________

    Board ID: _______QL2012.24,

    Brand Name: ___iKNC__________

  • Alex

    Tablet Processor: _______A13___________

    Board ID: _____KB901 v3.3 2012.12.13__________

    Brand Name: ____virgo_________

  • Waheed

    Please Tablet Guru, I need the firmware for my Created X10S with MTK8382 CPU and a pcb with SN: HT76 xxxx 14123100681, PN; HT76
    it is also written somewhere beneath the board: HT76-04-140224-1815

  • aphektech

    Hey Ric, Would greatly appreciate some help finding the right firmware for a SuperSonic SC-91JB. Processor: Allwinner A10, MoBo#: 1303022 |1308 |A702_MB_V1.06 | 2012.06.19. I downloaded and searched the MS Word document listing the A10 & A13 ROMS but am yet to find the correct or compatible firmware for this particular tablet. I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide. Blessed love breda!

  • Damian

    Hi ricardo hope you can help me ive been googling for 2 days trying to find firmware with no luck..Thanks in advance

    Tablet Processor: _____A10_____________

    Board ID: ___A90-V2 Main Board 2012.05.08____________

    Brand Name: ___there is no name anywhere__________

  • kelvin kimani

    Tablet Processor______ A20
    Board ID:______________ INET-K100-REV02 Zeng-gc 2013-05-14
    Brand Name:____________Jay-Tech Tablet PC-PA1010DA

  • aries

    Tablet Processor: __a13________________

    Board ID: _a86 mb v4.0______________

    Brand Name: _prestigio multipad 7.0 ultra+____________

  • Steven

    Tablet Processor: _____A23____________

    Board ID: _________A70H-V3______

    Brand Name: _Simbans(TM)S74B___________

  • Stefan

    Cpu Allwinner aA33
    Board INET-D98c rev 01 Zeng -gc 2014-07-04
    9″ 800×480 Virgo 2 cams 512 8g
    Need firmware
    Thank you

  • simo


    Tablet Processor: ____A33______________

    Board ID: _____tj-a23-q88-v4.0__________

    Brand Name: _____ijoy________

    think you

  • vijay

    Excellent!!! You help people a lot..

    Good day,

    My android tab 10.1″ Quantum Q-Wave A100MS stuck on boot.

    Android 4.2.2
    CPU: Rk3026
    Board ID: NW 1036_v1.2 2014/05/12

    Ram 1 GB DDR 3
    16 GB storage
    ARM Cortex A9 1.0 GHz
    10.1″ Resolution 1280*800
    Camera : front 0.3 Mp
    Back 5 Mp

    Please help me



  • Plamen Kolarov

    Hi there,

    That tutorial is really good and helpful. Keep up the good work.
    Also I tried to find a firmware for my tab, but with no luck. I was hoping you could help me.

    My tab:
    Tablet Processor : _______ATM7021A_____________
    Board ID: ________TW_J0711S_V51_20140516______
    Model: ___________________P706________________

    Anything close to this tablet is appreciated

    Thanks in advance

  • STephen

    Tablet Processor: _____JX_____________

    Board ID: ________a70h-v3_____

    Brand Name: __SIMBANS(TM)S71B___________

  • Andrea Santachiara

    hello Ricardo,
    thank you for the work you do, my tablet has the following features:

    Tablet Processor: A10

    Board ID: FX-M 94V-0
    Brand Name: nextab Xteme

    thank you for your help


  • Melvin Hernandez

    Hi! plss help me fix my iKON tab
    I don’t know if this is correct but it’s the only thing that i found

    AML 8726 – MX
    A-PPG352 00

    it seems it was the ID wrote in Processor
    here i found in board id’ i think it was board id.

    TPC-8103/8203 LCD BOARD VER_A

    Maybe you can help me;
    I tried so many zip file but There’s no improvement it keeps on ANDROID LOGO.

  • Lee

    Hi Ricardo, I need firmware for my tablet please.
    Processor: M801
    Board I’D: EM A8370 V1.0 C
    Zeki tablet

  • john

    exellent step by step help, very helpfull information indeed,i do need the firmware for a kocaso A13 TW AO91O-V22-1126 can you send me a safe link to that download it would be greatfully received.
    kind regards,
    john. many thanks.

  • sumdany sammi (সামদানী সাম্মি)

    Please help me!!!
    i have
    Processor – A13
    Board ID- Q8_V12 2013-06-20 1328
    Brand – Atouch Q8s

    i already download 4-5 firmware but no one is working using PhoenixCard.
    its show this error (sprite update error: failed to scan flash information sprite update error: current card sprite failed now hold the machine)

    i think my firmware is not matching.

    so till i have download those firmware
    1- 20130701_v422_a0708_gsl1680e_2camera121d_d06_3230_etv_twd
    link- …..

    2.nuclear_evb-eng 4.1.1 jro03c 20130416 test-keys
    link- …..

    3. Q8_v12

    4.Q75S J 30606
    link- ….

    thanks advance 🙂

  • Dave Wong

    Tablet Processor: _________A20

    Board ID: _______________nw1017 _main _v2.0_ 2013-08-23

    Brand Name: _____________skytek sp1020 o skypad sp1020


  • Romain

    my tablet is stuck on the android logo the tablet has no name i looked inside it has no ID number either it has a A13 Processor

  • sumdany sammi (সামদানী সাম্মি)

    Please help me!!!
    i have
    Processor – A13
    Board ID- Q8_V12 2013-06-20 1328
    Brand – Atouch Q8s

    already try
    1- 20130701_v422_a0708_gsl1680e_2camera121d_d06_3230_etv_twd
    2.nuclear_evb-eng 4.1.1 jro03c 20130416 test-keys
    3. Q8_v12
    4.Q75S J 30606

    thanks advance 🙂

  • Raja

    Hello Ricardo
    Mine is Insignia NS-15at08 tablet
    motherboard T8240RK-88T
    I dont know the processor

  • raja

    Hello Ricardo,
    Can you help with this:

    Model: NS-15AT08
    Android Version: 4.4.2
    Kernel Version: 3.0.38+
    Build Number: KOT49H.V01.01.00
    Tablet Processor: ARMv7 Processor rev 0 (v7l)

    Board ID: T8240RK-88T
    Brand Name: Insignia flex


    Thanks U for all Mr Ricardo>>>this firmware
    Tablet Processor: _____ATM7013_____________

    Board ID: _________TCT500-v0.3______

    Brand Name: __GONOMAD__________