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Earlier I reported on a TV set that I got for a holiday special for $159 and that I would do a full review of the unit as my initial findings from researching the TV set was very good, today I am glad to present a full review of the TCL 32D2700 32-Inch 720p LED TV (2015 Model) which costs $159.99 when it was on special and at the time of writing this review, note the prices may change but at this price range it really eye-catching but the ultimate question is does this deliver on quality and performance or is it just a waste of time?, well I hope to answer that for you in this review.

The TCL Brand

I must admit that I often go for the big brands right away under normal circumstances -you know the ones, but I kept seeing TCL all over the place and the price of the TCL 32d2700 was way too eye-catching to pass up after all its the quality of the product and not the name that ultimately decides if you are going to want to throw it into the wall or wonder why you did not get this in the first place and thankfully that was the case with this cheap Television set that was a super value deal.

The Unboxing

tcl 32d2700

The first thing that I noticed after picking up the box is that this thing is very lightweight so much so that moving it about was quite easy I was pleasantly surprised at this. The television itself is protected by styrofoam inserts that are placed at the bottom and top of the television set and with a little help it slides right outside the box, the packaging is top-notch and will do a fine job of protecting the TV set which is something that’s a  must the worst thing is to have a TV set that arrives broken and in my case TCL 32 inch TV arrived perfectly intact.

Whats inside the Box?

tcl 32d2700

Inside the box you will find:

  1. A remote
  2. Batteries which are 2 Triple AAA
  3. Power cord for TV
  4. TV stand or Legs
  5. A user guide, quick start guide and another pamphlet
  6. The TCl 32 inch TV of course

tcl 32d2700

The setup of the TCL 32d2700

Make sure that you have a Philips screw driver on hand as the there are two stands that fit on the bottom of the TCL 32 inch led TV set which is very easy to install, all you have to do is get the 4 screws and although the assembly guide advises that you place the TV set on a flat surface face down and install the stands I found that with a little help you can place the protective bagging that the TV comes in on a floor or carpet and place the TCL 32 inch TV set vertically with the base where the stands are to be facing up, be sure to get an extra pair of hands and simply find the right leg of the stand or the left leg of the stand and slide them in and then begin screwing the whole thing together and that’s it for assembly. You can turn the TV over after and begin.


The power cord is easy to install and you can always go to the quick start guide if you are not sure what goes where exactly and I must give TCL top marks for an easy and trouble-free setup. Once everything is good you can place the TCL Tv set on a stand plug it in and insert the batteries into the remote and hit the power button.

After powering up you will be asked to do a simple setup at which time you can choose your Cable as the source or Air  for local channels, you can set the time and a number of other features. The TCL menu was simple and straight forward and for me I felt right at home plus the TV makes things dead simple, in a few seconds I had My cable connection connected and the TV set started to scan all the channels and in another few minutes it was up and I was enjoying some of my favorite TV stations.

Inputs and connections

tcl 32d2700

This TV set has no shortage of connections which is something that I like about it, there are two (2) HDMI ports, a RF in port, a USB 5v 500mA connection to the right side, and to the center and bottom on the back you have the Ac power cord in and the regular assortment of input jacks which total six of different colors. Last we have to the left a nice round controller to the side of the TV that has power channel up and down, volume up and down.

tcl 32d2700

The Remote

It was very nice that TCL included batteries for the remote the last thing you need is setting up a TV set only to be wanting batteries, the remote is ergonomic and fits in the hand well, perfect for the occasional couch potato and use the standard layout with all buttons in a standard and familiar location. You can see it below.

tcl 32d2700

The Audio Quality

I was really impressed by the Audio from the TCL 32d2700 as I started off with the notion that the Audio would suck,now I am no Audio buff but I tend to recognize OK and good Audio quality when I hear it and I was not in the least bit annoyed by the audio coming from the TV set which especially considering I have a great sound system on my other TV set which shows that the on board speakers are more than capable. I was in a relatively medium room and the sound carried nicely at a moderate volume and I could hear the news for example nicely even from across the room. The audio was nice and crisp and really good for on board sound.


I must say that the TCL 32d2700 is a beauty to look at from the front and the stand really complements the look, one concern that I had though was that I was wondering if this thing would be one of those TV sets that looked good in the front and terrible in the back-well on taking a good look on the overall design I found that TCL got really creative with the internals and the design and the back while it could be bulky is not and the design hides the bulkiness quite nicely in fact there is a small bulge but it does not take away from the design at all and looking from the side you don’t feel like with some TV sets to say I really hope no one look at the back. I should know as I look at the back section as well as the front of TV sets and if I dislike the back I will not buy it.

tcl 32d2700

Overall you will love staring at this TV even before it’s powered up and it looks good from any angle which means you can put in on display for all to see in the living room or part of a bedroom. The size is also nice being just big enough for you to really enjoy your TV programs and more from a comfortable distance without issues.

The Picture Quality

tcl 32d2700

Finally we have the picture Quality which can break or make a TV set, and do remember that this is a 32 inch TV and I was really impressed in this department and can boldly say that the best Quality of the TCL 32d2700 is the superior picture quality, it shows colors in a very vibrant manner and the pictures are crisp and clear, at no time did I remember while viewing a TV show or movie that this was a 720p TV set as the clarity and color were simply in your face and kept sucking me in. This after I was looking for something good for $150 I found a deal that was truly great and is the best deal that I have found to date in relation Television sets without throwing down some serious cash.

Wait what about Smart TV Functionality?

Unfortunately this TV does not have a smart TV feature, but in this case it’s not a bad thing and it was definitely not missed, with the HDMI cable all I had to do was connect my Laptop and wallah a I could use the TV to extend my Laptops display, watch Movies and more. You could also connect an Amazon Fire TV Stick or another device like that and you will have all the movies and content you want and they are quite affordable.



If you find yourself in the market for a 32 inch TV for whatever reason I suggest that you take your eye off those expensive brands for a second and take a minute to look at the TCL 32d2700 which is a budget brand that will give you maximum bang for your buck as this will be one of the coolest investments that you can make for this price range its a win win for you anyway you take it. I defiantly recommend that you get this great TV set its more than reasonable and you will get your moneys worth. I look at it sitting on its stand and each time someone views and comments on the quality I start off by asking them to guess the price and they can’t believe its only $159.99, even if the prices were to go up or return to normal it would still be a deal and I advise you to get yours right now.

Why Should I get this TV set?

  1. Its super cheap and affordable
  2. Picture quality is spectacular for the price and Quality you are getting.
  3. Its well designed.
  4. Decent on board sound.

Why you may want to skip this?

  1. It has no Smart TV functionality although this is an easy fix as you can connect a Laptop or TV Dongle and fix that easily.

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      Definitely Wayne I highly recommend it if you need something affordable and effective, Customs might run you another $100 bucks US if you are outside the united states.If you are within the USA then you get free shaping and no additional charges which makes the deal even sweater.