How to use Smart Phone Flash Tool to Flash any BLU Smartphone? 305

In today’s article I would like to show you how to use smart phone flash tool or SP Flash tool to repair or flash your BLU Android smartphone in cases that you are stuck on the boot screen and attempting methods such as factory resetting your smartphone is not working at all. Well if those methods failed then its time to attempt to flash your device. Please note that while I will be focusing on BLU smartphones this method does work for any smartphone once you have the required Stock or Custom ROM that you want to flash. This is also a tutorial on how to use the smart phone flash tool.

SP Flash Tool Download

You can download SP Flash Tool v5 here or here and simply extract the files once you are finished. The version that I have provided for download is the latest version and will have all you need to get started. Just in case you need it I will also provide the older SP Flash Tool V3 download or here as at times the older editions tend to be more reliable. You will only need to download one I suggest you use Version 3 or the second link.

 How to use Smart Phone flash tool to flash your smartphone?

Please note that before you begin this flashing method will only work with ROM’s that have a scatter file in it, which is a text based file that named accordingly. If your downloaded ROM does not have that file this method will not work and will require another tool. Also note this method will erase all data from the phone and as always you are attempting this at your own risk and any damages to your device is solely your responsibility. Also to better help you I have included a detailed video with step by step instructions:


1. As always make sure that your phone is fully charged and that your computer can communicate with your phone by downloading and installing the MTK drivers as seen in the video so your phone will connect to the computer and the SPF flash tool easily, if your phone is detected and connected to the PC you can skip this part.

2. Now power off your phone and disconnect it from the PC and remove the battery.

3. Get the ROM or flash files for your device, if you are looking for a full list of BLU flash files or ROM’s then look below for your specific model and download.

4. Download and extract the smart phone flash tool/ SP flash tool if you have not already done so. I will be referring to Version 3 which is older but version 5 works in the same way but with a more refined interface and simpler settings.

5. Open the folder and launch : Flash_Tool.exe

smart phone flash tool

6. The interface should look like this (The Newer version 5 will look a bit different but the option are the same):

SP flash tool

Version 3 interface

smart phone flash tool

Version 5 interface

7.Once you have launched the application click on the option: Scatter-loading with the icon of a folder beside it in the right of the interface. The newer version 5 if you are using that has it in roughly the same place with fewer options.

8. Now you will need to load your scatter files which can be found in your ROM files or firmware files that you downloaded, BLU users can check below to find their files. File is usually marked Android scatter.txt.

9. When its loaded hit download and connect your smartphone without the battery if it’s a removable battery. Now press Volume up or Volume down to have the PC detect your phone, this varies from phone to phone. The process should start and a green ring will appear when its finished.

smart phone flash tool

Process completed 100%

10. Close the tool and disconnect your phone and boot up your device, your phone should now be successfully flashed.

Some devices may end up loosing their IMEI number after flashing a ROM and will not detect your SIM card or be able to connect to any cellphone network provider, if you are having this issue then learn How to Repair IMEI number in Android here.

All Major BLU Firmware, ROM or Flash Files

BLU Dash JR K D142K Flash files

BLU Dash JR K D142K

If your file is not below check how to find any BLU ROM you need here.

1. BLU Dash JR K D142K Flash File

2. BlU Dash Music II D330 Flash File

3. BLU Dash JR TV D140T Flash File

4. BLU Star 4.0 S410a Flash File

5. BLU Dash JR D140 Flash File

6. BLU Studio 5.0 II D532U Flash File

7. BLU Dash JR K Flash File  

(Password: 20092014033400)

8. BLU Neo 3.5 Flash File

(Password: 20092014103214)

9. BLU Studio 5.5 D610a Flash File

(Password: 19092014095205)

10. BLU Studio 5.0 D530E Flash File

(Password: 19092014095205 )

11. BLU Studio 5.0 D532 Flash File

(Password: 19092014094643)

12. BLU Aria Flash File

13. BLU Deco PRO TV Q360T Flash File

14. BLU STUDIO 5.0 C Flash Files

15. BLU DASH 5.0 MODEL D410a Flash file


17. BLU Advance 4.0 A270a Flash File

18. Blu dash music 4.0 D272a flash file

I suggest that after recovering your phone by flashing it that you do a backup of your Phone or the ROM as shown here so if in the future you brick your device again you can easily restore it.

Trouble Shooting Potential Issues

1.In case of any errors please Change Download to Format or Firmware upgrade this sometimes does the trick. Also you can go to Options- Connection and change USB Speed from High Speed to: Full Speed this may help in fixing errors.

2.If the phone appears to be dead place it in Recovery mode, in which case the computer should recognizes the phone and you can flash the phone again.

If your file is not listed above you can check out this article on how to find any BLU ROM that includes a Scatter file.

3. If you are looking for the MTK USB driver as I used in the video here they are and this is how to install them in case you missed it.If the MTK USB drivers which are your best bet are not working for you then try the ADB drivers which has the drivers for most Android smartphones or find your specific BLU Drivers from the manufacturer which will do the same thing as the ADB driver but more specific to your device.

4. If you are using version 5 of the SPF Flash tool be sure that you have set the flashing mode to: Format All + download.

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305 thoughts on “How to use Smart Phone Flash Tool to Flash any BLU Smartphone?

  • joeypr3

    Hi Ricardo!!! i still need the blu 6.0 HD flash file, is not in the list!!! thanks a lot for the tutorial, i really love it!!!!

    • joeypr3

      Hi Ricardo!!! i need the blu 6.0 HD flash file with Scatter file please!!! i really need it for flashing my phone!!! thanks a lot!!!

  • joeypr3

    Sorry for asking againg i really need the blu 6.0 HD flash file with Scatter , i try to look in google and nothing!!!! i need the blu 6.0 HD flash file with Scatter or some Custom Rom that work for it, please help me!!!

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Sorry for the long wait, I just got in been out all day, please give me a little more time I found that file but I do not trust the source so please give me a little more time to find a proper files as that phones ROM is difficult to find.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Sorry don’t know whats going on there will have to take a look at the HTML code for that link, you could just right click and copy link location in the future.
      Blu Dash Music 4.0: chrome://mega/content/secure.html#!icolxLSD!xu5BO1AI_M_sJE_TWfRbk7-tkwN2U7AUcH4Ei50RgTU

          • joeypr3

            Thats ok !!! Amazon is gonna replace a new phone for me!!! The phone was one week old!!! Thanks a lot!!! Iknow u did your best!!!!!

          • Tyler Long

            Is it possible to get the ROM for Blu Studio 5.5 C HD D535u?… I can;t seem to find it, went to update with the “Wireless Update” as I got a notification and it seems to have hard bricked the phone.. Boot loops white screen / shut down and eventually a black screen until I remove battery. I can get into the recovery menu, but wiping and clearing everything didn’t work.. Thanks :/

          • Jon Robinson

            It doesn’t detect my phone when I connect it. Nothing happens.The program loads correctly and my phone’s drivers are installed, but nothing works. Any suggestions?

          • Jeremy Harty

            hello, do you have a flash file for the blu life pure? i cannot seem to find one any where, also, any thoughts of the blu life kit kat leak?

          • yursha

            good day was wandering if u coud hep me with the blu studio 5.5 s d630u plz have been looking for 3 dayss

          • Ricardo Gardener Post author

            Here you go Yursha it was not very hard to find, I found it using the first link in step #4 in the how to find your ROM article, it seems also you need to join the website to be able to download the file friend.
            Download link for blu studio 5.5 s d630u
            To all other readers follow the article I linked to in the first line of this comment I used the same steps to find the file even after others were not able to and I keep the article up to date and will ad new sources as I find better ones so please take the time to read and search for your files, I will only be helping those in dire need from now on due to too many requests that make it impossible to keep up so read the article it has everything you need.

      • joeypr3

        Sorry another thing i install the ABD Drivers with 15 secons ABD Installer and the computer dosent reconice my phone!!!! Please help my friend!!!!

      • joeypr3

        And the flash file dosent have the android-info.txt and the installed-file.txt is no ther also!!! Sorry for asking a lot!! I really sorry, but i want my phone back!!! Thank you bro!!!!

  • D. Alexander

    Link number 6 no longer exists. Do you happen to have this firmware available? I have one of these and it’s stuck at the Blu Logo. Factory reset did not help at all.

  • Jon Robinson

    Hi Ricardo, thanks much for the helpful tutorial. I’m in the process of downloading the appropriate ROM for my phone from your link, (thanks again).. I will post back with results on how the process worked out. Wish me luck 🙂

    • Jon Robinson

      I’ve gotten to the stage where I attach my phone using USB but nothing happens with the program. My computer detects it though, and the drivers are installed. Any advice on an approach? Any help is greatly appreciated- my phone’s soft-bricked and it’s my only one.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Glad you were able to figure that out in most cases when things are not working as they should its the drivers that causes the issues. Get the drivers correct and the flashing will go smooth.

      • Mutlu Oz

        Hi Ricardo! I have a Blu Sudio 5.5. There was an update alert on os and i acepted to install. While I was updating, my little one just took the phone and dropped the battery ( The cover was not on, it is a big mistake and I admit it 🙁 ). Now the phone does not even start. I tried the tutorial above. But after I press the volume up button, the pc recognizes the phone as MediaTek DA USB VCOM Port, the spflash tool starts working with a red bar and quickly reaches 100%. After about 10-15 seconds it gives the error, BROM ERROR: S_FT_ENABLEDRAM_FAIL (4032) EMI enable DRAM failed!
        I am using the files you provided below.
        Can you give me any idea of what is wrong and what I can do?

  • Beth

    I am so confused!! The ROM for my phone (BLU D572A) isn’t on there and anything close to it says the link is invalid. All the other links worked in the tutorial but now I’m stuck on finding the correct ROM. What do I do? I have searched for it on Google but honestly the sites I have seen word everything for the more expert person, not a beginner which is very aggravating.

    Please Help Me!!

  • toto

    how about for blu star jr s350…i flashed it using reseach download…now phone wont start…only vibrate twice and nothing happens…
    is there a way to fix this…thanks…

  • Tonya

    my blu studio 5.0 ll is stuck on the boot screen showing just the logo, I have done the factory reset however, it is still stuck, I am attempting the Flash however the file seems to not be working for BLU Studio 5.0 II D532U Flash File. If you are able to provide another file I would appreciate it as I would like to exhaust all options before purchasing a new phone.

  • Margie Hearron

    Could you help me find the file for Blu Dash 3.5 II? I’ve been trying to root my phone with MTK Droid Tool, but I keep getting that rom was read incorrectly from the phone.

  • Marcelo

    Unfortunately for me, I have searched a plethora of web pages for an LGMS323 flash file and every thread talks about how that specific phone model is notorious for top security in boot and recovery processes. I don’t know if it’s possible but could you help me find it? Thank you in advance. (BTW: my phone is also referred to as the Lg optimus l70)

  • Angela

    Hello good day… First let me say thanks a lot I enjoyed reading and excited to try however I couldn’t find the files for my phone.. I have Blu Model Dash 5.0 part no: D400a… pls help

  • ladytech

    Hi Ricardo,I’m looking for the BLU Studio 5.0 II D532U Flash File it is in the list but after clicking the link the page states that the file has been removed. Please help.

  • Derrick

    Hi I have the studio 5.5 and I get to the step where I plug my phone in but my computer does not recognize it. I’ve tried pressing the volume buttons and the power but still nothing.

  • BluUser

    Can I use Flash File from a different device for Studio 5.0 LTE Y530Q? If not, do you know where I can find a flash file? Thankyou

  • Marquis Green

    What about if you don’t have a removable battery(IE Life Pure Mini)?

    I’ve flashed my studio 5.0IIC multiple times so I know how to flash androids(done it with a bunch others) but never one with a removable battery.

  • Rammyfzl

    Hey Ricardo. The link you provided for the “BLU Studio 5.0 II D532U Flash File” no longer works and I am unable to obtain it from a legit site. Do you have another link for it? Thanks

  • Angelo

    “If the phone appears to be dead place it in Recovery mode, in which case the computer should recognizes the phone and you can flash the phone again.”

    Bro, you have got to be kidding! If the phone is dead, how the mother lover is one going to “place it in recovery”? LOL. And even if you can get the phone into recovery, you can’t flash it until you switch it OFF. When you connect the phone to flash it (with the battery out while holding the volume up key), the computer is looking for the PRELOADER USB Vcom driver. If you don’t have that installed or the computer doesn’t recognize the “dead” phone, then you have to download and install the drivers for the SPECIFIC BLU phone from here:

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Angelo I did say “APPEAR TO BE” which means it may seem that way but is not, as for recovery mode recommendation this is a common case after a failed attempt as with some tablets the device seems like its unresponsive and dead and simply placing it in recovery mode is enough some times to get it to become responsive again. Also Angelo Thanks for the direct link to the Various BLU drivers much appreciated we all learn something new each day and that’s how we grow friend, again Thank You.

      • Nana Adu

        Ricardo Gardener please can you get me the stock rom for Blu Studio 5.0 D530? I really need this please. Thank you and be blessed

  • Rammyfzl

    Hello Ricardo,

    I am unsure if you simply missed my messages, but I will try once more.

    The link you provided for the “BLU Studio 5.0 II D532U Flash File” no longer works and I am unable to obtain it from a legit site. Do you have another link for it?

  • Deswood Key

    The ADB Drivers are not there when i click on the writing i get Error (429)
    This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled! without them the pc wont pick up the phone can send me a link please fixing a phone for someone Blu Dash Music 2 D330

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Sorry about that seems that file has been downloaded too many times so thus the warning, I have updated the article with a new link in the same sentence you will notice a section option now for a website that gives you your devices specific drivers by model number.
      If you still want to go with the Android ADB driver then the link can be found here. You will be better off with the specific driver link I have added though.

      • Owen

        i have been trying this method on my blu studio 5.0 ii but i cant seem to get it to work.. my phone is in a bootloop I don’t understand the ABD drivers I installled it but I dont see any difference the computer still not recognising my phone and even if it does after i press the volume up button the computer will pick up the driver then 3 secs after it comes off. I’ve also installed the ABD driver and it does nothing. so please can you help me out. Please reply

  • Allison

    I was wondering If you could help me. I clicked on the BLU 5.0 c link for the flash files and it is saying that there is no file.

  • anons

    Hi I follow your every steps its not working i removed the battery and it keeps beeping (windows732bit) i put the battery again and it still not working!

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Sorry about that I have updated the article and to help you understand I have included a detailed video instruction and a updated driver to help your phone detect easily on PC simply follow the video.

  • Juan Carlos Acuña

    Hi Ricardo, nice post. I have a problem, my phone is a Blu Life Pure (Bricked) L240a the battery y non removable. What i do?

  • Gerardo

    Hello Ricardo, very good tutorial about flash tool, but hey the flash file nor the stock rom for a blu advance 4.0 L a 010 u is not listed, could you please uploaded because I got this phone nricked at logo. thank you for your help.

  • Sasha

    Hi Ricardo,
    I have a blu studio 5.5k D710 and it’s been bricked for a couple of months now. I desperately need some help or advice? 🙁

    Do you have the flash file or image? Sorry if my question is broad. I’m new to all of this and trying to figure it out as i go.


  • Akeem

    Hi, this was helpful when I had to fix the Blu Advance 4.0. I need help with the flash file for the Blu Studio 5.5k D710. I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  • Ricardo

    Hi Ricardo,
    I like your web.
    I bought a week ago a Blu Selfie s470a. Two days ago when I switch on the phone it delays 17 minutes to initiate. It works ok but it´s possible tosolve this issue? I´ve reset to factory but is the same. Can you help me? I thought reinstall the rom. Do you have it?
    Regards and thank you

  • zan

    Hi Ric,

    These methods are for the phones. Do you have a method for the tablets. for example TOUCHBOOK 7.0 3G? having trouble with this one.

  • enzo

    Hi Ricardo!!! i need the blu 5.5 k d710 flash file with Scatter file please!!! i really need it for flashing my phone!!! thanks a lot!!!

  • art

    hi Ricardo everything worked fine until i got to the scattered file. the error was that the file name was not legit. i downloaded it from your suggested link

  • Amit

    I have downloaded stock rom for Iball andi 3.5kke winner plus . When I started to flash it gives error message as scatter file incorrect. Please help me.

  • padawanchris

    Thought my Studio 5.0 II was a brick. Took me a bit to get the driver installed, but once I did I set it to firmware update and within minutes the phone was powered back on and running like new. Thanks for your help and files, I would’ve tossed the phone otherwise.

  • Angelo

    Hello Ricardo. I have a very mysterious problem that I would challenge you or any of your other readers to solve. I have a BLU Vivo 4.3 (D910i) which seems stuck in suspended animation. The phone began to throw dozens of toaster popups that said things like Google Search has stopped working, Google Play Store has stopped working…everything Goggle stopped working.

    I did a factory reset, but I noticed that it didn’t even remove the PIN on the lock-screen! It was as if the factory reset did nothing at all to the phone. And other finny things I noticed were that in Settings, regardless of what settings I changed, the setting would revert to exactly what it was just before I attempted to change it. I tried deleting apps and it would say that the app was deleted, but next time I boot the phone, all the deleted apps magically reappeared. I even tried deleting the Google account off the phone, but it magically reappears on reboot. The phone seems as if it is stuck in suspended animation. LOL

    So I decided to pull out the big guns. I flashed the stock firmware onto the phone.using SP Flash Tool. I’ve flashed dozens of firms including many BLUs. This particular one must be flashed with battery OUT. The flash progressed as normal on the screen. It took about 2-3 minutes. Then I got the big green circle with the check mark. Flashing was perfect!

    I put the battery in and booted up the phone and lo and behold …. NOTHING CHANGED! The phone was EXACTLY as it had been before the flash including the same PIN on the lock screen. It was as if the flash never happened! How is this even possible? Anyone know or seen this type of thing before?

  • Mike

    So, i encountered some problems but i fixed them along the way but when my phone, a blu dash 5.5 connects and the software picks it up the red bar loads up (Download DA 100%) and just remains there and the phone connects and disconnects over time even tho i fixed the driver issue

  • Rastaunique

    hi Ricardo
    I did flash my blu advance 4.0 but it is stuck in bootloop and I have no way of getting into recovery mode. Is there hope to get the phone back up and running. Thanks

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Yes the first step is to try to wipe your phone in recovery mode and if that fails to Flash your device by reinstalling the mobile operating system in this case that is Android, you are on the correct article and if you have successfully flashed your device it should not be stuck on boot.

  • pasang lama

    I’m having problem with my Blu Advance 4.0L which i rooted. After I restarted boot screen stuck and battery no charging. Is there any cases with rooted. batter show red indication even i charged on PC connected with original USB. do u have any solution pls

  • CountryBreakfast

    Ricardo, it had taken me days to even begin to have hope that I just May be able to flash a recovery onmy Advance 4.0 L A010U. So thanks soooo much! Are these links compatible with this specific ADVANCE 4.0?

  • Rayon Hall

    HI Ricardo, I have a Blu 5.0 C phone thats stuck on the boot logo, trying to download this file “BLU STUDIO 5.0 C Flash Files” but the link is down. Is it possible for you to check out the link and re-up?

  • richie


    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Thank you Richie for sharing your experience and thanks for the tip on the tool for the IMEI number, I had a solution for that as well that can be seen here. But at the end of the day you found a second option so I am equally happy. Big up my friend.

      • Nuno Carepa

        Hi Ricardo thanks for all the tips. I am struggling with a BLU Advanced 4.0. I keep hearing the windows beep on off when I connect the phone to the pc without the battery and when I try to do the download of the flash tool it says Enable DRAM failed. I have done the driver updated on device manager and it says it is updated. What shall I do? What is the name of the 2nd folder that appears on the list of required files. I have the flash tool, the BLU specific file and All MTK usb driver. Thanks Nuno

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          Nuno sorry for the late reply been very busy, for the solution to your issue read the comments there is a very long comment that you cant miss by a helpful user that shows what to do simply read that and it will solve your issue.

  • tony mac

    Whats up Ricky, you are doing a really good job, do you have the scatter file for BLU Studio 5.0 LTE or know where else to find one? Didnt find it on the links (large archive as well) in your blog. Downloaded the folder (zip file) but the ‘scatter’ file was not listed. Other .txt files are there but no scatter files. Thanks.

  • Rambo

    i have blu advance 4.0.I did everything as you said in the video but now the phone keeps keeps on restarting showing just “BLU products” on screen . Before it was just stuck on bold like us logo.Please Help.

    • Angelo

      Ricardo, if you installed all the drivers but your laptop doesn’t seem to recognize your phone, try the following trick. Remove the battery from your phone. Place the SP Flash program in Download. Then hold down the VOLUME UP button while you connect the USB cable to your phone. Slip the battery into the phone while still holding the Vol+ button. Di not let the Vol+ button go until the flash begins (you will hear the chime on the laptop and you will see the red bar at the bottom of the screen). Once the flashing process begins, you can release the Vol+ button and let the flash complete.

      The reason this works for stubborn cases is that when you hold down the Vol+ button when the battery is out, this FORCES the laptop to load the PRELOAD USB VCOM driver that the laptop uses to recognize the phone for flashing purposes.

      I noticed another reader said that if you set the flash tool to Format+Download, it will make the laptop recognize the phone. That’s simply not true. It’s just a coincidence. The reason I am warning people about that reader’s suggestions is that in SOME phones and some versions of the flash tool, you may end up hard-bricking the phone if you format it! Formatting is the LAST RESORT. You should try Download first. If that doesn’t give an error, then the next thing you try is Firmware Upgrade in the flash tool. Only if that too fails to flash the phone, only then would you attempt the Format+Download option.

      But the bottom line is that if you’ve got the right drivers loaded but the phone without battery is not recognized when you connect to the laptop, it’s because the Preload driver failed to load. Holding down the Vol+ key is the extra step you need to take to force the Preload driver to be loaded. If that still doesn’t work, then try also holding down the power button just after the Vol+ button, then connect the phone, then slip in the battery. Remember to release the buttons once the phone connects.

      If none of that works, then you did not install the correct drivers.

      • Ricardo Gardener Post author

        Thanks Angelo Your help was very detailed and I am sure it will help the readers who are having issues where their device is not being detected, Just to show we all learn something everyday.So those who find that there phone is not being detected follow the tips above should help you out. Again thank you Angelo.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      You need to find another Flash file and try reloading the Android Operating System, most users who use this tutorial do so because they are stuck on the Boot logo for their BLU and this is the only way to fix this problem that happens allot on these devices.

    • Angelo

      Like Ricardo suggested, it sounds like you are flashing a corrupted ROM. Where did you find the flash files? Try downloading them again, or download them from a different source. In your case where the phone keeps rebooting after the boot logo, you probably need to flash only the Boot image or the Android System image. Those are the likely culprits. The boot image can be flashed in just a few seconds. So always try to flash that first. If that doesn’t work, flash the system image (takes quite a bit more time). And if that does not work, flash the entire ROM.

      • Ricardo Gardener Post author

        Thanks Again Angelo I hope you do not mind I added your comment to the supporting article for this one that can be found here on installing the drivers towards the end of the article and I also added thanks and accreditation to you.To others users who are reading this it would be very helpful to share your expertise and experience. Its impossible for one person to foresee every situation as repairing your device will go differently for every one and some users will encounter issue that others wont. So do share your findings.

        • Angelo

          Hi Ricardo. No problem. I’m happy if the tip may help some of your readers. Feel free to use anything in my posts as you see fit. Your blog is an excellent resource for BLU users!

          There is one clarification I’d like to add. The earlier tip was for those readers who could not get their BLU phone to be recognized by their laptop in order to flash the necessary files even though the drivers were properly installed.

          I’ve noticed that there are some other readers who say the their phone is connecfing and disconnecting repeatedly, so the phone is recognized but not long enough to flash. In some of these cases, using the Vol+ may help as long as the flash has enough time to start and their is sufficient power to the phone.

          However, some of these folks with the connect/disconnect loop may have a hardware problem that is causing the issue. The issue has to do with the amount of power that’s coming from the USB port across the USB cable to the phone. You see, the USB port on a computer has very low power and there are reasons the amount of power is dropping off to insufficient levels causing the phone to disconnect. Here are some of the reasons and the simple method to fix each one:

          1. The USB port on the computer is loose or dirty. Either choose a different port, or clean the port and bend the little tabs inside the port so they connect more firmly with the USB cable.

          2. The USB cable is way too long! I’ve seen reports of people using 4 foot long USB cables. Not a good idea! Use as short a USB cable as you can to connect your computer to your phone.

          3. In some computers, the USB port simply does not have sufficient power to keep your phone connected. In this case, use a POWERED USB hub. A powered hub may also help with longer cables.

          4. The problem may be that some readers are not removing their SD card and their SIM cards before trying to flash. If there is sufficient power across the USB cable, this should not be an issue. But in some cases, the SD and SIM slots may draw a little bit of the power that the phone needs to stay connected. So by all means, remove your SIM and SD cards and see if this solves the issue.

          Ricardo, I apologize that this post is another long one. But I see so many users on your blog who are having this problem where the phone keeps connecting and disconnecting every couple seconds. Hopefully, this may help someone that has this problem. Again, keep up the good work. BLU should put you on their payroll, bro. Lol

          • Ricardo Gardener Post author

            The length of the comment is not an issue bro, much appreciate your insight on the matter and do feel free to comment wherever you see fit. I started this article as so many people were having issues with their BLU devices, feel like a employee of BLU (lol) the requests and questions never end I really appreciate the help and I know the other users do as well.

  • Conan

    Hello Recardo i have blu studio 5 and when i connect it to the pc without battery it shows on device manager connected for 1 second and it disconnected again and just repeating this action
    So please help me
    Thank you in advance

  • Monique Lew

    My phone hangs on the start up screen. Only taking out the battery helps to shot down. I tried to flash, but the computer cannot make connection with the phone. Is there anything else I can try. Or is my phone really dead.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Hey Monique Lew sorry for the late response but if you are having issues check out the comment section there is a user called: Angelo that provided details on fixing your issue it should be a long comment simply read it to solve your issue and thanks for commenting.

  • owilo

    Hey Ricardo thanks for this information. It helped to flash my phone back to stock after it crashed on the start up (BLU) screen. How ever after i installed the drivers, my phone would not flash ( nothing happened). it was not being recognized by the spF. But what I did was to remove my phone cancelled the download. I then started the dwl+format then plugged in my phone and it was recognized and it was successfully flashed.

  • Rebecca Garnes

    good night Ricardo the information that you given have been extremely helpful so far to me i tried the factory reset but it didn’t work
    so i will like to flash the phone but i need help finding the firmware for the Blu Advance 4.0L

  • donielia lynfatt

    Ricardo i need your help i went to the link website n tried to download my specific blu firmware and the 4shared site is not allowing me to do so

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Sorry about that links sometimes get taken down, due to the requests I have made a detailed article on finding and downloading your BLU ROM or Flash file, all you have to do is read it step four the first link has a large archive or ROM files and you should find your file but you will need to signup to the website. Here is the article.

  • Sheryl Alvernaz

    I tried all except “flashing” which i don’t really understand. My phone still doesn’t start up. I don’t exactly understand what happened. I suspect that a movie was running when the phone shut down. I’m nervous about “flashing the phone” the Blu5.5 doesn’t seem to have flashing information here. I really love the blu but this particular phone i have factory reset at least 5 times since i have had it. Currently i have only been using it for my grandkids to watch movies on. There hasn’t been any dropping or abuse the thing is only a year old.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      The issue you have happens allot with BLU devices its the underlining issue I find with them and its affects allot of them. In my experience if resetting as you have tried failed then your only other option is to flash the device, I know it seems hard but all it requires is a Little time and to find the file for your deice and follow the instructions I gave. I went through the procedure in fine detail and even included videos that anyone con do it all you have to do is read and go to the supporting articles, its not hard it only requires time and patience with my guide.
      At least try before you give up, saying you cant before even trying simply makes what you think true without even attempting it.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Read the article on finding and downloading your file it linked in the article and should help you out,links go dead all the time so read the instructions on finding your file and you can find another source for it.

  • Daneil Bedward

    Thank so much it flash my blu studio 5.5c d690 phone it run now but not picking up the network can u help me or post a YouTube video thanks

  • Colin Karr

    Your posts are fantastic: informative, well written and accurate. Note that for Blu D880L which I have, I was able to unlock my phone from my local network by replacing the D880L stock rom with the D890U stock rom and gain access to the other sim card because the C5 + 5 is a dual sim phone. Finally, this particular phone gets errors with the MTK Droid Tool when you try to back it up and replace the IMEI number. You will have to definitely replace the IMEI number if you flash this phone with the D890U rom. However there is another tool that I had to use to get the job done which also does not require root. It is called MTK Engineering which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

    My next task is to find a suitable CWM or TWRP that I can use with this phone to create a backup.

  • Raja Chinraj

    the drivers are installed but my phone is not connecting, so i can flash it. What other options are there if i am not able to connect.

    its stuck looping at boot loading screen. I wiped cache and factory reset. the i tried the above method but the phone is not connecting to pc to go any further. driver files are installed and all other screens are ready to go.
    Thank you and i would appreciate any solution.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      The scatter file is the only way to load the necessary flash files that are in the folder you downloaded. Did you try searching the directory for the file, manually re-selecting the folder or loading each file the SPF tool needs if you understand how to use the tool.

  • Floyd Francis

    Do you have any fixes for Blu Pure XL? Phone does not boot on its own pass the blu logo but continually shuts down before booting fully. Tried hard and soft reset to try and resolve the issue but its still occurring. Can you please help?

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      That’s why this tutorial was made if resetting fails then flash the phone, you will need the too in the article and your phones firmware file which is totally up to you to find I only show you how.

  • Jugzy

    Hey need help bad, My My BLU Studio5.0c boots to recovery and goes no further, i select reboot system now and it just takes me back to the recovery menu. this happened after i tried to update the phone from wireless update while the phone was up and running. additionally i hear the connect sound when i connect the phone to my PC but cant see anything pop up in device manager i tried the steps you gave but nothing.

  • Johnny Harris

    Thank you for this video. But I have a major problem. I have a Blu Studio G Plus (BLU_S510_V13_Generic) And There are literally no Stock or custom firmware. I have looked everywhere. I got stuck in bootloop, when I was deleting old twrp backups. While I was at it I deleted some log files and some files that I thought were just empty residual files. My best guess is that these files were in fact not empty and were a part of my phones firmware. I dont remember the names of these files. So I have no hope of just looking them up and simply flashing them back to my phone. Do you know of any other way that I can fix this? Or where I can find a stock rom for my phone? or any rom for that matter?I dont think this is possible but maybe A firmware from another phone that may be compatible? I have tried deleting cache and factory reset my phone, and this did not work. Could you please lend me some advice? Thank you I would very much appreciate it.

  • Benjamin Li

    Hey Ricardo. The review was great, easy steps to follow and all. But…after following all those steps, in the end my phone couldn’t boot at all :/ . I think I have the same phone as the one you were using, a BLU Advance 4.0L . Before doing this, I had the same problem, stuck on that colourful loading screen. I already tried the hard reset before and it didn’t work I don’t think I really went wrong anywhere; I downloaded all the files necessary, took out my battery on the right steps etc. The only part which I didn’t follow completely was step 9, I didn’t press volume up or volume down, but my the thing still downloaded. After the download completed, I disconnected my phone, put the battery in and tried to boot it. Didn’t work. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      There is no reason it should not have worked. Here is where most people make a mistake: check the firmware you used see if the source you got it from says that it works or someone said in comments it works you may find a clue there. Check the file name and what phone it said it was meant for, made up example: Blu Studio G8 (or) Blu Studio M8, sometimes you missed a letter in the name thinking its for your phone and the tool which in most cases watches out for errors flashes the file any way because it so close. You may have to find another file or from another source and flash it again had an issue like that recently but it was totally my error but the phone was fine all I had to do was flash the correct file again.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      It rare to find someone that can follow instructions and not panic at the first sight of trouble. I really took time to make sure I was detailed. Thank you for taking the time to comment really appreciated.

  • GuilhermeBR

    Thank’s very much, you saved my life, i’m braziliam and i was reseaching a long time in portuguese and nothing, just here with your work i fixe my cell phone blu studiox d750 thank’s very much, you saved my life!!!

  • Chevy

    Hey Ricardo what you do when there is a built in battery and it cannot be taken out? I am having problems installing the MTK drivers because my phone battery cannot come out.

  • kabloona

    BLU Advance 4.0L A010U…Phone was screwed..for some reason it got into a loop and couldn’t be recovered using normal android procedure, so I followed your instructions and was able to re-flash with working factory ROM. Thank you….

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Everything you need is in the tutorial in detail for every step of the way including finding and downloading your flash file and is stretched across several related articles that answers every possible question you could have. I even included detailed videos.

  • Dave

    Greetings Ricardo, this video/tutorial was very detailed and could be helpful. However I was not able to complete the process as i could not find a ROM file for the BLU Studio 5.0 ii D532u i am using. If you can assist me further i would greatly appreciate it.

      • Ron

        Hi Ricardo! First off, I gotta say I am very impressed with your work! Amazing! I’ve worked in I.T. For well over 20 years, but my experience is mostly with network security, computer servers, routers, etc…I did however, lots of “rom flashing”, eeprom flashing/programming, as needed when repairing or building new circuits.

        I have a Blu Studio 5.5C that I have grown very fond of, and when it would no longer connect to my wifi I was forced to flashing the phone with a new factory image that I was able to find easily by following your instruction on “how to find your rom files”. Excellent work my friend!

        Anyhow, I was able to flash it, but lost the IMEI numbers as the image I used was “generic”. The rom image used “Null” in the 2 fields where the IMEI numbers would normally go. But this would be expected on a generic type image considering the IMEI numbers are “phone specific”.

        I followed your instructions on fixing the IMEI numbers and all as good again.

        I would suggest that your instructions include an additional step before flashing the phone.

        That additional step would be for the user to edit the image with the users correct IMEI numbers BEFORE that final step of flashing begins.

        This way after flashing, no additional step would be needed for “fixing” the IMEI numbers.

        The software tools already used should be able to edit the image before flashing it to the phone.

        Thanks again for your work in how to fix these android phones!! Great work!!

  • kamanja

    Hi Ricardo,thank you for your useful post. Is it possible to flash Blu Studio C 5+5 D890U with D890L ROM? Will it work well? Are there any major differences between the two ROMs that can make one not work in place of the other? I will really appreciate your insight on this. Thanks

  • Cecil Aqui

    Downloaded ROM for Blu Studio 5.0 CE from and from, but in both cases the scatter files were declared not legal. What am I doing wrong?
    The phone has no display, but the startup sound can be heard after pressing the power button.
    It shows up in Windows 10 as portable media player.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Double check the ROM you are using sometimes you think its correct but there is a slight difference in name. The flashing tool will try to warn you sometimes. You may need a different file.

  • Donna Dancing Faith

    Ive become zealous to fix my phone. Our carriers here on Guam are out for money and so its been difficult to under anykind of repairs. But Ohhh Ricardo Gardner you’ve become my hero. Shine on and blessings to ya.

  • Gregory Hyatt

    My Blu Dash 5.5 phone has been bricked after I flashed it. Situation CRITICAL. I need your help in resolving this issue. I had flashed it before and it worked ok, but I don’t know what went wrong this time. I get this error message. BROM ERROR: S_CHKSUM_ ERROR

  • Ron

    Awesome guide Ricardo!! Was able to repair my phone easily and quickly with all the detailed information and file sources. Excellent work my friend!

  • Mickel Carven

    hello any body there to help me . i flash the ROM to Blu life 8 L280i it flash currectly but when i start my phone the screen is black show noting sound and other function is work currently but screen is off… can any body help me in this case

  • john garrett

    this worker flawlessly. except i had to go directly to sp flash tool website to download it becaus ethere was too many ads on the links provided and i couldnt even find the download button to click.

  • Ricardo Gardener Post author

    This might help others so let me place it in the comments as I was contacted by Khalid who pointed out a few things. If anyone else can confirm this it would be great.


    Hi Ricardo, I wanted to thank you for your helpful youtube video and website article on how to use the sp flash tool to restore Blu Advance 4.0 phones. One thing I’d like to point out is that you state it should be format all+download. That is wrong. I did that on one of my phones and then lost my imei and had to go through the other process of rooting it and then restoring it. I found out through researching on the internet that you should use firmware update. That way people won’t lose their imei’s. I did it on my other phone like that and did not lose my imei. Further more, it seems once you format all+download, you lose the imei forever. As the first phone went bad again and so I had to do the process again. This time I selected firmware upgrade but because I had previously done format all+download, it lost it’s imei still. Just a heads up so you can update your webpage and youtube video. Thanks again for all your help.

  • Paige

    Hello there,

    Are you available on any social media platforms?
    I have a blu studio 6.0 LTE that I rooted a while back and one day a OTA update came in and I clicked it, it started but gave me error message and started up the phone again. I started experiencing a logo hang on the phone, I factory reset but it still hangs.

    I put it down for about a 6 months and one day I charged up the battery and decided to try it and boom it wasn’t hanging on the logo. Long story short…. It’s now hanging on the logo again… So I’m in need of a stock rom for it… I would also like to know if MTK is the general for all BLU devices and if not, could you help me find the ideal rom for my phone because I don’t want to get anything wrong while attempting to reinstall firmware.

    I also recently found out about various codes [one in particular] that could be used to delete the firmware and reinstall it… I wanted to know if you’re aware… I’ve seen the code and could provide a link for your investigation. I’m not certain how exactly that code would do that but given I can’t get past the logo, I can’t be sure if it’ll work or not.