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I have created this article due to the overwhelming requests for chines Tablet Firmware or Flash files that are constantly being requested by my readers. Its my hope that by reading this article it will help you in finding your Tablets Firmware file, I currently have too many request for these files, currently the back log stands at over a thousand requests and I cannot find each file for every user as that would be a full-time Job and would not leave any time for me to create new content.

So from now on I will not be filling new requests for Firmware files but instead I will show you in detail the method I use to find the files, so if you can find it with the methods below then if it doesn’t exist I suggest either you get creative by trying closely matching files or wait until a file is available as I will post your info too and see if some one from the community can help you out. These firmware files are like the stars in the sky and there are many variations due to the fact that so many manufacturers make these tablets and they don’t always provide files for the tablets that are having issues on their support websites.

Find and download Chinese tablet Firmware

chinese tablet Firmware

So with that out of the way let me outline the methods I used to Find a Firmware file.First as you may know you will need to find the Board ID of your Tablet as shown here in detail and once you have that info then read on unless you read that article already:

1. Use or search My Archive of Firmware Files

The first and obvious step is to try to find your Firmware from my article here that list quite a few Firmware files in the article for you to download, those are some really popular files and its your best place to start your search. Also remember the comments section of that article has many Files that were already found so do use that to your advantage which will require that you actually read through them.

2. Download and Search this Text Archive.

You can download the text Firmware Archive here, note it’s in Microsoft Word Format, there are more than 1000 Firmware files listed according to Board ID and you can even search and find quite a few Firmware files. Do be patent and don’t be lazy by assuming your file is not listed on the page or in the text file do search the file, there is a search function in Microsoft word for the text file place your Board ID or a part of it and allow search to sift through the list. When you find your file link simply open it in a browser and download the file.

3. Use Google Search

My best tool in Finding Firmware files is Google, I simply type in search: My Board ID + Firmware File or Flash File and Google usually tracks down a source that has the file to download, you will be surprised how many time a user claims there is no Firmware available for me to actually use this method and find it. With that in mind please take your time and search Google and track down your Firmware this works in finding your files in my experience in more than 50% of all cases. You can even ask for help in some websites or forums if you don’t see your exact file for download.

4. Search A large archive of Firmware Files

My last tip is for you to search a large archive of Firmware files, here are my best sources:

a. Large Archive for Allwinner A13: Link

b.Most of these tablets are rebranded Wintouch tablets download various Q75s (or Q75) Firmwares especially if they look like your tablet: Link

c. Those with Rockchip based ID (RK???) check this link.

I hope you found your firmware file, do understand that the methods above works but most users don’t want to search themselves I cannot answer so many requests as that would be unfair to me when you can do it and save both you and me some serious time. I hope the above was helpful and that you found your firmware.

Finally if you did find your file make things easier for the next guy like you and leave a description of your experience along with the source of your file so they can save some time,use the comets below and do share this article with someone who needs it.Please note as more Chinese tablet Firmware sources become available I will update the article.


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48 thoughts on “Find and download Chinese tablet Firmware

  • zaki

    Prozessor MT8382V (CPU) Cortex A7 Quad Core, 1.3 GHz 16 GB*3G (GPU) Mali-400 MP Display-Typ IPS 5-Punkt-Multitouch kapazitives Display Display-Größe 25.7 cm (10.1″) Bildschirmauflösung 1280 x 800 Pixel Kamera Rückseite: 5.0 MP (Autofokus), Vorderseite: 2.0 MP Schnittstellen 3G (Micro-SIM), Kamera, Kartenleser, Mikrofon, Stereo Audio out, WLAN, 1 x Micro-USB 2.0, Bluetooth® 4.0, (BORAD ID IS P6171-04)(P024_V2.1_MAIN 20131222) i need firmware please sir

  • eldin995

    Hy man, thank you for everything you’ve already posted, can you help me to find one other firmware?
    It’s GIGATECH model E900, A13-GT90H- V.1.6 , 2015 01 23

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      That would defeat the purpose of this article, did you read and at least try all the steps that are presented, I created it because of this very situation so you can help yourself and find your file if you cant read and use the detailed article here or the other articles with links to your firmware file then I cant really help you sorry.

      • eldin995

        I was searching all over the places I knew, I looked at all your pages and couldn’t find this particular firmware. I’m sorry man, but I was going step by step and couldn’t find it, and I was looking all over the other forums, youtube and did google research but it didn’t helped.

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          OK-the files can be very hard to find and in some cases they may not exist especially if you have exhausted the principles as I have directed you to do, in such a case you have two options either put out the world and hope some one with a similar device will make you a firmware and upload it which is highly unlikely or actually trying randomly to find a closely matching firmware that will work and the only way to do that is by Trial and error from the many firmware files I have listed, some users were lucky enough to use this method to find a match or partial match and their tablet was back up again.

  • Iliyan Iliev

    Hi, I need help. I buy Iconbit Touscan tv stick and I want to upgrade it to android KitKat or lollipop, I was searching but no luck :(. Can you help?

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      The only advise that I can offer is that you find your manufacturer website and simply lokk for their instructions on upgrading your device if there is not a feature withing the device interface.

  • Shankar

    Dear Ricardo.
    Thank you very much. I have find my Firmware and trying to download if any problem comes I will let you know. Good Luck to me. Thanks again Buddy.

  • Milos

    I’ve installed new ROM but after done, wi-fi, bluetooth , doesn’t work, I need this model to solve my problem ” Android 4.4 Allwinner A33 Quad-Core 16GB WIFI 1.5Ghz 2GB/16GB 1024 * 600 Bluetooth Wi-Fi Android 4.4

  • jonah migisa

    hello Ricardo G….
    first of all thanks for all your efforts.
    i followed ur guide and finally got the firmware i wanted.

    MAXIMUM RESPECT… bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rafael Perez

    Greetings, your video was very helpful , I did not even know how to open it. I managed to get the i.d. That is as follows: GPT A33_Q7_V1.0. It works but does not come with play store nor will be supported by google. can you help me? it was supposed to be a present for my wife. Thanks for any help you can give.

  • gerry

    hi Ricardo, very interesting article. I may have to try your way as I not very experienced in this stuff. however I would like to ask you something first. if I have a Chinese android tablet that I was told the manufacturer no longer exist but for the most part works rather well, the actual issue I am having relates to the storage. the tablet tells me that my main memory is full but I still have about 12gb available. when I try to download any thing from google play store, it tells me that I cannot because I have no available space. is it really necessary that I flash the rom to fix this issue or is there a simpler way ?????
    I hope you might have a suggestion as to what can be done, I would be greatly appreciated.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      I understand the situation well, please understand that while your device has free space there is a portion of your storage that reserved for the Android operating system to work well that a few Gigabytes. Crazily though the Android system does not tell you that. So on older tablets with limited space such as 16 GB, 8 GB and so on you might have reached that limit although you see free space its reserved. Try uninstalling any Apps you don’t need, clearing the cache of apps,move apps to a SD card if your device supports SD cards.

      • gerry

        hello again, thanks for your reply. yes I knew about the partition in the main memory and so it must be a 16gb memory because it says I still have 13 or so gb’s left. I have tried emptying the cash but cannot delete any apps or transfer to a ext sd card because the transfer option is not highlighted and I cannot download any apps from GOOGLE PLAY STORE because it keeps saying no space available.
        one more thing, if flashing is the only way to fix this issue, how important is it that I choose an exact firmware, I have been looking through many many firmware listings but cannot find the exact one as mine, the closest I have come to has lower versions such as v6.6 or v7.0 vrs my v08, what effect would a different version make on the tablet ??
        I actually have 3 7″ tablets and 1 10″ tablet (long story) the 3 7″ tablets are pretty much identical but the 10″ is the one that I am most interested in at the moment. none of them are branded so I have no idea who the manufacturers were, which is complicating my success in finding the correct firmware.I never thought it would be this difficult to find firmwares.


  • Urvashi Rautela

    Sir The firmware i have downloaded for my D link D 100 8 inch tablet,the sim card is not detected it was a firmware problem. its processor is MTK 6582

  • Hiya Wana

    first a big thank’s for the work you post, I do not find the firm for my tablet it’s an A13 TOPWISE F900 MOTHERBOAD V 1.2.0
    i need help to find it

  • Francesco Buccheri

    hi,i bought a new 7″ inches tablet on wish but it is too slow! i opened the tablet and i find this numbers: i’ve an “A33 processor” quad core then i found this “j5389ba 6642” just under the “a33” in the chip of mother board and this too “tw_a0766bs3_v20_20171201” i really don’t know the brand! i’ve just the model “QT-7”! can you help me please? i want to flash my tablet and install a nice rom,android 7.0 it will not be bad 😛

  • kaddour

    greeting has all the world.
    I search the firmware of the bar majestic tab312 3g 10.1, androïde 4.4.2, CPU MediaTek MT8312CW, Dual Core 1.3GHz, ARM CORTEX A7, ARM Mali, mere ELINK C900D V1 14.11.14 FCF 4 94V-0 E233205 card
    the probleme of this bar it is the androide who puts on in a continuous loop in the demarrage, and am in impossibility to recuperer has the etat of plant, meme a hard reset by recovery ca always gives nothing androide in a continuous loop, I searched the firmware in the reseau and it is impossible of credit, has this effect I search either the firmware or a custom rom for a flashage, I know not whom has take.
    please to help me has this probleme ressoudre since I do not arrive the token have the redemarrer by trying several customs rom androide version 4.4.2 and according to the processor mt 8312 but yet is the mt 8312 cw and thank you mr ricardo gardener

  • cheryl albrecht

    Hi i found nothing i am trying find my firm wear and can not find a thing.i need firmwear for A10 for 9742 can you please help me?

  • Arthur R Bennett

    Thanks for all you have been doing to help I have a nobis tablet that i am looking for Firmware/ rom for these are the spec’s anything you cn do to help is appreciated

    Tablet Processor: Amlogic AML8726-MXS

    Board ID: EM_M69 V1.2
    Brand Name: Nobis

  • gerry seccull

    hi Ricardo, I tried but could not find anything either. so here is my question. can and how hard is it to change the OS of a Chinese tablet to something like UBUNTU or ANDROID or whatever ??????

  • s25.kall

    Dear sir
    i have datawind ubislate 10 ci tablet
    my tablet is hanging on bootloop
    details of the tablet
    size 10 inch
    BOARD ID : 0R0Q100AC04629

    Please provide me with the firmware and
    flashing instruction
    Thanks in advance

  • Dorian Gray

    My chinesse tablet is a TMAX modelo TM9s775, I need the firmware and I could not find the processor kind inside oo if, can you help me please sending to me the firmware.

  • Maurizio

    good morning i am looking for the original firmware for a tablet sanei g706 with mediatek 8382v processor could you help me please , thanks

  • Goodwill

    My tablet is 800P31C MECER .and the proceser is written Kingston but nothing like A13 or A10 but some digits maybe 5of them then written TAIWAN at the end