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In today’s Guide we are going to show you an easy method to flash Android tablet, if you would like an alternative method you can read our previous article that shows you another way, so let’s get started as you are here because your tablet is giving issues, especially those Chinese tablets with the A13 and A10 processors they can be such a pain, one minute they work and the other they refuse to boot beyond the Android boot screen.

In what cases should I flash My Android Tablet?

OK if you are having any of the following issues then you can definitely go ahead and flash your tablet the more severe the case the better:

1. Your Tablet is Stuck on the Android boot Logo or screen.

2. Your Tablet needs to be updated to the latest version from a firmware file.

3. The tablet is slow and unusable and needs to be wiped clean.

3. Too many Pattern attempt and you are locked out, but you should try this method in this case first.

4. Or any method that renders your tablet unusable.

before you proceed remember you are responsible for anything that might happen to your tablet and also please only use this method if your tablet is bricked and cannot boot or is unusable in that way if your situation improves it’s a win win.

Flash Android Tablet

flash android tablet

To flash your Android tablet you will need a few things, first you will need to your firmware file for your tablet or one that’s close or compatible and remember if you get it wrong the tablet will not boot up or boot and the touch will be unresponsive, so read our guide on how to find your firmware and download your exact firmware here. Now if you are still following and you have found your firmware files using our guide you will now need the flashing tool called Livesuit Pack.

LiveSuit Pack V 1.11 Download

The tool you will be downloading is called Livesuit, you can download it here and its used to flash .img files or image files (Firmware) unto most Android tablets especially the Chinese tablets that are so popular,read on to find out how to use this tool.

How to Flash Android Tablet Using LiveSuit Pack?

Now please follow these instructions once you have found the correct firmware for your Tablet and downloaded the Livesuit Pack tool from above, make sure your tablet is turned off and disconnected from the PC before proceeding:

1. You will need to extract the zipped package that you downloaded called: LiveSuitPack_1.11.zip, once extracted open the folder called Livesuit Pack.

2. Now launch the program called Livesuitpack.exe and it should run and extract some files in the folder to which it was extracted, If you are getting a failure error skip to the fix below and come back to this part later.

3. You should now be seeing this screen:

flash android tablet

Select install anyway or the lower option.

4. Next a new screen will pop up that prompts you saying:

flash android tablet

For this one answer No.

5. Now from the interface of the program in the upper left select your .IMG (Firmware) file by browsing for it, it should be extracted if its zipped and it must be a .IMG file:

flash android tablet

6. Get the tablet that should be off and charged up, now press volume up button and while still holding volume up connect the tablet to the PC by the USB, now press the power button repeatedly about ten times while counting at a normal pace or once every second (Keep holding volume up) the tablet should go into download mode.

7. A force format warning should appear on-screen now on your PC if you did everything correctly, you can let go of volume up:

flash android tablet

Choose yes and then yes again in the next screen.

8. The progress bar should now start moving in the program as it flashes your android tablet,when it is finished you will get this on screen:

flash android tablet

9. Congratulations your job is finished and the tablet should start up on its own, if not you know what to do.

That’s it if you did everything correctly your you tablet should boot up and be functional, if not you made a mistake on the Firmware and you need to find the correct one.


How to Fix the Livesuit Pack Windows 8 Driver failure error?

If you are using a newer version of Windows such as Windows 8 or maybe even other versions of windows and when you try to launch LiveSuit it gives errors and resfuse to run, here is what you can do to fix the issue and have it install on Windows 8.

1. Try running the file as an Administrator by right clicking and selecting Run as administrator and it should run, if not read on.

2. Even the above does not work sometimes so here is what you do, we need to disable the  Windows 8 feature that is preventing unsigned drivers from being installed (This method can be used to fix other programs with similar problems)

3. Now hold down CTL+ALT+Delete buttons at the same time and a windows will pop up now look for the power button option in the bottom right of the screen. Now hit shift key while you click restart.

4. You are now in a mode that looks like Windows recovery console, go right into Advance options, then startup settings and your pc will reboot.

5. You will now be at a blue boot screen with several options select: Allow install of unsigned drivers (The seventh choice) and now the computer will boot up and all you need to do is, re-extract Livesuit Pack and launch again and follow the guide above on how to use it.


I hope our tutorial helped you in flashing your tablet please leave a comment below for help or just to say thanks, it was fun having you guys please remember to share this or to subscribe for more great tech tips in the future.



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