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For today’s tutorial I will be looking at how to install a tempered Glass Screen Protector, the reason behind this tutorial is because on getting my new phone I decided to actually install a tempered Glass Screen Protector only to have it arrive without any instructions on installation. The package included: Wet and dry wipes, 2 Guide stickers, Dust absorber and the tempered glass screen protector itself with no instruction in sight.

Because of this I have decide to do a tutorial on how to install a tempered Glass Screen protector easily without the issues of it miss aligning or getting dust particles or air pockets beneath the glass.

What will you need?

For this project you will need:

  1. A Tempered Glass Screen Protectorthat fits your phone or tablet.
  2. Clean surface.
  3. Some free time.

Video Demonstration

How to Install?

1. To begin place the tempered glass screen protector down on the face of your phone or tablet to make a perfect alignment (Do not remove adhesive strip on the screen protector).

2. Once you are satisfied with the alignment use the two guide stickers to affix the screen protector in place by sticking it on the back and side of the phone and then unto the screen protector that’s aligned in the position that you want it.

how to install a tempered Glass Screen Protector

Use the guide stickers on the same side one at the top and the other at the bottom.

3. When set in place flip the screen protector to the side the guide stickers will act as hinges if you placed them as directed above.

Next remove the wet wipe from its pouch, next clean your phone or tablet screen, when satisfied open and begin to use the dry wipe to clean and polish until the screen is spotless.

4. If you see any dust particles use the dust absorber to get rid of them without smudging the screen by removing it from the card and sticking it to the screen were you see dust particles and removing, if your environment is clean you will not need the dust absorber.

5. When the screen is clean begin by removing the adhesive strip cover from the back of the screen protector and carefully put it back in place to its prealigned position.

The guide stickers will help with a perfect placement, only put it totally flat when satisfied, if a single section is misaligned simply lift carefully and place again but don’t remove the whole thing. And when placing it down again especially in case of air pockets carefully lay it and allow gravity and the adhesive to allow it to stick to your screen.Finally when its perfect use a microfiber cloth and smooth things over and clean up.

Thats it if you followed the instructions you should have a well installed tempered glass screen protector thats put into place perfectly. Please leave a comment below or subscribe to the website I would love to have you as part of our growing family.


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8 thoughts on “How to install a Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

  • Luke Yancey

    This is a lot easier than I previously thought. Before I thought that you just had to free-eye it. Does this method have the same issue as the plastic screen protectors where bubbles are left underneath? I have one on my phone now and I want to replace it. Also for anyone reading, don’t be afraid to check online- there tempered glass protectors are much cheaper there!

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      You wont have the issue of Bubbles but you do need to watch out for lint or hair. They are super cheap online plus you probably can get a case and Tempered Glass screen protector combo for cheap to make the deal even sweater.

  • Orion Hopper

    Thanks for giving the idea to install a Tempered Glass Screen Protector. It is valuable for me as I have ordered a screen protector online. and I have to install it so I am checking for the information. I will use it. If any problem arises then I will contact you.

  • Jeremy B

    Thank you. I followed your steps (because my glass screen protector didn’t come with instructions) and it worked perfectly. Your tips about the guide stickers were very helpful.

  • Jeremy Thompson

    This is perfect since I’ve just bought my son a phone and just noticed it doesn’t have a screen protector. I wouldn’t want him to have this yet since he’ll just have the screen scratched within minutes for sure. I’ll try purchasing some screen protector before I come home. I appreciate that you mentioned about the guide stickers since if I were to see those without context, I wouldn’t have to know what those are. Thanks for the instructions on how to properly install a glass screen protector! Kudos to you, you did great!