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Today article is a tip that’s meant to disable clean Master Charge Screen on Android lock screen. If you know clean master and you have installed it for the first time to keep your device running smoothly. Then you might notice the charge screen. It activates without notifying you and it can really be annoying. My objective today is to show you how to disable this screen. This will return your normal lock screen after its disabled..

Whats the Function of the Clean Master Lock Screen?

The lock screen that’s activated will tell the time and battery percentage. It will also display the current charge speed that’s set. You can also swipe through the screen.On the other screen you will have weather notifications and so on.The screen may change color and show blue, orange and so on with a animated wave motion in the background.

How to Disable clean Master Charge Screen on Android Lock screen?

Disable clean Master Charge Screen on Android Lock screen

To disable the screen as you are seeing the process is not straight forward, you will need to:

1.To disable the screen look in the upper right hand corner for a settings icon.

2. Press the settings icon and tap settings,on the new screen disable the BoostCharge feature.

3. A notification will pop up notifying you that charging speed will no longer be accelerated, don’t worry you can go ahead and hit disable.

That’s it whenever you connect your charger the annoying screen from clean master will not appear on the lock screen any more. And alternative way to get to the settings is to:

1. Launch Clean Master.

2. Look at the bottom of the screen you will see three (3) icons. Choose the Me icon.

3. Scroll down and select settings. Scroll down and select Boostcharge Lock Screen .

4. Tap on the option and then disable BoostCharge. That’s it.

Now that was not so hard once you know whats the name of the setting to disable. Please share this article and do check out my other articles. As usual if you like my articles. If you like what you see then consider subscribing to the blog.


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8 thoughts on “Disable clean Master Charge Screen on Android Lock screen

  • Hardley Daley

    Hello to whoever is monotering this site. How can I get this clean master off my phone. I put it on my phone and it won’t let me in pass the lock screen. I have entered the pattern so many times until I am doubting myself now. Help. My phone is a Samsung 7 edge.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      If you have not entered the password too many times you can log in and go to settings,apps/application and find the clean master App and uninstall it. If you cant get in look around on the home screen and try swiping or clicking any options to bring up the log in or password screen.

  • Joshua Avelino

    In my CM security even I already checked my notification it keeps on producing annoying sound… So I uninstalled it… Can ask how to turn it off

  • Alice

    Thank you today was the first time that annoying thing showed up and since I already have a nice thing that let’s me know when my tablet is fully charged I wanted to get rid of it fast. (No point in having two and since I like the one I installed that one won out.) and when I went to do it my tablet froze and then I tried the old press and hold. It went to sleep mode and took me ten minutes to find out how to get it back on. (It also didn’t help that my alarm for the one I like was going off. It’s just weird it would show up today when I had the new charge thing installed for a week. I bet clean Master got jealous lol. Anyways thanks a lot.