Essential Electronics repair tools

I have been repairing electronics as far back as I can remember. From PC, to phones and everyday electronics I have seen them all break down and fixed some of the most annoying problems with them. So with that in mind I came up with this list of essential electronics repair tools. They are the top tools that I use everyday and without them repair of Gadgets that I repair would be nearly impossible. I suggest that you too get these tools as they are really handy to have around the house for when something breaks as it will eventually do.

All the items are listed below and I have also included a link so you can get yourself any of the items if not all of them for yourself.If your are into technology or just a casual hobbyist that likes repair you will still need these items as they have a variety of functions that can even help you outside gadget repair in some cases.

Electronics repair tools

So without further delay these are my top picks of repair tools that I use the most and cant do without on a daily basis:

Electronics repair tools

1. Maxtech 16521MX 32-Piece Precision Bit Set

Electronics repair tools

This is by far my favorite screw driver set. Its basically one screwdriver with 32 different heads. I have not found a gadget that it cannot open to date and I have owned mine for years. Each head is a different type and can fit a variety of screws. Ranging from to regular to the irregular ones. You even have different sizes of popular screws. The holder or screwdriver piece can be fitted with the different heads and its adjustable to any length you may need. Its also very durable and will last you for years to come, the case is also very cool as it keeps everything organized so you wont loose anything.

2. Stanley 60-100 10-Piece Standard Fluted Screwdriver Set

Electronics repair tools

I mainly use one screwdriver from this set but why not get the entire set? I consider mine my lucky screwdriver. I use the main Philips screwdriver  to open Laptops,desktops or any other gadget that larger in size and have a standard screw. It will be your most used tool and there are many things otherwise that I have found to do with it around the house.

3. Soldering Iron Kit

Electronics repair tools

When pathways break in a Printed circuit board or a pathway that carries a signal or electricity the only way to mend it is with a soldering Iron and some solder. This is a must have to fix electronics that need soldering for them to work again. I have had stuff break such as a USB flash drive and the only way to recover the data was to solder the joins back in place and connect the USB to the computer to retrieve the data. Nothing else would have worked in such cases and that’s only one example.This particular kit has a soldering Iron with interchangeable tips for more precise action as you work.

4. INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

Electronics repair tools

A multi meter will allow you to test circuits to see if power is flowing. It can also be used to detect breaks in wires and the amount of electricity that’s flowing from one point to the next. This is very circuital in diagnosing and fixing issues with electronics. I use mine allot and can be used at times to track down and fix problems. At the least it can point you in the correct direction as to whats wrong if you know how to use it.

5. Wagner 0503008 HT1000 1,200-watt Heat Gun

Electronics repair tools

Last on the list I have a heat gun. Sometimes pathways in circuit boards break after years of use I use a heat gun to evenly apply heat which can reflow the board of electronics and cause them to start working again as the solder in the board meats and fills out the gaps and reconnecting broken pathways. You will also need a heat gun as it has several uses and can be a cool tool to have when its needed.

Those were my top electronics repair tools, what do you think? They are so circuital to my work that I go no where without them. Please share your thoughts below and if you think I have missed anything please make a note of it in the comments. You can also share your favorite tool and why you like it.

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