Manually remove stuck DVD from any drive

Today I would like to show you a cool trick that should come in handy at one time or another and that’s how to Manually remove stuck DVD from any drive. Have you ever been using a Laptop or even a desktop computer and then there was a power cut or maybe the laptop battery went dead and you could not charge it. Then for some reason you needed the DVD that was in the drive. This can be a sticky situation. What if you could eject the drive without any power to the computer? Well guess what you can actually do this one on any modern computer.

When to use this Trick

This trick can be used in several situations:

1. Save a DVD from a failing drive.

2. Remove important Media during a power cut.

3. Check old drives that are not powered for left behind media.

4. Unjam a stuck drive and more.

Manually remove stuck DVD from any drive

If you have not noticed it before there is a small hole on the front of all computer DVD drives that looks like a pin hole. It usually located right next to the eject button, usually on the right side in most cases.

Manually remove stuck DVD from any drive

You can see the hole as shown above in the picture. You can also watch and follow along in the video above that picture to see exactly what I mean which should be relatively straight forward.

1. Get a blunt tipped object, I recommend a paper clip. Next straighten it out.

2. Find the DVD drive of your Laptop or desktop computer and look towards the right of the eject button you should see a pin hole.

3. Stick the paper clip or other object into the hole. firmly push down.

4. The drive despite not having any power will manually eject.

5. You can now remove the stuck DVD or media without needing any power to the drive.

Final thoughts

I hope the above tip was useful, I have used it in several situations to recuse many DVDs. You never know when knowing this tip might come in handy and even help out a friend to solve a problem. Please share this article and do leave your comments below sharing what you think. I would love to hear your thoughts as always.

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