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YouTube has been going through changes lately and one of those changes has been an update in the Content Location system. What this means is that if you are in a particular location YouTube would automatically change the content you see based on your location or country. This is automatically detected based on your internet connection. Now in most cases if you are in a region you would want to see content most suited for that region. But not always as if you are traveling or simply prefer content from another region you are not in luck.

You can see the changes in the YouTube logo as well as YouTube will change to YouTube AU if you are in Australia or YouTube JM if you are in Jamaica and so on. So YouTube uses geolocation to choose what content you see unless you tell it otherwise. When you go into trending for example you will see only content that’s trending in your location versus the general global trending of the past.So they actually tailor the videos and content that’s recommended to you based on your location. My aim is to show you how to return YouTube to a normal state regardless of your current location by changing content location.

How to change content location on YouTube?

To change content location on YouTube is easy. Let say you are in:Australia and YouTube keeps showing you content from YouTube AU but you would like to see content from YouTube from United States or any other region you simply need to:

1. From YouTube scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

2. Look for the Content Location. By default it set to your current location. This is because Google uses your current Geolocation to determine what content you see by default.

3. Now click on the drop down and select any location you desire. I recommend YouTube USA or United states as you get the latest trending and content that recommended from that location.

4. You will also notice that the YouTube logo will change in the upper left and now to the country you selected along with the content you see.

I really like this tip as it allows me to control my content. Its only recently that Google started localizing YouTube to your location and some YouTube viewers may want to learn how to change things back especially if they like to travel abroad and view their favorite content or see whats trending in a particular location or at home.

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