iPhone 7 Yellow Display Fix

Today we are going to look at an issue that’s affecting the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and that’s the iPhone 7 Yellow Display issue. As the name suggests this issue makes the display of the phone look more yellow than white .In other words you get a yellowish tint when white is being displayed on-screen and this can be very distracting.

The issue is also bad as its very distracting. This problem is not caused by any filter being used and it will be present even if you turn off Night shift under display and brightness. You can even check under settings-accessibility and display accommodations you will realize no filter is enabled.The problem can be seen very clearly when the display brightness is turned up or when it’s placed beside a iPhone that does not have the issue and displaying the same image.

Why is this happening to my device?

iPhone 7 Yellow Display

I am unsure why this happens to some iPhone 7 devices. It may be a defect or a defective display. The issue is very annoying when you notice it and its hard to unsee it. It’s however not an issue that warrants you returning the device as you can fix it with the tip below.

How to fix the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus Yellow Display?

To fix this issue on any device that the problem exists on you will need to go to:

1. Go to settings, then accessibility and then Display accommodations.

2.Now select color filter. Toggle the option Color filter on.

3.Scroll down and set intensity to 0 or reduce it all the way down.

4. Next set the Hue to 60% or 65%.

When you do this the yellow tint will then disappear and when white is displayed on-screen you will not see the yellow tint any more.

I do hope the tip above solved your issue. I am sure you are very happy now the problem is fixed. Do leave a comment below and please share this article with a friend or two on social media. Also do check out more of our articles.

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