How To Delete undeletable Photos From any iPhone 2

In today’s tutorial I will be showing you how to delete undeletable Photos From any iPhone. This will also work for iPods and iPads or similar Apple devices. There is no other way to delete these undeletable files from your device other than the method shown here. When they are gone from your device you will free up valuable space, not to mention these files which are a nuance will also be gone.

Description of the issue

If you have Pictures or videos on your iPhone that you cannot delete. These files usually are normal pictures or videos with the exception that they can’t be deleted. So if you tap on edit you don’t see the trash bin or delete option. Even if you see the trash bin for delete it grayed out. Its impossible to delete them from your phone directly.

Delete undeletable Photos From any iPhone

Why are these folders on my device and where did they came from?

These files and folders are actually from another computer which you synced your device to in the past. The files you are seeing are all on your device and is not stored in the cloud. You may also want to delete these files as they are wasting space on your device.

How to fix this Issue?

To fix this issue you will need to do the following:

1. Connect your device to iTunes. Make sure iTunes is connected to your phone and select Photos.You will know as the name of your phone should show up.

2. Under Sync Photos choose the option that says choose folder, its under copy photos from.

3. Choose desktop and create a new folder and Name it whatever you like such as “New Pictures” or whatever. Be sure to select the folder.

Make sure all folders and include videos is checked in iTunes.

4. Next hit apply. Your device will sync with iTunes. On your iPhone or device the folder that could not be deleted will disappear.

So I am sure you are not really happy you were able to delete those undeletable Photos or videos From any iPhone or other Apple device. Please do take a minute and share this article if it was useful. Please also do leave a comment below sharing your experience with this issue. Your input is really appreciated as it may help others with the same issue.

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