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I own a Samsung Galaxy S6 and its notorious at Overheating. Even when I am just using the phone as normal I notice it’s quite easy to get hot. It can be any where from a simple overheating all the way to being uncomfortably hot to the point where I start to worry that if it does not cool down soon it will combust or could become damaged. Thankfully that has never happened as I am always able to bring the temps under control or even catch the problem early on with the tips I have given below to fix the issue. This is an article on how to stop the galaxy s6 overheating.

Why is my Galaxy S6 Overheating?

Its seems that based on design the Galaxy S6 can run very hot as it’s a powerful device. But it seems it can be a little hot-headed and may cause some owners to actually get a little worried with good reason. Especially with whats been happening With the Note 7. But the Galaxy S6 is no Note 7 and the issue is not as severe. So read the tips below to bring your Galaxy S6 or any similar device under control once it starts to heat up.

What device will these tips Work for?

These tips are for the Samsung Galaxy S6 but they can be applied to any other Samsung Galaxy or Android device that’s overheating so go ahead and apply the tips here to any device.

What can trigger your device to start Overheating:

galaxy s6 overheating

I have found that the following will trigger my device to overheat without fail

1.Playing Graphically intensive Games that look really nice for extended periods.

2. Apps that are outdated and need updating.

3. When cache of an App builds up too much.

4. Having too many Apps open in the background or extreme multitasking.

5. Having the phone on for days or Months without a rebooting.

Video Demonstration

See how its done in the video below as I show you how to deal with the problem:

How to cool down a Galaxy S6 that’s overheating?

It’s always good to be proactive when it comes to overheating by knowing what causes it and then modifying your behavior around this:

1.If your phone starts heating up rapidly even when it’s not being used you will need to turn it off and keep it off until it cools down. If its laggy and will not allow you to power down simply Hold down Power+ Home button and volume down at the same time which will force a power down.If the device has a removable battery then pull it out.

2. Always power off or restart your phone at least once every few days.

3. Close background apps that are not being used.

4.Clear cache of Apps that are getting laggy and causing the system to hang. You can also clear data but be careful not to lose your game progress or app data.

5. Take a break at intervals when playing Games to allow the phone to cool down.

6. Uninstall any app that’s outdated or does not get regular updates these can cause conflicts with Android thus the heating up. I have also found poorly written apps to be especially good at causing overheating.

7.Keep all your Apps up to date.

8.Uninstall all apps that are not being used.

galaxy s6 overheating

9. Install and run clean master it has a cool feature that helps with cooling down the CPU and can detect when your device is overheating: download it here now.

10. Use only original Charging cables and adapter. You don’t want to overcharge or damage the battery as faulty adapters especially fast charging ones may cause premature overheating.You can also consider disabling fast charging if its making your phone and charger overheat for some reason.

Final Thoughts on the Samsung galaxy s6 overheating issue

I hope the above tips were especially helpful with your Samsung galaxy s6 overheating issue. I hated at first that my Galaxy S6 would overheat so easily but I soon learned how to manage it in such a way that it hardly ever happens any more and if it does I easily bring the temps down again.

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