How to drastically save mobile data and avoid Data Overages quick and easy

Today guys I am going to show you a cool way you can save mobile data and even improve browsing on a slow data connection on your smartphone. I am sure you have a data cap and you find yourself sometimes edging up against that limit quite easily if you are not careful as every megabyte counts. But what if there was a way that you could save those precious megabytes and browse the internet as you would normally do but at a fraction of the data you would normally use.

You can then save on those megabytes and use them to extend that data plan to go much further than it would normally go. What if I told you that not only is this possible but you can start doing this right now on your smartphone? well you can with a simple data saving app.

How to drastically save Mobile data?

The app that I am suggesting to save mobile data is a simple mobile web browser called Opera Mini, you can download the app here. I have a long history with this browser and that’s why I can recommend it without a second thought and it has come a really long way. In the past I use opera mini with much success as it would use so little data from my phone that I was able to browse much longer than normal without reaching my data cap or limit easily.

save mobile data

This is great for saving those megabytes based on the plan that I was on. The latest versions have all new innovative modes that you can use to save some data or go at it aggressively in Extreme mode to save lots of data. The fun thing is that all you have to do is install the app and you are good to go.

The only issue I have is that things may look a bit different in terms of layout on your normal browser but no so bad that it will ruin your browsing experience. You will be able to use popular website for the most part and access information as web pages and content is optimized and you can keep an eye on the data that you save. Trust me that this adds up over time and day by day. You will be surprised how much data this one app can save you. It really gives back unlike some of the data hungry apps and browsers that you have on you phone.

Advantages of using Opera Mini:

1.Dramatically cuts the amount of data you use while browsing.

2. Accurately monitor your data usage on a daily.

3. Speeds up slow connections for a faster browsing experience.

4. Control image quality and block ads.

5. Other very cool privacy and data saving features.

Final Thoughts

Opera Mini is one of the best data saving apps that I have ever encountered that has been around for years and is solely focused on a better and more efficient browsing experience for the end-user. It’s the ideal way to make your data plan go further than it ever could and saves you from being slapped with overage charges by your carrier. I suggest that you give this great web browser a try as a great way to actually save some data and eventually some money.

So what are your views on this App, please share your thoughts below and take it a step further and share this article as well on social media with a friend that may not be aware of the money they could be saving right now by using this one simple app.

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