DZ09 SmartWatch Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 75

This article is meant to answer some of the most frequently asked about popular smartwatches such as the DZ09 Smartwatch. So if you own this device you may be thinking of buying one and you need a few questions answered such as does the DZ09 SmartWatch work with Whatsapp and Facebook? and much more important questions that are asked will be answered below for your convenience so you can read ahead or skip to the section with the question you want answered about this smartwatch.

1.Can you use or Install Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter on a DZ09 Smartwatch?

So many people have been asking can I run or install Facebook,Whatsapp or Twitter on the DZ09 Smartwatch. And the direct answer is yes you can run Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter on this Smartwatch. They actually come installed.

There is a catch though it only installed on the: 2.0,2.1 and 2.5 versions of the DZ09 SmartWatch. It’s also next to impossible to tell which version most retailers are selling most of the time. The first generation or the version 1.0 does not support any of those Apps and the 2.1 version does not come with Whatsapp.See bellow for the version information.

You will need to install a SIM card for Facebook and WhatsApp to work so bear that in mind.

DZ09 SmartWatch Most Frequently Asked Questions

2.How many versions of the DZ09 SmartWatch exist?

There are about four (4) main versions that are being sold right now of the DZ09 SmartWatch.These versions include:

1.0 First Generation with:No Support for Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter
2.0 Second Generation: Support for-Facebook, Whatsapp and twitter.
2.1 Third Generation:Support for Facebook and Twitter, (but no Whatsapp)
2.5 Fourth Generation:Support for Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter

There might be future version with updated software and support for more apps.Please note also that the Apps mentioned above are pre-installed out of the box.

Video Version:

Watch the video below for all your answers or ask your questions in the comment section of the Video.


3.Where can I buy a new DZ09 SmartWatch?

It next to impossible to tell which version you will get unless the seller states otherwise. You can use the price to make a guess as updated version will cost more. But it’s still a hit or miss otherwise. If you want to try your luck see the link below to buy but remember I am not guaranteeing anything in terms of which version you will get.

Also remeber you can always contact the seller and ask them which version is for sale or to check for you what version is being sold or what Apps are pre-installed.

4.Do you have to use a SIM card for the DZ09 Smartwatch to work?

No the Smartwatch works just fine without a SIM card, however to take advantage of the feature its recommended that you use one. Also Apps like Whatsapp and Facebook will not work without the SIM present.

5. What SIM cards or Carriers will the DZ09 Smartwatch Use?

The DZ09 Smartwatch is unlocked and will use any Global GSM carrier. So as long as your carrier uses a SIM card.If for some reason your SIM card is not working it may not be installed correctly. Make sure the SIM is in its slot and the latch is slid all the way in place to hold the SIM.

6. Can you Use the DZ09 Smartwatch without a Smartphone or SIM card?

Yes it will work but functionality will be limited. You will not be able to text messages, stream music or make calls.

7.Is there a App store for the DZ09 Smartwatch?

No there is no App store for the DZ09 Smartwatch. You have to go with the pre-installed apps and also note that this will vary according to the version of the watch you have. You can also download vxp Files on the watch from the internet with some searching.

8. Can I flash or update the DZ09 Smartwatch Firmware?

In theory watches with the same processor or hardware can be flashed with the 2.0 or 2.5 Firmware but it as of writing this article no one has come up with a method yet for doing so.

9. Can you use headphones with the DZ09 Smartwatch?

Yes while there is no headphone jack Bluetooth headphones will connect and work for listening Music and taking calls as far as I have tested.I cant speak for every headset but they do work.

10. Is the DZ09 Smartwatch Waterproof or water resistant?

No the DZ09 Smartwatch is not waterproof or water-resistant so keep it away from water.

11. Does this have WiFi support?

No the DZ09 Smartwatch does not support WiFi.

12. Can you play Games on the DZ09 Smartwatch?

The simple answer is no, but developers have created VXP files that can work with it.But officially there is no App store so there are only alternatives.Google is your friend when searching for VXP files but be careful.

13. Will the DZ09 Smartwatch Work With the iPhone?

The DZ09 Smartwatch will connect to the iPhone and you can make calls. Some other features may or may not work though as it’s a bit buggy.

14.Does the DZ09 Smartwatch work with Android?

Yes it’s designed to work with Android phones,even the Samsung Galaxy and other Smartphones. Getting it to work the way you want is another story though.

Final Thoughts

OK guys i do hope those main questions were helpful to you. If there are any additional Questions please ask them below and I will do my best to answer them. I will also only be sticking to key questions or frequently asked ones and will not answer any questions that was already answered, so bear that in mind. Please take the time to share this article with a friend as it would be really appreciated.



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