Download and install Bt Notifier for DZ09 and other similar Smartwatches Android 10

So in case you have a DZ09 or other similar Smartwatch in this tutorial I will be showing you how to Download and install Bt Notifier which is a cool App that will allow you to Sync your Smartwatch with your Android to do cool things such as accept calls, messages, play music, remote view your phone and other cool features based on the capabilities of your smartphone.

Why download Bt Notifier?

It’s a very cool App that allows you to synchronize your phone and your smartwatch so they can both work in harmony. This means you don’t have to always take out your phone as you can quickly check messages and notifications with your Smartwatch at a glance.

What device will this work with?

This will work with Smartwatches such as the DZ09 and also any other generic Chinese Smartwatches that are on the market. So if you have one of those affordable ones go ahead and give this a try it should work fine.

Download and install Bt Notifier:

(Link in QR Code Works once more)

Watch the Video below or simply follow the written instructions so that you can get the App for your Android device.

1.First download the QR and Barcode scanner from Google Play.

2.Next scan the following Barcode as seen below in the picture or in the video.

Download and install Bt Notifier

3.When its scanned go ahead and open the link and then download the Bt Notifier.apk from google drive.

4.Once download completes be sure to install the .apk file. You may have to enable unknown sources to install third-party apps for it to install.

Thats it you now have the app installed and you only need pair your phone and the smartwatch by Bluetooth and the Bt Notifier will control the syncing of both devices.

Get the updated version:

If you want the updated version of the app as sadly the one given in your device is a bit outdated then read this article here. (No longer Available see above for working app or try the one below)

Download and install Bt Notifier for DZ09 and other similar Smartwatches Android (Updated April 19,2019):

Watch the video above to see how its all done step by step. You can also find the written version below.

1.Launch Google Play Store and search for the app:United Power Bluetooth notification or you can  download it here.

2.Next turn on Bluetooth on the DZ09 Smartwatch or other named smartwatch.

3.Start the Bt Notification app downloaded above and go to Bluetooth and turn it on and pair with the smartwatch (The same can be achieved through the phones Bluetooth setting).

4.Once connected Go ahead and grant relevant permissions to the Bt Notification app need for access to notification Do note without permissions the app will not work.

5.From here on out you will be able to sync time and date and to Remote capture on your DZ09 which will launch the Camera on your smartphone, look at messages from your smartphone, call logs and more.

That’s about it your smartwatch should be working fully now along with all its features.

Final thoughts

The Bt Notifier app is quite cool and allows you to do so much especially on the DZ09 based Smartwatches that are out there. If this was helpful then please take the time to share this article as well as leave a comment below. You can also check out even more articles on this website.

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10 thoughts on “Download and install Bt Notifier for DZ09 and other similar Smartwatches Android

  • Glyn

    Did j need to sort out the site and youtube page your saying the app is on your goole drive account but younmoved it to the bin so no o e can download it

  • Kathy Drane

    you did not address the message “this app my be harmful to remote device” that I received when I scanned the bar code on watch. Help need more info, I have an LG G4 phone and a U8 watch.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      This app is for the Dz09 cannot confirm it works for the U8. The warning about remove device is because this is a third party app being installed by a apk. Like anything downloaded from the internet they do give a warning for all such apps. I assure you the app is safe a will not do anything to your device.

  • Woody

    I got everything to work except messages which is what I need the most. I get no notifications, or any new or past messages.
    Any ideas?

  • TJay

    so i used a app before on my samsung and it worked now i have a new fone the app does not work but the fone connects to the watch via Bluetooth… but now i cant capture with my watch and to play music i have to open the fone and press play… also it still says please install BT notifer app… but it does not want to connect via app but does so via bluetooth… now either i recently became dumb or the math aint mathing…. Can you help…?