Best cheap smartwatches for the money

They are everywhere you go and make for a great accessory to your Smartphone or as a Standalone device. If you guessed Smartwatches then you are very correct. But Smartwatches can be very expensive, in fact they are in most cases as expensive as a high-end phone in some cases and its a big investment. But what if there was a way to actually get a cool looking smartwatch at a fraction of the cost. Well let me gladly inform you that there are those options available.

Now note that these options may not be super top of the line models but lots of people buy them and use them. So with that being said lets look at some of the best cheap Smartwatches for the money.

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Best Cheap Smartwatches

best cheap smartwatches

1.GT08 Bluetooth SmartWatch

The GT08 Bluetooth Smartwatch is one of the most popular of the cheap Smartwatches on the market. It supports Hands free-calling,has a dedicated SIM card slot and much more. You can connect this great device to Android or an iPhone.

This thing is a bit on the heavy side but all in all it looks like a more expensive watch when you look at it at a glance. I have already reviewed this unit if you want to know more read the full review here.

2. DZ09 Smartwatch

The DZ09 Smartwatch is another popular option that you can consider that has support for various apps such as Whatsapp and Facebook right outside the box for newer models.You can connect to your phone for various functions such as making calls or send messages all while never having to get your phone out. This device is ready to use out of the box with everything you will need. For commonly asked questions and answers click here.

3.U8 Bluetooth Smart Wrist Watch

You can get this particular model in three main colors: Black,pink and white respectively. The real eye catcher though is the very low price, you will get fitness tracking,compatibility with your iPhone or Android device out of the box. This thing is basically an extension of your Smartphone or use this as a separate and standalone device if you so wish.

4.Martha MSRM Smart Watch

You can make direct calls from this device and unlike most other devices on this list this version of the device is water-resistant, you have Bluetooth support and you have fitness related apps to track your health and growth.

5.Lemfo LF07 Bluetooth SmartWatch 2.5D ARC HD

To start things off you can get this really nice Smartwatch in Black Green or even white. It also has a Crown dial that can be turned or manipulated the Smartwatch in various ways. You can add a SIM card or connect to your phone the choice is yours. It has a very cool voice feature that can change your voice to various goofy forms if you wish and you can do a number of cool things as expected from a Smartwatch. If you have doubts as to which one to get this one right here as its one of the better offers on this list that you can go with.

I do hope you found the best Cheap Smartwach that you were looking for, if so please share your views below as to which of the above meet that criteria. Also guys please do share this article on social media so others can also get in on this action.


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