iPhone X new features

The iPhone X or iPhone 8 promised to be the next big device on the market from Apple. There are a number of rumors circulating as to the iPhone X new features and today we will be looking at what to expect from this future device.Now while these are rumors you can bet that most of these feature could possibly make it to the final device as they are from sources that have been right in the past as it relates to previous iPhone releases.

New features of the iPhone X

The new device is rumored to have:

  1. Wireless charging.
  2. iPhone X iris scanner .
  3. The display will be moving from a 4.7 inch to a 5.8 inch display with edge to edge Glass.Also possibly curved at the edges.
  4. Battery will be 2700 mAh
  5. Will cost above $1000 us
  6. Less physical buttons
  7. IP 68 Water resistance.
  8. Gen 2 3D touch

iPhone X new features

My Thoughts on the iPhone X

Its really hard to tell exactly what Apple will do with its latest generation of phones, but its already clear that with Samsung working to recover with its Galaxy Note 8 that the 10th anniversary iPhone will be something exciting.The features list is long and it hard to sniff through the rumors such as a fingerprint scanner built into the display and more which all sounds cool, but who knows if all these features will make it to the final version of the device.

Consumers are looking for something different from Apple, something innovative and draw dropping to say the least. Especially to justify the rumored $1000 plus price tag they will have to pay. Whatever the final device we are faced with Apple knows they will have to bring a Game changer to the market after all competition is only getting that more intense in the market as of late.

Final Thoughts

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