Whatsapp Contacts not showing fix 2

So for today’s article I would like to look at an issue where Whatsapp contacts are not showing. You know this is a serious problem as without access to your contacts you will be unable to use Whatsapp at all. Most users usually run into this problem when they Install Whatsapp on a new phone or after reinstalling the app for some reason. In my experience it can also happen in other situations as well. So if you are seeing no persons or contacts at all within Whatsapp follow this tutorial to fix the problem.

How to fix the Contacts not showing up in Whatsapp Problem?

1.Go to settings.

2.Find the Apps or Application setting.

3.Search for Whatsapp and select it.

Whatsapp Contacts not showing

4. Now look for permissions and select it.

5. Make sure that Whatsapp has all the required permissions for access to: Contacts,SMS and so on.Do this by toggling the options on.

After all permissions have been granted go back to Whatsapp and go once again into contacts and be sure to refresh your contacts. All your normal contacts should now show up.

Why did this Work?

The reason you were not seeing any of your contacts is because the proper permissions where not granted to the app and as a results it was unable to gain access to contacts. This is a new part of Android to strengthen your security,as you can see what permissions an app has and revoke those permissions if necessary. You might have simply denied the app permission on install without realizing thus the above problem.

Final Thoughts

I do hope you found these tips useful and using this tip can not only fix Whatsapp but can be applied to other Apps as well with similar issue where they were not granted correct permissions. Please share this article and do leave a comment below as it would be greatly appreciated.

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2 thoughts on “Whatsapp Contacts not showing fix

  • Navneet Maggon

    Hello bro. I have samsung galaxy core 2 mobile. Suddenly my phone is not doing vibration. When I silent my phone there is no any vibration and not on any call or sms. Please tell me any solution. Dont ask for reset my device. Please provide me solution.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      This is not the article for this question. Did you try manually setting the silent mode manually using the volume button turn it all the way down and see if you see a bell with the vibration symbol and that the phone gives a vibration? also try a software set as well. If you get no vibration there your vibration motor may be defective. also I was not going to suggest a reset friend doubt that would work your issue may be hardware related.