Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera Sharpness and Quality

Today we will be looking at fixing Sharpness and Quality issues with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera. This is for those with the issue where pictures and Videos from the Samsung Galaxy S8 are not being produced at the high quality as they should be. Instead Video and pictures end up looking pixelated and not high-resolution as would be expected from this high-end phone.

At the end of this article if you are having this issue the problem should be fixed where pictures are over exposed  and you will be taking high-resolution and sharp pictures once again. This fix may also work on various other devices as well so try it out even if you have another device.

How to fix the Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera Sharpness and Quality?

Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera Sharpness and Quality

After applying this fix what was once over exposed pictures and videos should become more balanced in color and be very sharp.

1. Go to settings.

2. Go to Apps and find the Camera and select it.

3.From here select storage. Now clear Cache and clear data.

4. Boot into Safe mode as shown here. From safe mode Go to settings once more, Apps, camera, storage and clear cache and data again.

5. You can go ahead and test the camera again. The pictures and videos that are now taken should be sharp and balanced.

Why did this work?

By clearing the cache and data of the Camera especially in safe mode resets your camera to all its default presets. It also removes any old or residual cache that when built up can conflict with apps such as the camera. Removing this old data and cache allows the camera to reset and then start working as it should.

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